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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 25/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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Faith had made a quick call to her apartment and satisfied herself
that Kennedy was alone and safe. Both women had agreed that
next week at the divorce hearing they would petition the court for a
TOP against Kennedy's estranged husband.

A Temporary Order of Protection would prevent Elvin from coming
within 100 yards of the women and when he violated it, as they knew
he would, it would land him in jail. It was Kennedy's opinion that a
few days in lock up may be just what Elvin needed to come to his
senses. Faith had her doubts.

The only other issue of real concern was Elvin's threat to shout from the
rooftops that two members of the Stark Co. Sheriff's department were
carpet munching, lip licking, muff diving lesbos, as he put it.

It was something that scared the shit out of Faith - at first. Now that
she had time to think about it, it was almost a relief. She was sick to
death of hiding. The lies, the deceit, it was all so stressful that she
looked forward to it being over.

Her lawyer had secretly checked and assured her that it would be
a violation of their constitutional rights to fire them for their sexual

The taunts and ostricization that was sure to follow could be dealt with.
Finally she would be free. But it would be a freedom on her terms.
Faith had resolved to come out before next week. Before Elvin had
the chance to do it and exert any control over her future.
No matter which way the chips fell on this, she would be the one
tossing them.

"Hey, you ready?"
Faith stuck he head in Spike's office.

Spike jumped like he had been shot and fumbled around, tossing
papers in his desk drawer hoping she didn't see the bottle of lotion.

"Yeah, sure, ready, o.k."

Faith stepped in and shut the door behind her.
"What the fuck is wrong with you? You look flushed and fevered.
You're not coming down with something are you? If you got
something don't you dare give it to me."

Spike laughed. He didn't think homosexuality was contagious. Faith
had nothing to worry about.

"No, I'm fine. Are you ready to go? We're going to have to take your
car. Mines too small for the three of us."
Spike jumped and rushed out of the room, glancing down quickly to
make sure the front of his slacks was chaste and innocent.
Faith frowned.

The morning drive had been short but strange.
Faith was surprised at the sight of the young man waiting by the
curb at the front of the old warehouse. She had expected older.
She had expected a professional man.
She had expected...........not what she got.

Spike's face had brightened and shone in a way Faith had never seen
before when they picked him up. The introductions were done with
a tone of pride and Spike spent the entire trip glancing and making
small talk with the very unremarkable looking boy in the back seat.
For some odd reason the name Rasputen popped into Faith's brain.

Parking in front of the brownstone, Faith led the way to the latest
crime scene. Bypassing the apartment manager, the three went
directly to the door facing the one that contained the horror of
the murder. With no verbal conversation between them, each knew
instinctively what their roles with the old man would be.
Spike rang the bell.

"Yes? Who is it? What do you want?"

Spike stepped back from the door and held up his badge so that the
occupant could see both it and it's owner. Glancing back over his
shoulder he realized if the killer was a cop, that is exactly what he
would have done.

The sound of several locks being released preceded the opening of the door.

"Good morning Mr. Harvey. Do you remember me? Detective St. John?
I spoke to you the morning of the tragedy with your neighbor."

A look of recognition filled the old man's face and it wrinkled up in a
relaxed smile. The door swung open wide and the three were invited in.
"Yes, yes, of course. Please come in. Excuse the mess. My daughter
comes in to help out once a week, but I think she has forgotten lately."

The small apartment was cluttered with weeks of newspapers and the empty
Styrofoam containers used by the Methodist Church's meals on wheels.
The daughter's amnesia was not short term.
Spike took out his note pad as Faith led the old man over to the sofa.

A short discussion established that yes, it was a cop first, then the boyfriend
discovered the body about an hour later. Spike motioned the three to the

"Xan, how about you talk to the witness for a bit while Faith and I check
this out. Faith I want you to watch through the peep hole while I go to the
victims door. Tell me what you see when I step back to show my badge."

The others nodded and Faith and Spike moved into position. Xander returned
to the witness and sat with him on the couch. The sadness and loneliness
of the old man broke Xander's heart.

"How long ago did your wife pass?"

The old man was surprised by the question but realized that the apartment
was full of her pictures. It wouldn't be a stretch to assume she was his wife.
Still, it was the last thing he expected to be asked but the first thing he had
wanted. He longed to talk about her but no one would listen. It was all that
he thought about these days.

"It's been nearly 8 years now. We were married almost 62 years."
The old man laughed.
"For the first 37 her family still insisted it wouldn't last."

Xander chuckled and glanced over the old man's shoulder at the lovely
face of the woman who had never left his side.

The smile and joy soon slipped and Mr. Harvey leaned close.
"I miss her so much. I try to believe. Mary was so strong in her
faith and I try to believe all the things she used to say, but I'm so
afraid I'll never be with her again. What is the point of living all these
long lonely years if there is nothing at the end of it?"

Xander gently took the old man's weathered, bent hands in his.
The heat and strength soothed the arthritic knuckles and instantly
eased the constant pain.

"Don't ever lose faith, Mr. Harvey. Mary is here with you now.
She has never left you and she waits patiently for you.
She says you took such good care of her. Cleaned her, fed her....,"
Xander fell silent for a moment then laughed and returned his attention
to the hopeful old man.

"She says she even forgives you for giving her teeth to charity?"

For a moment, the old man feared his feeble heart would surly stop from shock.
The tears welled in his eyes. There was no way the boy could have known.
Mary had been so sick and he tried to clear away some of the clutter.
He donated several boxes of glassware to the Salvation Army and hadn't
realized that the little flowered cup in the bathroom contained her teeth.

Together they drove down to retrieve them. A beautiful sunny day, it was
their last outing. She had passed a week later.

Spike and Faith rushed over to where Xander rocked the old man in
his strong arms. A shake of Xander's head told them to leave it alone
and they backed away.
After a few minutes and the promise to return, Xander released the
man and stood with his friends.

Mr. Harvey struggled to his feet to see them to the door. At the last minute
he clutched Xander's sleeve in his weak shaky hand.

"How long? Please, Son, how long.?'

Xander patted the hand lovingly.
"Soon, Mr. Harvey, very soon."

It was an answer that brought great relief and joy to the wrinkled,
weathered face, and he nodded.
"Thank you."
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