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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 17/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

Thanks to the talented Petxnd for the banner and preread.

Faith sat in a small booth in the back of the Waffle House restaurant.
It was small, plain, and looked like a thousand other Waffle Houses
franchised across the country. There was nothing to make it
special, which was exactly why Kennedy had picked it.
She had hoped it's bland disinteresting atmosphere would prove

As in any stakeout, Faith's seat had been strategically selected to offer
the maximum amount of observation with the minimum chance of
being spotted. Even though Elvin was not aware that Faith was the
"other woman" they were afraid he may recognize her as another
cop and get suspicious..

Her arrival had been choreographed to occur exactly 5 minutes before
her girlfriend and 10 minutes before they expected Elvin Masters,
Kennedy's estranged husband.

Both women hoped this meeting would go smoothly. At times, El
could be reasonable. Kind even. Other times, most times, he was
a raving maniac. That was the thing with El. His unpredictability,
combined with his wife's request for a divorce and her admission of
an alternative desire, had seemed to shift his personality into the
chronically weird zone.

So, while they both prayed for the best, they knew it could go either way.
That was why Faith was here. Neither of them thought he would be
stupid enough to go berserk in public, but with El, no one knew for
sure which square to place their money on.

All settled in, with her back to the booth behind her, Faith ordered a cup
of coffee, her first of many, and waited. Right on schedule, Kennedy
arrived minutes later and sat facing Faith's back. Neither woman
acknowledged the other. The seating would force El to sit back to
back with the detective and allow her to hear, no matter
how low he kept his voice, everything the man said.

Right on time, in he marched. Faith felt the shared seat shift and
bump as he dropped his large, heavy body down.

"Hey, Ken, you look good. You o.k. Babe? You need anything?"

Faith's tension eased slightly at the sound of the man's voice.
He sounded calm, rational. Possibly even concerned.
At least he hadn't started out with the usual profanity. Maybe he
had had the chance to think things over., Faith knew
any suspect interview could go down hill in the snap of a finger.
She wouldn't let her guard down and hoped Kennedy didn't either.

The waitress drifted over and filled both coffee cups at the table.
She pulled out her pad and, with her best smile, ask if they were
ready to order.

"No thanks, sweetheart, I think we will just have coffee. You see my
dear wife here would rather eat at the Y. Wouldn't you, Lover?"

Kennedy bristled and a chill shot up her spine. She knew it was too
much to hope for. She was afraid that his good nature and calm
facade were just that and that his anger boiled below the surface.

She pushed her cup over for the confused waitress to fill. She smiled
and gave her a nod and a thanks. She waited till the server had walked
away then turned her direct stare at her husband.

"I had hoped we could talk like two reasonable adults, El. There is no
reason why we can't just divide up everything we have, shake hands,
sign the papers and each of us go on our own way. This doesn't have
to be hard. Please, El. Can't we do this the easy way?"

Elvin smiled, sat back and sipped his coffee. Every cell in Faith's body was
strained and on alert waiting to feel as well as hear his response.
She wanted to go and sit next to her lover, put her arm around her
shoulders and offer her protection and moral support. But they had
talked about it and Faith knew Kennedy was right. Elvin didn't know who Faith
was and for now, that was best.

Finally Elvin set his cup down on the saucer and dabbed his napkin at his
smiling mouth. Kennedy's stomach felt like it was full of rocks. She
could see the seething hate flair in his eyes and his calm low tone
only added to the fury she could feel grow in the air around them.

"There won't be any divorce, Kennedy. You are mine, bought and paid for
with a $34.00 marriage license. Actually you were kind of cheap. I pay
hookers three times that much just for a blow job. Something that you,
my carpet munching little wife, always refused to do. Now I am going to
give you 48 hours to collect your things from that dingy little pit of
fornication you jokingly call an apartment and get your flabby little ass back
home where you belong."

Kennedy placed her hands in her lap hoping he couldn't see how badly they shook.
She knew him well enough to know he wouldn't make a scene
in a public place, at least she didn't think he would, but once they left, there was
no telling what could happen. She had never been good at bluffing, but maybe
this time she could. She took a deep breath and stared him down as she answered.

"And if I don't? What can you do El. Hit me? Again? Those days are
over. I'm a cop now for God's sake. How stupid are you? You even
think of threatening or touching me and I'll have you locked up
so fast you won't have a chance to see which way they throw the key."

El threw his head back in a surprising move and laughed like a hyena.
When he was finally able to control himself he snapped forward and

"How dare you fuckin' threaten me? I'm your husband, for better or worse,
till DEATH do us part you fuckin' snatch lickin' bitch. I had hoped it
wouldn't come to this but I see I need to take steps to insure my happy
home life is no longer compromised. I guess a few phone calls are in order."

An odd calm came over Kennedy. If that was his best, they had nothing to
worry about.

"Call who, El? Nobody cares. People get divorced everyday."

Elvin gripped the table top till his fingers turned white. He stared at the
pale white face in front of him and wanted nothing more than to cover it
with red, swollen cheeks and bruised, black and blue puffy eyes.
He wanted to pound his fists and cock into her till she bled and begged
him to stop.

"No?" His voice took on a shrill loud tone that caught the attention of
every one around them causing Kennedy to cringe and shrink back.

"How about your boss? You think your precious boss and all the
fuckin' cops you work with won't care that you and the fuckin' bitch
sitting behind us are lickin' pussies on the job? You think I didn't
know? I know EVERYTHING you do, you stupid cow!"

Faith and Elvin both jumped to their feet and squared off, nose to nose.
Everyone else in the diner stopped and turned to the drama that was
unbelievably playing out with their lunch time burgers.

Gritting his teeth, Elvin shoved his face just inches from Faith's, spit
flying as he spoke.
"I'm going to make your life a living hell. You are going to be sorry you
ever fucked with me and put your slimy fuckin' hands on my wife.
All this is your fault! She wasn't like this till you made her change.
Well you are both going to suffer for this."

Slamming his paper napkin down on the table, Elvin paused, turning one
last time to whisper in his wife's ear.
"You are going to beg me to take you back. You just wait and see.
Before this is all over, you are going to beg."

With that he turned and stomped out leaving the two women shaking
and frozen in the stares of the other customers.
Finally the waitress, coffee pot still in her hand, rushed up to them.

"You gals want me to call the cops? You o.k.?"

Looking outside and seeing Elvin drive away, Faith handed the waitress a few
dollars, took Kennedy by the arm and tried for a strained smile.

"NO! No, thanks. Please don't call anyone. Everything is all right."
Faith steered Kennedy for the door and the two women left.
They knew this disturbing turn of events would take some thought.
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