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The Legend

Title: Legend of the Cock-ness monster 6/6

Author: BmblBee
Paring: Spike/Xander
Rating: Adult for language and activity
Summary: This is the S/X from the holiday stories.
Working for the Council, they are sent on assignments
that require their special talents. In truth they are less
interested in anything other than each other.
Disclaimer: I Own none of the characters in this story
and make no money off any of it.
Warnings: Bad language. Bad activities. m/m/monster.
Additional warnings: May be offensive to citizens of Scotland.
To them I say "oops, sorry"

"Let's go, Spike! I need fluffing here!"

Neither one of the men questioned why Xander felt he needed
an erection in order to mount and manually jack off the
giant 50 foot Cock-Ness monster.

Spike was just glad to lend a hand.

Immediately coating his fingers in the remaining amount
of the Ouchless Anal, Spike stepped up and began stroking Xander's
limp, lifeless member with one hand and his own with the other.

The reaction was instantaneous. After many months of practice
Spike knew exactly where to rub, pinch and kiss to achieve the
quickest result. Xander stood stock still, head back and arms hanging
limply at this sides while his partner worked his magic and pulled him into
a state of readied arousal.

Xander's eyes were closed, doing his best to keep his concentration
on the special ops that lie ahead of him. This was a big operation. Huge.
Biggest assignment he and Spike had ever been given and he didn't
want to fuck this up.

Xander snickered.

It wasn't until he felt the insistent poodle like humping against his leg
and heard the English accented moan that Xander realized his fluffer
was taking liberties. He immediately began swatting his hands in
a flurry, stopping Spike and his rutting and frotting.

"Stop that! Shame on you! These hard on's are not for you. These
are official Council sanctioned hard ons. These are earth saving,
apocalyptic preventing, highly important hard on's. These are hard on's
that Billy Graham would throw his arms in the air and shout "Praise the
Lord" over."

Spike looked appropriately sheepish, or at least that's the effect he
was going for.

Bob had been watching, fascinated, by the buzz of activity that was taking
place on the shores of his beloved home. Because the brain function
of an erect cock is limited, Bob was unable to reason out just why he felt
differently than he had the day before, but at this point he didn't care.

What he did care about was his surging, throbbing need for the dark
haired young man who was being poked, pinched, and pulled by the
odd looking vampire. Bob was jealous.

As a lochness monster, he had had his fill of sexual experiences with
partners who laid limply on the bottom of the loch. Blue gill, large
mouth bass, scuba divers. But he found that right now all that held
his horny interest was the human.

In a frantic attempt to lure the human away from the evil, oily fingered
fiend beside him, Bob began splashing, diving and snorting large sticky cum

Xander stood quietly, his head tilted to the side, and assessed
the situation.
He knew they had dicked around long enough.
No more screwing off.
He knew time was short and Cock-ness was hard.
He had only one regret and that was that they had not brought
along the video camera.

"This is it, Spike. I'm goin' in."
Xander began looping and twirling the lasso, spinning it expertly.
Cowboys and Indians was one of Xander's favorite games.

"Give me a toss, Spike, and make it a good one."

Spike leapt to his feet and flexed his fingers, cracking each knuckle.

"Gotcha, Pet. Steady as she goes."

Spike easily lifted Xander, holding him over his right shoulder
and, like a javelin toss, took one step back and three forward,
flinging Xander wildly into the air in the direction of the huge
eager cock.

Bob saw his opportunity and bent to meet it. Ducking his
head and positioning his shaft, which Bob preferred to think of
as his love tube, Bob held still, waited and watched as the
boy came flying toward him.


Spike's aim was infallible and Xander landed smack dab on the
monster's back directly under the head.

Bob was thrilled. Xander felt a shudder run through the monster
and he patted him reassuringly. Petting and rubbing his hand over
the silky damp skin.

"Good Boy. Good Bob. You like that? You like when I pet

Bob's only answer was a throbbing nonstop dribble of precum.
As soon as Bob realized that by wiggling, Xander's hands would slide
and slip in an attempt to hold on. Bob began bucking like a wild
bronco. Like all cock monsters, Bob liked being stroked by
random strangers.

Xander looped the lasso that he still held in his hand, over the
head of the cock monster, hooked him, and held on for dear life.

"Wee Haw!!"

Xander spun, ducked and gripped the thick veins as he rode the
wild bull of a dick. He wasn't mechanical bull riding champ at the
Boot Scootin' Boogie for nothing.

