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Hello friends, fic search and Getting Clean

Well hello friends! I'm looking for a specific type of stories, and I've even got a fic to bribe you with! I'm pretty clever, aren't I?

Kay, so I've read a couple stories where, for one reason or another, Xander is responsible for caring for children, and Spike ends up helping him, growing attached, etc. I just love them, and I'm hoping you guys can help me find more.

I've read Family by Velvet Crypt, Anything for You by Raihne, Fine Tuned by Randy Sex Kitten and Kyrieane, and What Brought us Here by Spikedluv. My favourite ones were ones where Anya abondons Xander, it makes the falling in love with Spike even better (*happy sigh*), but I will take any and all fics like these ones. Pretty please??

And now my end of the deal:

Title: Getting Clean
Author: ME!! (aka silkensky)
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Rating: NC-17
Genre: PWP
Warnings: None
Disclaimer: Not mine, and I'll give them back as soon as I'm done
Spoilers: None; Spike and Xander are just magically together and I make no mention of how they got that way.
Summary: The boys enjoy a little time in the shower
Archive: Sure, just ask first
Feedback: Yeah, that'd be super awesome, cos I'm needy.  :)     ....Criticism's okay, just say something nice too, 'cos I'm sensitive like that.   ;)

“You knew this would happen!!”

“Oi! I did not. You think I would have gotten slimed too if I knew? Got it all over my duster, I did!”

Xander whirled around and started back towards his apartment, muttering under his breath about sexy, evil vampires and their wily, wily ways.

Spike grinned and started after him. “Come on now luv, ‘s not so bad. We’ll have a good time getting each other clean, yeah?” he said, leering.

Xander spun around to face him. “Oh no you don’t mister! Twenty years living on the Hellmouth and you don’t think I know a nefarious scheme when I see one? You get me all….all goopy, and then you’ll want to take a shower together –for perfectly innocent reasons, I’m sure,” Xander said, snorting at Spike’s wide-eyed, innocent expression. “Then you’ll need help washing your hair, or your back, and then you’ll insist on returning the favor, and then BAM! Sex in the shower! Nope, I’m still mad. No nookie for you!”

“You still mad ‘bout that, luv? Was just a little prank! And it was ages ago. Weeks! Months, even,” Spike whined.

“It was two days ago, Spike! And it was not a little prank! You drew all over my face with permanent ink! I had to get Willow to spell it off!!” Xander shouted indignantly.

“Well it‘s your own fault for fallin’ asleep when you’re s’posed to be researching, innit?” Spike replied innocently. Xander harrumphed. “Let’s just get inside and get clean, yeah?”

Xander glared in his direction, and ignored Spike the rest of the way to the apartment, up the stairs, and into the bathroom. When he realized the vampire was stilled behind him, he sighed in exasperation.  “Try all you want,” he said. “I’m still mad at you.”

Spike just smirked and got undressed, watching his boy do the same. No matter how many times he’s seen it, it will never get old. He will never tire of seeing that expanse of golden skin as his boys pulls his shirt over his head. He will never forget the way he looks with his hair mussed, his eyes half-lidded, and his lips swollen and red from kissing. He will always love his laugh, the way his eyes twinkle, and the way his smile lights up his face. He couldn’t imagine falling asleep without that warmth wrapped around him.

He slipped into the shower behind Xander, standing for a minute under the spray with his eyes closed and his head tilted back. When he opened his eyes he saw Xander resolutely not looking in his direction, except for furtive glances from beneath his hair, or when he thought Spike wasn’t looking. Spike grinned. Sometimes it was almost too easy, but he never tired of the chase.

He poured shampoo into his hand, and then set about lathering his hair. He made sure to scrub his hair thoroughly. Regardless of his motivations, that goo was a bugger to get out. He let his eyes close again, and just enjoyed the feeling of his fingers rubbing against his scalp, the slight tug of his hair, and the way the strands slid silkily through his fingers. He could practically feel Xander’s eyes on him when he started to purr, a slight rumble that was nearly inaudible. Xander knew how much Spike enjoyed having his hair washed. After all, he had used that trick himself many times to seduce Spike, and Spike knew exactly what effect his purring had on Xander.

