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Fic request/Challenge

Ok, this is a fic request but it's also a challenge for those up to the task?

I want to read Spander... maybe with some Xangel and DarkWes/Xander (can't think of the combination at the moment for those two :: shrugs :: ).. even some Giles/Xander?

Anyhow, I want to read about Manipulative Xander, a Xander who uses Spike's vampire abilities for his own means... such as 'suggesting' that Spike talk to a the foreman at his latest work site about homophobic remarks.... which ultimately lead to Xander getting a promotion simply because the guy next in line suddenly disappeared 3 weeks before hand, leaving Xander the only one capable enough to run the site.

Xander experimented on Angel but refined his process with Spike, then, looking for more of a challenge, moved onto Wesley because a human is harder to manipulate than a vampire, especially a smart human such as an ex watcher? Vampires will do anything to get a somewhat reluctant boy to put out for them?

I want to see Xander manipulative but so good at it, that Angel and Spike only catch glimpses of what Xander is doing to them and even then, doubting that they had seen it?

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