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pimping a new community

New prompt comm – Fandom Fairytales!

Do you love fairy tales, but just can't stay away from the fanfic? fandom_fairytls is the place to combine both. Every prompt will be a specific fairy or folk tale, and the challenge is to write a fic - in any fandom - based on that tale. It can be a straight retelling, or just use it as your inspiration, it doesn't matter.

Rather than making writers claim specific fandoms or pairings, I decided I wanted it to be as open as possible. Whedonverse, Supernatural, BSG; whatever you want, go for it!

And if you're interested, please pimp this! My only fandoms are Whedonverse, but any fandom is welcome. There's also no word limit, so if you want to write a drabble or use a prompt for your Nano, either is fine.

I'll post the first challenge when the comm gets 10 members. I hope to see you there!


mods, I apologize if this kind of post isn't allowed.
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