Spike ducked under the spray to rinse his hair, making sure he brushed lightly against Xander’s water-slick skin. He ducked his head to hide the grin at the soft gasp his move elicited. He grabbed the soap and began slowly washing his body, this time looking directly at Xander. He moved the soap over his arms, following the curves of his biceps. He brought the soap down the middle of his chest and let it hit every ripple of muscle on his abs. Xander watched raptly, starting when Spike broke the silence.

“Whatcha thinkin ‘bout pet?” he asked softly. “Are you imagining that it’s you touching me like this? Do you want to see me spread out underneath you, begging for your touch? Do you want to have me at your mercy, teasing me and keeping me on edge until all I can say is ‘please’? Do you want to see my mouth stretched around your cock when you slide it past my pretty, pink lips?” As his tongue slipped out and licked the lips in question, Xander’s eyes began to glaze over and he watched Spike, his lips slightly parted, and his chest heaving as he began to pant. “Maybe you want to grab my hair and tilt my head back and fuck my throat while I suck you so pretty. Is that what you want Xan?” Spike asked coyly, moving until he was nearly touching Xander. Suddenly Xander seemed to come back to himself with a small “eep” and nearly fell onto the floor in his haste to get out of the shower and into the bedroom.

Spike just shrugged and finished rinsing off, a small smile playing around his lips as he heard Xander taking deep breaths to try and slow down his racing heart. Not that it would make a difference, Spike thought as he dried himself off, then left the towel in the bathroom and sauntered into the bedroom.

He began to approach Xander, who was standing at the foot of the bed, holding on tightly to the towel around his waist. “You stop right there,” he said. “I said no nookie, and I meant it.” Damn but his boy was stubborn. Spike knew that he was only fighting as a matter of principle now, and he let a wicked smile grace his lips.

“You sure?” He asked. “You really don’t want to force me to my knees and fuck my mouth ‘til you flood it with your cum? Love tasting you, pet, love feeling your cock pulse and twitch in my mouth,” he purred. “You don’t want to get me on all fours and fuck me until I’m raw and sore and begging? I’d beg so pretty for you, Xan-luv.” He drawled, watching Xander try to maintain his calm. Not that he had had any to start with, mind. Still, a valiant effort nonetheless.

He let his face harden. “Not what you want, pet?” he asked, softly, his tone almost, but not quite, menacing. He stalked towards Xander, circling him slowly. “Would you rather I take you then? You’d look so pretty luv, tied to the bed, spread out and ready for me. Would you beg for it, pet? Would you writhe and moan and beg me to take you?” Xander let out a whimper as Spike let his finger trace across Xander’s still-wet skin.

“I could keep you tied up for hours, luv,” Spike whispered, moving towards Xan, guiding him backwards towards the bed. “I’d keep you hard and wanting while I used your body. Bring you to the edge over and over, not letting you cum no matter how much you begged. And you would beg, wouldn’t you, pet? Beg to be touched or kissed or stroked, anything to bring you over. You like the sound of that, pet?”

Xander just groaned, and hastily scrambled up backwards when the back of his knees finally reached the foot of the bed. Spike followed him up the bed until Xander was sitting, leaning against the headboard, with Spike straddling his thighs. “Please Spike,” he whimpered.

“You beggin for me, pet? Ready to admit that you need me? Need to touch me, feel me, fuck me? Need me to take you hard and fast? I’d make it so you’d remember it for days afterwards.” He watched Xander hold back a tortured sob. But the boy still shook his head. That sodding stubborn little wanker!

“You sure ‘bout that luv?” he asked. He started stroking his cock slowly, letting out a little groan when his boy’s eyes followed, transfixed. A pink tongue darted out to lick dry lips, and Xander’s hands were wrapped up in the sheets, clenching them as if battling to keep them at his side.

Spike continued stroking his cock, tracing his finger around the head in the precome that had already gathered there. He brought the finger up to his mouth and sucked it in, removing all traces from his finger while Xander’s muscles stood out in stark relief from crushing the sheets in an attempt to keep himself from reaching for Spike’s cock. The movement did not go unnoticed.

“You wanna touch, luv?” Spike asked, teasingly. “Wanna taste?” Wanna feel me slide into your mouth, all the way to the back of your throat? Even if you didn’t want it, you wouldn’t be able to stop me. You’d have no choice but to let me fuck your mouth, pet.” At those words Xander let his head drop back, whimpering, his chest heaving with the effort of trying to control his breathing.

