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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 13/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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Spike dropped down into the seat and strapped on his seat belt.
He stuck the key in the ignition but then dropped his hand to his lap
and faced off with his passenger.

"Well? How the fuck did you know people call me Spike instead
of William? No one would have told you that, yet you've called
me Spike ever since I got here."

Casually, Xander buckled up and waited patiently.
"Let's just say a little birdy told me and leave it at that. Is it to
presumptious? Would you rather I called you detective or
Mr. Pratt?"

For reasons he didn't want to examine, he liked it very much when
Xander called him Spike. He just wasn't ready to admit it.

"No. No, that's all right. After all, we may be working together
No need to be too formal."
Spike slammed the car into first and sped away.

The quick trip to Momma Mabel's was short and quiet.
Spike's brain spun with questions he wanted answered, very few
of them had to do with a case he had all but forgotten.

When they pulled in and parked, Xander unsnapped his seat belt and
jumped from the car, heading straight for the front door, Spike
scrambled after.

The tinny bell that jangled over the door signaled to the owner
that hungry customers had arrived and she hustled from the kitchen.

"Well lookie here. My two favorite boys. Together. I didn't know
you two was friends. How come you never been here together before?
You gonna hurt Momma's feelin's. Mabel's ain't good enough for a
real date? Come on. You come have a seat. Momma put you in
a booth in the back so's you 'uns can have some privacy."

Mabel winked, grabbed a couple paper menus and led the way
to the back, a move that really seemed most unnecessary considering
Spike and Xander were the only two people in the restaurant.

Spike stayed silent, smilingly accepting the seat assignment and the
paper food list describing the daily blue plate specials.
Once they were alone, however, he snapped.

Jerking the menu from Xander's hand he slammed them both down
on the table and pointed his finger just inches from the tip of Xander's
very surprised nose.

"That's it. Buddy!" He whispered harshly. "I want some fuckin' answers
and I want them right fuckin' now!"

Calmly, Xander retrieved the gravy stained paper and spoke like nothing
had happened. He paid no mind to the red faced cop with the steam
rolling from his ears.

"I believe I'll have the grilled chicken, the baked potato, a salad, and,
oh, you are buying aren't you? Maybe a piece of apple pie. Mabel's
has the best apple pie. You ever tried it?"

Spike crossed his arms and continued to scowl. He pouted and waited
impatiently while Xander cheerfully ordered for both of them. Frustrated
and furious, Spike couldn't decide if he wanted to plant his boot
in this boy's ass or....... something else.

His attraction was most unsettling.
Finally, when he was just seconds away from exploding, Xander fixed
his deep penetrating eyes on Spike's and spoke.

"Now, what exactly do you want to know? Is it real? Am I real?
Am I running some sort of scam on you? Think about it Spike,
what would I have to gain? My Grandmother raised me Spike
and she was just like me. Two things she taught me are, expect
the unexpected, and make the most out of what God has given you.
That's what I do Spike. I use what God gave me to make beautiful
furniture and I help people along the way whenever I can. If you are
open minded, Spike, if you can expect the unexpected, I believe
I can help you."

Spike felt himself relax and sink into the beautiful face of the man
across from him. There was no twitch, no blink, no flex or stammering
tell. It apparently wasn't needed, as Spike could detect no deceit
or dishonesty. It was extremely unnerving yet, surprisingly reassuring.

"O.k., let's say you are for real. And I'm not ready to believe just yet.
How can you help me? Can you look into a crystal ball and tell me who
my perpetrator is so I can just go pick him up?"

Xander laughed and sat back, settling into the soft, red plastic seat.
"No, sorry, not quite that easy. What I can do is receive messages.
When a victim dies violently at the hands of another, they are restless,
unable to be at peace till the matter is resolved. If you can take me
to one or two of the crime scenes I can try to read the residual energy.
Pick up on what the victim was feeling at the time of the attack.
I can't promise anything but I can say my pull to this case has been strong."

The hamster on the wheel in Spike's brain spun so fast he nearly had
a tiny hamster stroke. Taking advantage of the time it took for Mabel
to return, set down their plates and ask if they wanted ketchup, Spike
considered his options and made a decision. One he prayed he would
not live to regret.

"All right. With conditions. First one, NOBODY knows. I can't have
this investigation turned into a joke or a side show because I'm parading
around with Morton the Magnificient Mind Reader."

Xander spit a mouthful of potatoes with a whoop of laughter then
did his best to mop up as Spike continued.

"Second, we do this strictly by the book. I can't have any evidence
compromised. If you find something, DON"T TOUCH. We get a
warrant and collect it right. Next, you call me only on my personal
cell phone. No coming to the office to see me."

Xander stuck out his lower lip and batted his eyes.
"That hurts my feelings. I would almost believe you are ashamed to
be seen with me Spike." bat bat bat "Are you ashamed of us?"

Spike wiped his mouth with the paper napkin and balled it up
tossing it to the table.

"Ha ha. Very funny. HEY! That reminds me. Why the fuck did
Mabel think we were dating? Am I giving off some sort of vibe?
I mean, shit, do I look gay? Not that there's anything wrong with that."

Xander continued to happily shovel the rest of the potatoes in his
mouth in anticipation of the apple pie that would soon find it's way to
their table.

"Nay, you're not giving off a vibe. She just knows I'm gay and I told her
the other day that I thought I had met the right one."
Xander looked at Spike with a touch of sadness in his eyes.

"You know Spike life is a whole lot easier when you just accept yourself
for who you are. Hiding and cover ups burn a lot of unnecessary energy
and clogs your cosmic flow. Do you want to go through life cosmically
constipated Spike?"
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