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Seeking two fics

there's been a lot of fic searches so I was kind of hesitant to do this but I can't find them on Spanderfiles. I'm looking for two fics and I would appreciate all the help I can get on them.

1. spike and xander are in a "speical" hospital. I don't remember what spike was in for but xander was there because he was suffering from the after effects of Evil Willow's blast when she was trying to end the world. They are both going to die but pull out of it at the end.

2. only a few points I remember, it was a long fic. Spike kidnapped Xander not long after School Hard. Took him somewhere, treated/trained him like a pet. At one point Xander gets sick but spike doesn't find out until xander knocks out as spike is taking him to the bathroom. the scooby gang comes back for him but he runs back to spike.


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