Spike ran his fingers through his boy’s dark, silky hair, then fisted it in the back and roughly brought Xander’s face within inches of his cock, which he continued to stroke, slowly, precome dripping from the head to land on Xander’s stomach. He moaned and Spike could tell from the look in his glazed-over eyes, that he was seconds away from crumbling, from giving in and begging Spike.

Spike traced the head of his cock around Xander’s lips, leaving a sticky-slick trail and he groaned when Xander’s eyes rolled back in his head after tasting it. “Oh g-god…Please…. P-please Spike. Gotta have it, gotta have you. Gotta…oh fuck….gotta taste you,” Xander gasped, still licking his lips, trying to get every bit of the flavor inside his mouth. He strained forward, letting out a strangled sob when Spike tightened the fist in his hair and kept him from his cock.

Spike shook his head and tsked softly. “I don’t know pet….not sure if you deserve it.”

Xander moaned, babbling almost incoherently, straining the whole time against the fist that held his head away. “Oh god, please Spike…let me taste you, I’ll be so good, I swear I will….I’ll suck you so good….oh fuck…Please Spike.”

Spike groaned at the words that tumbled out of Xander’s mouth, and he tugged Xander even closer to the head of his cock. “Go ahead,” he whispered. “Lick me.”

Xander let out a sob of relief and strained at Spike’s hand, licking frantically, gathering every drop that he could reach and groaning when the flavor exploded on his tongue. “You want more, luv?” Spike asked, chuckling when Xander only moaned deep in his throat. “Take it then,” he said, guiding Xan’s head towards his straining cock.

Xander and Spike both moaned when his lips finally closed over the head of his cock. “How do I taste, pet? Do you like feeling my cock in your mouth, heavy on your tongue, stretching your lips?” Xander moaned, his fingers digging into Spike’s thighs. “So bloody gorgeous like this Xan, love seeing you like this,” he said softly, loosening his fist in Xander’s hair, just holding now, running his fingers through the shaggy chestnut strands while he started to stroke his lover’s cock.

Spike wasn’t sure how much longer he would last. Xander always made such wonderful noises, so responsive, his boy was. He started thrusting gently in and out of Xander’s mouth, moaning helplessly when Xander moved one of his hands from his thigh to his balls, cupping and caressing and stroking.

He tensed up, trying his best to hold back his release, wanting Xan to come with him, but his boy had other ideas. He pulled his mouth off of Spike, keeping one hand on his sac, and bringing the other one up to stroke him. “Want you to cum for me baby,” he whispered. “Come on sweetheart, fill my mouth,” he said softly, before bringing his mouth back to Spike’s cock.

“Oh fuck, Xan,” Spike panted, cupping his lover’s cheek, stroking Xander’s cock hard. He was so close and he wanted Xan to cum with him. Xander’s fingers were cupping his sac and he could feel his balls start to tighten while Xander’s agile tongue massaged his shaft.

“Oh gods Xan-pet, suck me, please….oh fuck,” Spike gasped as his hand clenched Xander’s cock in his fist and he threw his head back and screamed his release.

As soon as Xander felt Spike’s seed fill his mouth, he let go of the orgasm he’d been holding back, feeling sparks shoot off behind his eyes. When he came back to himself Spike had raised his hand to his mouth and was licking Xander’s cum off of his hand with long strokes of his tongue while Spike watched him with half-lidded eyes.

Xander smiled up at the man who had become his lover, his life. He reached a hand up behind Spike’s neck and pulled him down for a kiss. It was a slow, languid, just-spent-four-hours-fighting-demons-and-then-had-mind-blowing-sex kiss. Xander could taste both his and Spike’s release and he thought that it was probably the best thing he had ever tasted.

“You ready for bed, sweetheart?” Xander asked sleepily, laying his head on Spike’s chest, with an arm across his stomach and a leg tucked in between Spike’s thighs. This was the best part of his day, the time he felt the happiest, the safest, and the most loved.

“Thought I might do, pet,” Spike answered, carding his hands through his lover’s hair, and listening to Xan’s breathing even out and his heartbeat slow until he was asleep.

“My beautiful boy,” Spike whispered. “Told you we’d have fun getting clean.”


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