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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 15/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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The trip in the Corvette to the crime scene was silent.
Not knowing what to expect, Spike was more than a
little apprehensive.

There were a million reasons not to do this and, while his fingernails
unconsciously picked at the red leather steering wheel cover,
he tried reasoning through every one of them..

'What if Giles found out? Taking a civilian to an unreleased crime
scene was grounds for severe discipline. Of course taking an evidence
expert wasn't. And he was, kind of, sort of, if you squinted and
turned your head sideways.'

Spike glanced over at the boy who seemed not to have a care
in the world short of the apple pie stain he was trying to scrape off his
shirt with his thumbnail.

Spike shook his head and let his thoughts speed on down the road
'Oh, and Faith. Dear Lord, I would never hear the end of it from her.
Little Miss conventional thinking. Miss straight and narrow. Miss never
do anything impulsive or irrational.'

By this time Spike had very nearly talked himself out of the crazy idea
he was planning and seriously considering taking the boy back to his
little woodworking projects and pretending this never happened.

Unfortunately there were other things preventing that. First and foremost
was Spike's unexpected and very unadvisable attraction to the strange
psychic. Although he knew there could never be anything between them,
Spike longed to just be close to him.

Everything about him was so different than anyone Spike had ever known.
He seemed filled with peace and contentment. He was kind, open
and above all, honest. Something Spike saw very little of in the people
he delt with on a daily basis. All traits Spike found enormously

Spike's brain continued with its analyzation.
'Then there is that talking to dead people thing. Was it for real?
It had to be. How else could he have known the things he did?
How could he have known about Angel? Hell, he is right about
that much. There is no Angel in my future. The prick.'

Letting his eyes dart over to the young man who was now busy picking
what appeared to be white cat hair off his jeans, Spike's thoughts took
a turn down a different path.

"Maybe when all this is over we could have coffee. Coffee and pie.'
Spike snorted, causing Xander to look over and frown.

'Yeah, I would defiantly have to feed him. The way that boy can eat,
any date would have to be an all you can eat buffet. Even a homicide
detective doesn't make that much.'

Spike smiled. Xander tipped his head to the side and studied the
handsome cop sitting beside him. He could just imagine what the
humor was from. Cops were such cynics. Never believe what you
can't touch or prove.

Closing his eyes, Xander could feel the emotions flooding off the detective.
Whatever he was thinking about, there was no malice in his humor.
Xander picked up confusion, concern, frustration, and.......uh,oh,

Xander sat back, unable to stop the big grin that covered his face.

"What the hell you smiling about?"
Spike stared at him suspiciously.

"Oh, nothin'. What about you? What were you grinning about?"
Xander waited to see what kind of and answer Spike would come
up with.

"Oh, um, well, I was just........HERE! We're here."
Gratefully Spike whipped over to the curb of the brownstone he had
only seen in the dark. Taking out his note pad he immediately
slipped into professional mode and began jotted down things
that had not been apparent last night in the dark.

Getting out of the car, Xander was all but forgotten. Spike carefully
approached the front of the building. The yellow police tape remained
in place and an armed officer protected the, as of yet, unreleased
crime scene.

Instinctively flashing his badge, Spike didn't wait for the patrol officer to
nod his permission for the men to approach. Xander scurried around the
car and rushed up beside him.
"I'm with him."

For a second, the officer thought about challenging the civilian, but what the
fuck. His shift had two hours to go and the last thing he needed was a
complaint of insubordination on his record. Quickly deciding this detective
could have Bozo the Clown in tow and he didn't care, the officer turned
a blind eye and went back to him mental problem of who to call for that
fucking septic tank that kept flooding.

Spike walked slowly around to the side of the wide cement entry steps.
The victims apartment was on the second floor in the front of the building.
Spike was careful not to step too close, but noted that the earth in front
of the windows was undisturbed, the area secure and a large window
sill flower pot well tended. There was no fire escape and no
indication of a ladder being propped against the building.
The killer did not enter from this area.

"Huh? Oh, sorry. What did you say?"

Xander stared at the building and kept his voice low.
"I said I need to go inside. I need to see where it happened."

Spike could see the tension and anxiety in the beautiful young face
and worried again that no good would come of this. He also could
read the determination. Xander was going in, with or without him.

Nodding, Spike dropped the black note book in his coat pocket and led the way,
tossing the officer a curt, "Going in. Keep everyone else the fuck out."
The officer responded with a disinterested wave of the hand.

The apartment door had two lengths of yellow tape tacked over it in
a giant "X" signaling only authorized persons should enter. Spike opened the
door, ducked under the tape and led the way. Xander followed suit.

"O.k. so what do you want to..........."

Xander held up his hand, silencing the detective, and closed his eyes.
"Shhh. Just let me stand here for a second.

Spike stood quietly. It gave him a chance to really look things over in
the light of day.
The apartment was small. Full of family photos and random knic knacs
this was more than an apartment. It was a home.

Living room, kitchen, bedroom, bath. It was not only clean, it was spotless.
No signs of a struggle. The attack had to have been sudden. Unexpected.

"It started here."

Spike looked up to see Xander standing with his hands pressed against
the closed front door.

"She invited him in. One man. Middle aged. She didn't know him, but she
trusted him. She felt safe having him in her home."

Spike looked at the row of deadbolt locks that ran the length of the door frame.
Obviously this was a young woman very concerned with safety and security.
Why would she feel safe inviting someone she didn't know into her home?

Quickly Xander turned and headed toward the kitchen area.
"She brought him this way. She was trying to be hospitable."

Xander stopped in the small kitchen alcove. He gazed down at the taped
off outline of the body and again closed his eyes.

"It happened here. I'm feeling shocked. Surprised. Total confusion.
The attack was totally unexpected." Xander clutched his hands at
his throat. "I can't breath. He's cut off my air and all I can feel is my
stupidity for trusting him."

With one last gasp, Xander stepped back and opened his eyes, a look
of shock covering his face.
Spike was disappointed. He wasn't sure what he had hoped for, but it
was more than this. Although Xander was right on every point, other
than the killer being a middle aged man, he hadn't actually given them
anything new.

"She's embarrassed."

Spike stared back down on the figure outline.
"What? She's what?"

Xander's eyes were filled with sorrow and compassion.
"She's embarrassed. After......well, after, he removed part of her
clothing. He inserted an object into her body and then redressed her.
She's ashamed. Embarrassed. Did you find a foreign object Spike?
Because now I'm getting a whole lot of energy from the killer."

Spike's felt his blood freeze. No one knew. No one knew about the rose.

"What? What are you getting?"

Xander rubbed his hands over his face.
"He's furious. He hates this woman but doesn't even know her.
His victim selection is not random. He is killing the same woman
over and over again and won't stop till you catch him. He is
laughing at you. He thinks he is smarter than you and is leaving clues.
The answer to why he is doing this and who he is, is hidden in the object
he uses."

Spike forgot to breath. Every fiber of his being told him Xander's assessment
was spot on. It also told him something else. Xander was a keeper. At least
till this case was over.

"Anything else?"

Xander looked Spike in the eye with a fear Spike could almost feel.
"Yeah, he's selecting this area for you. It's personal Spike. It's not
about the victims, it's about the investigators. It's about you and your

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