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Fic Search - Xander as a Child

I can't find this fic anywhere and since it vaguely qualifies as Spander I'm bring my search here (if its too far outside the scope of Bloodclaim, pls delete). I loved this story, had it bookmarked, but lost it during a computer crash.

Spike and Xander are fighting some demon and save another demon's child. The father of the child gives them each what they always wanted. Spike gets someone to love who'll love him back unconditionally because Xander is turned into a baby (he'll get to grow up in a loving family). Spike leaves S-dale with Baby!Xander, tries to go it alone for awhile, but eventually turns to Angel for help. Everyone in the 'dale thinks Xander is dead/missing? but Willow and Tara visit LA and find out what happened.

Any help is appreciated!

FOUND: When Wishes Come True by annalise
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