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Parchment # 6 
22nd-Nov-2007 04:13 am
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Title: Parchment
Author: rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike (don’t be fooled by the Willow beginning)
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: There was a spell and a book and then... it all pear shaped and he ended up on paper!
Spoilers: Canon is Post S7 BtVS and S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don't like boys together, don't play here!
Harsh circumstances and difficult start as always with Daisy the muse....
previous parts

Part 6

Now whenever his picture was close to his dear lover, Xander found himself not just hard, but rolling towards the muscular body and with his wings at full extension. He held off with the ‘release’ until the instant he was revealed, though the last two times his spell was broken, he was rather embarrassed that his nether regions were less than… but he had been thinking and rubbed against and…

Saturday night saw Spike again singing for the packed crowd. As promised by the manager, there was a local group of ‘lads’ who were thrilled to take ‘the gig’, and even stayed to back some of the songs. Spike was most gracious and acknowledged their fairly average efforts – though the lead guitarist was wonderful and the drummer no harm either and Willow did note that Spike included two David Bowie, two Billy Idol and even one Queen number but this time surprised that the young talented guitar in the backing group joined him note for note in all in ‘challenge’ with several of the best known riffs from the ‘charts’ in the USA.

And what happened was magic. The two duelled for a time, Spike holding back his demon as the ‘kid’ took him deliberately to his limits musically. The ‘playoff’ ended with a series of some of the best known and loved riffs and solos from the world rock charts and had the audience on their feet cheering.

The manager was ecstatic, his restaurant was overflowing, and he had opened the doors to any passers by attracted by the show. His poor bartender was at the point of exhaustion as more and more patrons poured in the door, he was even forced to send out an emergency call to the next hotel for more glasses, tapping three more barrels of ‘cerveza’, and finishing the twelve dozen bottles of Chilean red ‘house’ wine by half way through the night.

Xander had been ‘illustrated’ with eyeliner, nail paint and a very ‘seventies Glam’ look, added to by Willow’s glamour… but the latter began to fade half way through the night as Xander sent more and more love through their link and fed his partner (unseen) at the break, but no one seemed to notice as, at the end of the night, Spike put his hand over the mike, turned to the wonderful young guitarist and said, “Signature tune mate… know ‘Requerdos’?” The young man brightened, nodded enthusiastically and moved to sit beside the English rocker.

“Any good at it?” He shrugged (not quite understanding the English) Spike saw the confusion and shifted to stilted Spanish, “Duet?”

The boy nodded again and waited for Spike’s nod to start. The resulting lilting, heart wrenching tune – this time without poem – was a duet that had both audience and even the band standing with applause at the end. And as Spike turned in a gracious gesture and acknowledged Emilio for his efforts he also whispered, “Thanks… Ave ya got an album?”

Emilio really didn’t speak enough English, and Spike didn’t add the translation but the boy interpreted the comment as a compliment, smiled, nodded enthusiastically and enjoyed the applause. It would not be his last time at this venue, and the newspaper the next day announced “Guayaquil’s next big thing… Emilio e la Remanos’”, spoke of their association with Britain’s best rocker on the impromptu performance, and naming Emilio’s band and the hotel/restaurant as the ‘unexpected nightspot of the moment’.

Xander was so moved by the final piece and the loving look from Spike as the vampire finished the piece that his wings began to extend. Willow touched him quietly but it was no good. She had never seen her friend in tears before, not like this.

This was love incarnate. She stood on his left and Lacie took her cue and stood right both concealing at least a little of the wings – or making them look like part of the show from ‘their group’, Willow could not regain control of the glamour, no matter how hard she tried. At the end he simply pushed back into the shadows as far as he could, the wings folding in shame. Willow kissed him, Lacie hugged… but he… Spike wasn’t there.

A few rather drunk patrons noted the funny bumps and swore they saw some weirdo groupie wearing wings and a tail sliding past in the darkened hall with their entertainer’s group to find the lift at the end of the night, but none really took much notice. Costumes were what showbiz was all about…

Spike finally ‘got away’ from the patrons (and several too many beers ‘on the house’ with the band) and joined the others upstairs. Willow and Lacie had headed to their rooms, but Xander had waited up and seemed a more little agitated as Spike entered.

He propped the borrowed guitar by the door and proceeded to take his lover in his arms, but was surprisingly pushed away.

“’S the matter Pet? ‘ve I done sommit wrong?”

Xander shook his head with frustration, “I… um… I broke the spell… towards the end I broke it… it itches and I… Please! Before…”

Spike was instantly up close and hugging his partner again – this time with fangs and Xander exposed his neck and silently hoped the offer would be taken. Glamour and sketches be damned… they were horrid things when undone in such a fashion, and Xander only had a few more minutes before the picture spell *had* to be invoked.

