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Windles_Orbit Holiday Fest 2007

Holiday Fest 2007

Theme: "Naughty can be nice."
Word Count: 500 min - no max
Due Date: December 20th - 31st

Stories must be complete, but may be part of a larger series as long as they can stand alone. A series of connected drabbles, as long as they add up to at least 500 words are acceptable. Any fandom, any ship - as long as it's slash - even original characters! Threesome/moresomes are welcome. Please comment so I know how many are playing. Most important: Have Fun guys! ^_^

Sign-up to join the fest! I'd love to see some nummy Spander. :D

This year's windles_orbit holiday fest is brought to you by Dove chocolate.

(Late you say? Well yeah, because I'm an air-head and forgot to pimp this around earlier. >_<)
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