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Fic Search

I'm looking for a specific fic. It's after Xander looses his eye, but he goes his own way and ends up with Spike. There's a few things which set it apart. I remember Spike saying that Xander's eye is a battle wound to be proud of and getting him to put tattoos around it. I also vaguely remember piercings, but that might not actually be part of it since my memory is a little fuzzy. 

Anywho, they are living together and find out that Wesley somehow ended up with the Visions and is a half-demon. Wes is having some physical and emotional problems so they kind of adopt him (into a threesome) and protect him from the Angel-team. Wes changes into a demon form like Doyle did, only his is an amphibian which eats fish, and has spines on its head which change colors like a cuddlefish (some kind of demon that's respected by other demons as a negotiator and a good judge of character and fairness?). 

Then they hook Wes up with Gunn and 'take' the two of them with them when they move (someplace it snows) into a house which is infested with pink interdimensional mouse-demons. 

Spike ends up changing Xander at Xander's request, but they do NOT resoul him, instead storing his soul in a jar so it won't get pulled out of heaven if they ever change their minds. I also remember Xander killing a Watcher and Slayer in Egypt or something and having a break with his friends. 

If you guys know anything or think you might recognize this, please let me know ASAP! I've been looking frantically! In fact, any Wesley is a half-demon fics and angsty Spander recs would be appreciated! Thanks!

~Shouri the KentouKurige~

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