Spike took the offer of blood while stroking his lover to fast completion then spoke the words, and his dear one begged with his eyes as he was again condemned to his parchment.

This time the sepia figure had a look of sadness that had not been there before. The seductive stance was there as ever, the pretty wings, the flowing hair and tail, but the eyes with their long lashes, now looked out with *such* a measure of longing as to break anyone’s heart that observed, particularly his mate’s. The obvious tear tracking down the pretty faerie’s cheek was the kicker.

Consequently Spike began drinking – half the free bottle of Chivas Regal from the ‘house’ went the way of several bottles of beer… and it was a tearful Spike that arrived on Willow’s doorstep at 2am, knocking as quietly as preternatural desperation would allow, then simply pushed the door open, his adored in the plastic cover taped with gaffer tape tightly to his chest.

Willow was in bed with Lacie. Luckily their mutual pleasure had been delayed until morning (due to exhaustion), but the nude cuddle was obvious and swiftly broken as their grief stricken (rather inebriated) vampire burst in and fell to his knees in front of her side of the bed.

“*Please*… *Please*… Oh… Red I’ve claimed him… and now he can change his picture an’ now all I can see is he’s sad… an’ I can’t… we need to touch… we need to *touch* an’ I can’t… an he’s *so* sad! Red… you an your bit o’ muff here (no offence luvvvv) *Help*!!!! Bloody ex-Watcher Wanker… ssssaid… Oh I can’t… Xan… Xan!”

With the second appeal for Xander, Spike, still on his knees, tore off the gaffer tape fixing the picture to his chest in one action and lifted the picture to kiss it drunkenly, hardly registering that the act had also removed skin leaving two stripes of raw flesh on his chest seeping his own blood. The act invoked his demon instantly and he roared his frustration and distress.

Lacie was terrified but Willow knew what to do. She froze the two immediately, Xander in sepia for preservation, and Spike in full, very real vampire form for his own (and their) safety.

After an hour of more frantic research in the presence of the rather distressing sight of vampire ‘statue’ in the middle of the room, it was Lacie who suggested it. Willow kissing her soundly and commenting “I love you so much! That’s brilliant. It *has* to work! And it will buy us more time… Goddess! We *will* find a way eventually… we…we have to!”

Lacie returned the kiss passionately and rubbed her body against her beautiful older lover. “We always do. You saved the world, remember? Changed the Slayer situation forever… and the covens in Peru? Where would High Mistress Catalina be without you reversing that stupid spell her coven had put on itself!?”

Willow leant against her partner heavily and simply whispered, “I know… but this is Xander… and Spike… and you know them now too but Xander… well the human version, I have known for my *whole life*. I *have* to do this Lace! We have to…”

Lacie simply cut off the conversation by kissing her again then pulling away, squeezing her hand tight and they both reversed the freeze spell.

Spike had been aware of the conversation the entire time, as had Xander though his pose on paper had not changed.

Spike immediately dropped out of game face and apologised… sort of.

Ten minutes later…

“I need to *what*?”

“It’s just temporary – until we can make the reverse arrangement… well make Xander corporeal… for good… Spike *stop* growling!”

“Reckon you chits jus’ wanna see two beautiful blokes goin’ at it is all… How cant you guarantee the illustration will stay safe – don’t fancy bein’ torn ta pieces or burned *this* time around.”

Willow now looked at him with a very tired expression, “You *know* we will keep you safe. Now are you…”

“Course… Bloody give anythin’ a go… jus’ don’t like all the use of mojo is all an’ thought we might have it sorted by now… you know the other way… him bein a real boy/faerie… whatever…” Spike hung his head for a moment then gently picked up the image of his beloved, “Where do you need us?”

On the king sized bed of the best suite in the hotel Xander was called from his parchment, the plan was explained. Despite his embarrassment at making love in front of his oldest friend and her partner, as soon as Spike began to caress his inner thigh, stroke the wings, fist his erection and kiss him hard… well what was a faerie to do?

Xander pushed Spike onto his back then, under the ‘cover’ of his wings, he lowered himself onto Spike’s rock hard member and began to ride.

Spike was in bliss but managed to look over to Willow as he and his mate joined and simply said, “Now.”

Willow and Lacie invoked Xander’s spell and now the paper sported the picture of a faerie making love to another beautiful male figure.

21st-Nov-2007 11:48 pm (UTC)
Oh goodness, I hope this plan works and soon. It's getting more and more difficult for Xander to go back to the parchment and for Spike to watch him go and suffer. *wibbles* I hope that muse Daisy and you have a plan to fix this fairly soon. ;)

22nd-Nov-2007 01:58 am (UTC)
I guess at least they both know how to go to illustrated together!

Thanks heaps for the comment

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