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Fic Search!!

Hi all,

Sorry about this but it's my turn for a fic search.. lol.

It's a Xander/Spike story, as per usual and I swear, i must have read this particular story a dozen times or more in the past but of course, I haven't had the good sense to save it to my favourites  list.

Pairing - Xander/Spike, Oz/OMC (I'm pretty sure that it's a Jamaican guy whose Grandmother is a Spirit Healer or something?)

Its an AU, I think that Xander is older, maybe set after Season 7... Maybe set in Chicago or Seattle? I really don't remember a lot but the one thing that stands out is that Oz is definately in it and he hooks up with a black dude whom I'm sure is Jamaican or something close to it? Also, pretty sure that the OMC's Grandmother makes an appearance?

Thanks in advance to everyone who helps me with this, I appreciate it. :)

UPDATE: Thanks to reremouse, tabaqui and noandwhere.

The fic I was searching for was tabaqui's Changes... and yes, the guy wasn't Jamaican, but he did have dreds, which was what was confusing me.. lol. I know, such a stereotype.

Thanks again all :)

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