Spike stood on the shore with his hands on his hips and a scowl
on his face. Xander was clearly having waaaay too much fun
on a huge cock that was not Spike's.

"Xander! Stop playing with that cock and finish him off. And don't
tell me you can't. I personally know you have years of expertise
in jacking off."

As fun as it had been, Xander knew Spike was right and he was
beginning to tire. Becoming concerned, he knew what could happen
when you took too long and got a cramp in your fingers.
It was disaster.
Bob, on the other hand, was in heaven.

"I'm trying, Spike. I'm rubbing and smacking the head. I'm massaging
the veins, I even pinched the nub under the head. It just isn't enough.
Bob needs more. What can we do?"

It took only seconds before Spike began kicking off his shoes and
pealing away his clothes. Rushing to the edge of the shore he hollered up.
"Hang on love, I'm coming. You keep rubbing the best you can. I'm going
for the balls."

With that, Spike leaped over the shore line and dove in. Thankful that he
didn't need to breath, Spike swam through the dark, murky waters of the loch.
Even with his enhanced vision, it was almost impossible to see.
Using his hands he felt around till his fingertips brushed against the thick wiry
pubic hairs of the monster's ball sac. They floated like seaweed.

With no time to waste, and knowing his boy was quickly becoming
exhausted, Spike attached himself to the sac, frantically humping first
one ball then the other. When Bob felt the added stimulation he shivered
and quit bucking.

Immediately Xander worked his magic. He used every trick Spike had
taught him. The last straw was when Xander, who pulling himself
up by the rope till he reached the head, bit down. What the consort
didn't realize was that Spike had the same idea at the same time
and sank his sharp vampire fangs into the right ball and then, because
why the fuck not, he took a big sucking swallow of cock monster blood.

Cock-ness went rigid! He wheezed and jerked. Then with a sudden
explosive whoosh, the head and shaft pulsed and spewed forth literally
gallons of foamy, funky, oily fish cum.

Like a Yellowstone gyzer it shot straight into the air. Four, five, six
thick blobs landed and floated with the flotsam of the loch.

As the tremors and aftershocks eased, the monster slowly shrank,
somewhat reminisant of the witches feet under the house in Oz,
it shriveled and slumped.
Within minutes Xander found himself on the hump of a long eel
shaped fish. Nessie was back.

Swimming to the surface, Spike snatched Xander off and, tucking
him under his arm, swam for the shore line.
Exhausted and panting for air, they both fell to the rocky coast
and Xander took some time to catch his breath.

Nessie took one last look, honked his thanks and hurried away. He
was still not sure what had just happened or how he was going to
explain his night out to Mrs. Nessie.
'Shit' He thought. 'She can be such a bitch!'

Xander waved to Bob, a little sorry to see him go.
"Well Spike, we did it. Saved one more little corner of the world,
and look." Xander pointed to the horizon. "With almost an hour to spare."

Climbing to his feet, Spike began gathering together their clothes.

"We're the best, Xan. Come on, let's dress. The watcher will be
zapping us anytime now."

Xander caught the jeans and as he got one leg in, glanced over at his
vampire and screamed.

"Holy Shit! God damn it Spike. Did you suck blood from that fuckin'
dick monster?"

Spike was shocked. How could Xander accuse him of such
unethical behavior. How dare he.........
Spike looked down to where Xander was pointing with a huffy

Denial died on his lips as Spike noticed his cock was now dragging the
ground. It had grown to a staggering length of at least 3 feet.

With his hands on his hips, Spike just shrugged.
"Huh. Well what do you know. Well, might as well not let it go
to waste. Way I figure it we got one good fuckin' before it
shoots and shrinks. So whatta ya say? You up for it?"

Spike waggled his eyebrows and the boys felt the vortex
zap them at the very second Xander attacked, throwing
his legs around his vampire's waist and his lips on Spike's
mouth. Together they spun back home where Xander
could show off his cock monster wrestling abilities.

The end
Thank you so much to all who read and hopefully chuckled.
Several people (o.k. it was only two) asked what the holiday series was.
It was the original Christmas and New Years stories where these two first appeared.

They are short - 4 chapter stories that can be found here.

Check my journal on Monday for details and the posting schedule for Decembers
story. See you soon.
As always, feed back means the world. In other words PLEASE PLEASE.
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