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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 26/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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The diner was crowded. It seemed Momma Mabel's was finally
doing a big business with the addition of new specials and bigger
burgers. Still, she personally welcomed her favorite boys and
the hard looking female cop with them.

Showing them to their usual booth in the back, Mabel hustled
to give them menus and glasses of iced tea then scurried off to
tend to other patrons.

Once alone, Faith leaned over the table and spoke quietly to the
two men sitting across from her.

"Well, we got everything and we got nothing. At least we know now
that we are looking for a cop. A serial killing cop. Only problem is
we don't know who. Medium height, slightly larger build, dark hair,
and wearing a dark over coat. Shit, the old man only saw the back
of the killer and that description could fit half the department,
let alone any of the other police agencies in the area.
At least we do have a witness. Someone who can possibly identify
a suspect from the back. It ain't much but it's something."

Spike knew from the sad look on Xander's face that there would be no
witness to stand up in court, point a finger at a defendant and say
"Yes, that is the man I saw"

No one had discussed the scene in Mr. Harvey's living room but Spike
had a general idea what it involved. He was glad he had brought Xander
along. He didn't know what he had said to the old man but he recognized
the reaction. Relief, joy, even gratitude.

There was one more subject that Spike wanted broached and with
the three of them alone together this was the perfect time.
He just cringed at how to find a conversational starting point.

Faith watched her partners face. She had no idea what was bubbling
and brewing in that brain of his but she would be willing to bet a
paycheck or two that it involved this Xander fellow.

He hadn't said much and she still couldn't figure out what Spike was
doing with him. So far the only talent she had seen him display was
the ability to make a poor old man cry.
Not very impressive. She could do that.

Finally, swallowing half his iced tea and screwing up all the courage
he could find, Spike went for it.

"Listen, Faith, we need a good description of the killer. Someplace to
start looking. A way to drop the suspect pool from several hundred
to maybe a dozen or so, right?"

Hesitantly, Faith nodded.

Bolstered by the feel of the heat of Xander's hand on his leg, Spike went on.
"Well that's where Xander comes in. Remember I told you he has the
ability to read people? To know things about them without being told?
Fact is, Xander's psychic. He sees things. Energy things.
Well, he thinks if he could hold something that the killer held he could
describe him. Tell us something about him that would help with his
identification. I think we should do it. Let him touch it."

Faith sat with a totally blank look on her face. Her eyes shifted back
and forth from Spike to Xander as if they were engaged in a world class
tennis match.

After a good three minutes, she slammed her glass down on the table
and crossed her arms under her small firm breasts.
"What the fuck is going on here? What's the game Spike?
I thought you said he was a criminal profiler. Now you say he is
Xander the Magnificent, mind reader extraordinair?"

Xander grinned and laughed easily.
"Hey, I like that. I could have it put on a placard and hung over
my work station."

Spike chuckled with him.
"No, no. You should carve it yourself in huge flowing scrolls. That way
you could combine both your talents in one."

Faith slammed her napkin down on the table and started to rise.
"I'm outta here. Call me when you want to discuss the case seriously, Spike"

Xander turned to her. He kept his voice low but the intent was clear.
"Sit down, Buttons."

Faith froze. She stared into Xander's eyes then slowly lowered herself
back down. That was the nickname her father had called her. She had
always been Daddies little girl, his princess, his Buttons.

Leaning in with a serious look in his gentle eyes, Xander bent his head
towards her.
"Look, we don't have a lot of time here. What do you want to know?
What will convince you?"

Faith remained skeptical but shaken.
"Tell me something. Something Spike couldn't possibly have known about
me. Something no one else knows."

Xander sat quietly for a bit, staring of into space. Faith snickered just knowing
he was about to say something general like she struggled in school or one
of her childhood friends lied on her or someone she loved died. Pfttt.
She had seen these fakes on Montel several times. She was a nonbeliever.

"When you were about 10 years old you set your garage on fire just to see
what it would feel like. It got out of control quickly and burned to the ground.
You told your parents you were down the street with friends.
What you didn't know was your parents didn't believe you but they told the
police your story to keep you out of trouble."

Faith's glass slipped from her hands and hit the floor with a splintering crash.
The other customers around them were instantly silent as they looked to
see what had happened. Quickly Mabel, with a pimply faced bus boy in tow,
rushed to their table.
"Goodness me. What happened? Oh, well, no problem. We'll have that tidied
up in no time. Is you ready to order?"

Xander scooped up his menu as though nothing had happened.
"Absolutely! I'm hungry enough to eat a horse. You got any horse specials?"
He joked happily.
"No matter. How about the double bacon burger with fries, a chocolate shake,
and don't forget the apple pie after. Oh, you can put mine on Spike's check.
He takes good care of me."
Xander winked at Mable and she playfully swatted him on the arm with the
plastic menu.

Spike puffed at the humorous comment. Joke or not, he did want to
take good care of Xander and if the young man would let him that's
exactly what he planned on doing.

With the broken glass cleaned up, the orders placed and the tea refilled
Mabel rushed off toward the kitchen. Under the table Xander squeezed Spike's
hand and Spike felt like a king. He should have known Xander couldn't
quit while they were ahead.

"You know Faith, we all have secrets. Isn't that right Spike?"

Spike shuddered. His eyes bugged and he shot Xander a stare that
screamed "Don't you dare!"

"Yes we do Pet, but sometimes some secrets aren't ready to be discussed."

Faith looked worried

Xander ignored him and continued.
"True. True. However when you work intimately with someone. When
your life depends on them and you rely on them to always have your back
I just feel you should be honest about who you are. A lie between people
is like an invisible barrier that prevents them from being able to really touch
each other."

Faith quickly set her replaced glass of ice tea down on the table before it
had the chance to join it predecessor. She hung her head guiltily and whispered

"He's right. I don't know how he knows so much about me, but damn it
I get the hint. I'm gay, Spike. I have an extreme allergy to testosterone.
And I'm sure as XANDER already knows, I'm having an affair with
Kennedy Masters. No, not an affair....."

Faith lifted her head proudly.
"Not an affair. We're in love. We're in love and we want to be together.
There I said it and fuck it, it feels great. Damn, now I'm hungry enough
to eat that horse you were asking about."

Spike's glass hit the floor.
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