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Spander plot bunny up for adoption

Spander crossover plot bunny is now behind the cut. Thanks to Tabaqui and snowpuppies for the advice. (and yet I failed at it totally until I discovered the magic cut button.)

Spander plot bunny available for adoption. I’m no writer, just a reader; but this has taken up residence in my head since I saw Nicholas Brendon on Criminal Minds.

Spoliers for Criminal Minds episode "Penelope" behind cut.


In the episode, NB plays a FBI analyst (computer hacker) named Kevin Lynch, who fills in when the team’s regular analyst Penelope Garcia is shot. There is a moment when he has pulled up the picture of the man who shot Garcia, he looks at his watch and leaves the office, ultimately he is stopped by his superior. But where is he going…? Thus the plot bunny. 

Xander does not rejoin the Scoobies at the Council post-Africa, he has picked up hacking skills during his time there. Hey, Willow had to rub off and Nigeria, home of email scams…. The new identity and FBI gig satisfies his need to help humanity, but at a remove. So in the course of this case, he sees the shooter’s pic and recognizes Graham from the Initiative (same actor plays both). So his attempt to leave? He’s going to get in touch with either Giles or Riley, your choice. Now the scene where they are together, your choice whether Graham would recognize Xander.


Though Graham/Colby is killed, there’s still too many open questions, and Xander does contact Giles/Riley.  Spike is sent to investigate why Initiative soldiers are wandering around with new memories and hero homicide complexes.


Spander ensues. Any takers?

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