Darker_Fae (darker_fae) wrote in bloodclaim,

Not a fic search as such....

 I've  been out of the loop for a while. it's not that I don't know the name of the fic, just want to know if it has been updated in my absence.

The first chapter was called The Lady and The Tiger.  Then it split  into two stories. The Lady was Spike/Tara, The Tiger S/X.  Each was sold to Spike as pets and he sponsored them at a brothel/training school. I'm only interested in The Tiger. When I last read it Xander was not doing so well and although Spike's pet,  Angelus stuck his oar in and had him transferred to a much harsher 'training estblishment' for a year, Spike was unable to interfere.

Anyone know what I'm on about?

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