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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 6/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X F/K
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

Thanks to the talented Petxnd for the banner and preread.

Faith sprinted down the two flights of steps to the
main floor of the Justice Building. She preferred
it to taking the elevator in a desperate attempt to
prevent her ass from falling any further under the
increasing pull of gravity.

Breezing over to the receptionist desk, she slapped her hand
down on the counter and smiled.
"Morning, Tim. Hey you know where officer Masters is this
morning? I need a driver and a back up for some field work."

Officer Tim Taylor gave her his best look of disdain and reached
for his log. It galled him to no end that because of one lucky
assignment this bitch was getting all the perks, the glory, and the
easy extra pay of a detective while he was stuck here, in uniform,
a twelve year veteran, doing dispatch.

Dispatch, in his mind, was woman's work. Just like washing the dishes,
scrubbing the floors, sucking dicks.
Taylor glanced up briefly at Faiths's lips and wondered who she was
performing "woman's work" on.
Reaching down, he adjusted himself, all the time watching to gauge
her reaction.

She gave him none. Faith was a hell of a poker player.

Flipping over the top page of his clip board, Taylor found what he
already knew.
"Here. Officer Kennedy Masters worked till midnight last night but
she was due to double back in and work the 9 - 5 shift this morning.
Taylor turned to check the large round clock on the wall behind him.
"8:50. If you hurry you can probably catch her in the locker room before
she takes her cruiser out on the road."

"Thanks Tim. Oh, by the way, you're doing a hell of a job here.
You were born to be a dispatch, Tim. Keep up the good work."

Tim Taylor's face turned red as he seethed at the perceived insult.
He watched her walk away and despite his hatred, or maybe because
of it, stared at the sway of her ass in the tight black dress pants as she
disappeared through the locker room doorway.


Faith flipped the handle and passed through the double doors.
As progressive as the County Sheriff's was, this was the smaller of the
district station houses and employed very few female officers. Because of that
the women's locker room was only added in recent years. A converted
interview area it contained fewer lockers, no windows, and only two
shower heads in the wash up area.

Still, with less than three police women on shift at any given time, it was
more than enough. Faith herself had often used it to clean up during the
long hours working a case.

"Officer Masters? You in here?"

Faith stepped in and let the heavy doors swing closed behind her.
She was almost afraid she had been too late and missed her when
she heard the voice call out from the back lockers.

"Back here."

Faith peeked around and found Officer Masters standing by her
locker. She was dropping her damp towel to the floor and just
starting to pull on her black lace panties.

Slowly, smiling wickedly, Faith slithered up to her and slammed the locker
door shut. Leaning down she began kissing the side of Kennedy's neck
A task made easier by the young officer moaning and tipping her head
to the side.

"We alone in here?"
Faith whispered as her hands slid around Kennedy's back and she pulled her
flush against Faith's body, wrinkling her dark professional looking suit.

Kennedy chuckled.
"A little late to ask now isn't it? Yes, detective, we are alone. Are you
here to interrogate me?"

Faith groaned. Bad cop and innocent juvenile offender was one of their
favorite games.
Kennedy popped the tiny silver hook at the top of Faith's trousers and slid
her hand down inside the red thong Kennedy had given her.

Slipping her fingers into the dripping pussy, Kennedy used the juice
as lubrication and began briskly rubbing and fingering the swollen nub.

Faith's breathing became shallow, quick and erratic as she humped and
pressed into the slim fingers. Kennedy rocked her smaller body and
whined in a high, quiet voice.

"Please, detective. I have permission to be out of school today. Please
don't tell my mother I skipped study hall. Maybe I could go home with
you. You can help me with my studies. I have lots of homework in
my sex ed class. Can you teach me about sex?"

"Oh hell. Oh Fuck!"

Faith spread her legs a bit further and jerked as her pussy flooded
Kennedy's hand with warm sticky juices. Quickly jamming her fingers
back in Faith's hole she reveled in the feel of the hot wet pussy convulsing
in satisfaction.

When the contractions slowed and finally stopped Faith jerked Kennedy's
hand from her pants, roughly pulled down the black lace panties and
pushed the young officer against the row of metal lockers.

Faith then dropped to her knees and allowed her tongue to repay the favor.
Licking and stabbing with the tip of her tongue, Faith had her shaking and
squirting in record time, nearly collapsing on wobbly knees.

Dropping, Kennedy sat down on the wooden bench and rubbed the palm of her
hand over her still twitching clit.

"Damn Faith! Makes me wish I smoked."

Faith was running a comb through her hair, tucking in her blouse and
doing her best to make herself presentable.

"You are smokin', Baby."

Kennedy struggled to her feet and resumed dressing, laughing at the corny
response. She extracted her uniform and after climbing into it began buckling
on her heavy gun belt. She added the cuffs case, the club strap, and the
mace holder. Finally satisfied nothing was forgotten she turned back to her lover.

"Were you looking for me for some particular reason or just a quick happy,
not that I'm complaining."

Faith was surprised. She had actually forgotten why she came in.
"No, smart ass, I didn't come here for that, but thank's anyway it was great.
Actually I came here to have you drive me back to the brownstone from last
night. We need to interview the neighbors and have a look around in the daylight.
It was my partners idea that I take you."

Kennedy looked surprised. She knew well who Spike was but she didn't
know he knew who she was.

"William Pratt? Why me?"

Faith laughed and after watching Kennedy secure her civies in her locker, led her
back out to the lobby.

"Spike. He prefers to be called Spike. He saw me talking to you last
night at the scene and I think he might be a bit hot for you."

Kennedy wrinkled up her nose in distaste.
"EEEWWW. I hope you discouraged him."

Faith winked.
"I told him you were married. I didn't mention the fact that you and
the obnoxious Mr. Masters were separated. It seemed to do the trick."

Tim Taylor watched the two women walk out together, laughing and
chatting easily. He scowled at he happy flushed look of them.
It almost looked as couldn't be. He wondered,
though, how much trouble he could cause with a little gossip
whispered in the right ear.
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