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fic search and a question

1) The only thing I remember about the fic was that Riley was turned into a werewolf and he and Oz ended up mating. I think Spike finds Riley injured in wolf form, and discovers who it is after he brings him home; I think they had been kept captive together by the Initiative and that's how they ended up mating. Does this sound familiar to anyone?

2) Is there a BtVS comm out there that I can go to when I have a specific question about canon? Of course I've seen all 7 seasons, both at the time of airing and in reruns; but sometimes a detail comes up and I can't remember which season/episode it's from, and it's hard to pour through all of the info at Buffyworld when you don't have those details. Quite often my questions aren't Spander related, so I don't feel right about posting them here.

Thanks in advance!
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