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New Fic... and mini-update

Hi, guys. Slacker-girl here. :)

Just a heads-up that my fall_for_sx offering for today is now up in its entirety and is available in my memories HERE.

It's called 'Not Gonna Happen... Really.' and is an 8-part story which has an overall rating of NC-17. Shocking, I know. *snorts* And many thanks to the lovely darkhavens for reminding me that things like titles and ratings are good to include in posts. Sometimes I'm completely oblivious to the fact that not everybody lives inside my head. LOL Thanks again!

Regarding 'Becoming Known', it is not abandoned and will not be a permanent WIP. I really am still working on it.

Short version: Head chef got himself a fun bout of meningitis, so myself and the other BoH manager/chef have been working 70 hour weeks. Seriously. I just haven't had time to work on 'BK'. The fall for sx thing was something that'd been sitting on my HD for close to a year. I think I wrote maybe 10 more pages of it since I signed up back in... what, August? September? Whenever. So, yes. There WILL be more becoming Known, as soon as I can.

*hugs for all*

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