Sky (silkensky) wrote in bloodclaim,

Schmoop me please!!

I just finished reading a great Spander fic (After the Fall by Josie_h) and it was amazing and creative, and heartwarming, and just plain awesome (so you should all go read it. go on....shoo), but it was also heartbreakingly sad, and I cried at the end.
And so, I need schmoop!!! I need romance and tales of epic love, and declarations of undying (pun intended) emotion, and so on and so forth!!! So recommend me your favourites!!! (except for anything from the Spander Files, believe me when I tell you that I have already exhausted that goldmine)

Unfortunately, at this time I do not have a peace-offering fic for you, but I am currently working on a cute little all human AU number, so keep tuning in!!

Thank you friends!

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