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Challenge/Plot bunny


They are the New World's best tool.  The undead  are able to work in the most extreme of conditions while needing little other than a daily blood supplement in return.  Numerous economies would cease to exist and many more countries would fall into ruin if vampires were not so hardy and thanks to the Iniative's micro chip system, able to be trained to do any dangerous task.

Listed below are just some of the tasks vampires have been trained to do, taking the human element out of such dangerous work...

Mining - able to stay below ground indefinately without the danger of suffocating due to toxic fumes.

Flower Farming - able to work without the hassle and expense of protective equipment from essential fertilizers

Pearl Diving - able to stay under water for for hours on end, only coming up for meal breaks.

Search and Rescue - with noses far more sensitive than even a bloodhound, vampires and their handlers are able to track missing persons for miles while their speed ensure escapee's are found usually within the hour.

Construction - with the strength and stamina of 10 men each, 2 vampires can easily build a 3 bedroom house in a matter of a few short weeks.


Where would the world be today without them?

So, do the right thing and sign up one of your children today into the 'Vampires for a better tomorrow' program. Remember, all families of  successful applicant's receive an extra 15% food and fuel vouchers for the life of the vampire.

Call 1800-Tomorrows Vampire .. and let's build a better world, starting today.


Challenge Musts...

 - Xander/Spike, would also love some Wesley and Giles thrown in there somewhere... not neccessary though, just for my own

- Future Fic or can be set just after Season 7 of buffy or last season of Angel

- NO prostitute Spike or Xander - even though it is one of my favs :)

- Remember, Spike was highly educated before being turned so his former education must have some sort of value?
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