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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 14/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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Spike leaned back in his seat at Momma Mabel's diner. His food sat all
but untouched on the chipped laminated table in front of him.
With a morbid facination, he watched his companion inhale every morsel
on his plate. Obviously the boy was able to consume several times his
own weight in one sitting.

He mulled over what Xander had said and knew the truth of it.
He wanted, with all his heart, to be open and forth coming with
who he was but it just wasn't possible.
He had far to much to lose.

The life and politics of being a cop were a lot different than the
safe isolated world of a furniture maker. Nestled, snug as a bug in a
rug, back in his cozy little cubicle with his gay tolerant boss, Xander
couldn't possibly understand what it was like in the real world.

Someone in the market for a beautiful hand made desk wouldn't
care about the sexual proclivities of the builder. Especially one as
brilliant in the delicate art of expert carving as this one.

A handsome, warm, funny and very talented builder with deep
brown eyes and the appetite of a bull elephant.

Never missing a bite or a break in chewing, Xander looked up,
off to Spike's right, smiled slightly and returned to scrape the last
of the potatoes onto his fork.

"What?" Spike turned and looked behind him.

Xander laid down his silverware, which wasn't, much to Spike's
surprise, smoking, and wiped his mouth on the napkin he had held
on his lap.

"Your Grandfather says you act like you were raised in a zoo.
Small as a guppy, stubborn as a mule, and smart as a whip"

Every hair on Spike's body stood up as he gripped the edge of the
table and fought back the tears in his eyes. When he was a very
small boy those were the exact words his grand da used to say
to him.

In response he would answer "They don't have whips in the zoo."
and the old man would give him a good natured, light swat on
the seat of his britches and tell him it was because he kept
them right here.

Spike's eyes clouded up and he ducked his head in shame.
He hated showing weakness.
Immediately Xander reached over, covering Spike's hand with
his own. The ever present smile disappeared from his lips.

"Spike, I'm sorry. I didn't mean to upset you. Sometimes I just
repeat a message without thinking first."

Spike took a deep breath and slowly blew it out in an effort to
regain control of his off the chart emotions. Finally he shook his
head and lifted his face.

Although several other people had drifted in and now filled the
small tables and booths around them, Spike made no move to
remove his hand from the warmth and comfort of the man sitting
across from him.

A man whose face was filled with such knowledge and compassion
that it shook Spike's view of the population of the world.

"No. No problem. You just caught me off guard that's all. Is he
still there?"

Xander's eyes drifted to Spike's side and with his smile returning, nodded.
"He says he's always there. He's always by your side. Are you religious

Spike sat back confused at the quick change in subject. No one in his
family had been particularly church oriented. Other than his father,
who Spike had heard pray more than once on the speed of a race
horse who was carrying his last bob or two.

This was one time Spike was certain Xander had guessed wrong.
Maybe it was a game after all. Spike shuddered at the renewed
doubt. Disappointed in what he had almost let himself believe.

"Nope. Not much for church, Pet. I think you got a message meant
for some other bloke."
Spike sadly pushed his plate away and took a drink of his now
cooling coffee.

Xander shrugged his shoulders and smiled as Mabel cleared away the
dirty dishes and set an extra large piece of apple pie topped with vanilla
ice cream on the table in front of him. She then ruffled his hair and winked
at Spike before hustling away with the 'woosh whoosh' of her house

After scooping a huge chunk of fruity, sugary pleasure onto his fork,
Xander looked up and before shoveling it in, tipped Spike's world
off it's axis.

"All I know is he says there is no angel in your future."

Spike's stomach jumped into his throat and he wondered how upset
Momma Mabel would be if she had to clean up the few bites of food
he had already eaten.
His breath came in short, shallow gasps and he considered the medical
difference between an anxiety attack and a heart attack.

He had never had either, but he had a funny feeling if he spent much
more time with the boy he would become intimately aware of both.

Apparently Xander's innocent comment had no meaning to the boy
wolfing the poor doomed pie, but it shouted volumes to Spike.
It solidified the fact that he and Liam O'Connor needed to part
ways. More importantly, it validated Xander's skill and unusual
ability without his even knowing,

The rambling thoughts that now surged full force through Spike's
mind had suddeny sprouted wings, flying off in a dozen different

'Holy fuck! This boy might be the real thing. Look at him sitting
there all calmly, fuckin' over that pie. Boy like that could
rule the world. He could solve my cases before I even get the call.
He could pick the winning lottery numbers every day. He could know
weeks ahead of time which stores are gonna have toilet paper on sale.
He could......uh,oh.
I wonder if he can read minds? Look at him sitting there like he doesn't
have a care in the world. Just listening to me rambling, planning, plotting.
Well I won't have it! I won't stand for it I tell you. Lalalalalalalalalala.'

Xander belched, rubbed his belly and slumped down into the squeeky
plastic seat. He glanced over and wondered what the heck was on the
police detective's mind that was causing that pained constipated
look on his face.

"Wow, I'm stuffed. I don't think I could eat another bit if you begged me.
So what do you say? Wanna go to the scene of the crime?"
Xander grinned from ear to ear, looking for all the world like a young
man asking for a trip to his first strip club.

Spike pulled out a handfull of bills to cover the tab and a generous tip from
his wallet. He tossed them on the table and hoisted himself to his feet.

"Why the heck not. I'm in it this far I might as well hold my breath and
dive in the deep end. How about you? Can you swim Xander?"

Xander threw his arm around Spike's shoulder and walked out the
door with him tugged close like a lifetime friend.

"Like a fish, Buddy, Just like a fish."

Spike was not reassured.
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