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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 27/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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"Lordy, Lordy!"
Mabel came flying through the swinging doors that separated the dining
room from the diner's kitchen. She had a huge tray of food in her
hands and the zit faced boy with a mop and a scowl on his face,
right on her heels.

The heavy set black woman stood back while her helper collected
the broken pieces and mopped up the puddle. Wrestling the tray laden
with greasy food into one hand she smacked Spike in the back of
the head with the other to stop his incessant apologies.

She then placed everyone's food in front of them and, clucking her
tongue, mumbled as she scooted off.
"Y'all gonna cost Mabel a fortune in broken glasses."

Xander dug in, attacking his food as though he feared it may escape at
any moment. He was also happily curious to see how these two flat foots
would tap dance around each other now that the beans were spilling

Spike shoved his plate of spaghetti to the side and glared at Faith.
"You're gay? Lesbian? In all the time we have worked together you
didn't think to mention that?"

Xander loudly cleared his throat and gave his best warning squint.

Faith picked at her salad, shoving the lettuce around the plate with her fork
and feeling guilty. She figured after he ranted a bit they could talk.
It was extremely unsettling to think that this young man across from her
knew so much about her. Just as the full colored image of her 18th
birthday and what she had done at the amusement park popped into her
mind, along with the fearful 'Oh, God, please don't let him........."

"Ahem. Actually, Faith, I think Xander was talking to me. I am the one,
well apparently one of the one's, with the secret."

Faith laid her fork down and her well plucked brows wrinkled.
Immediately Xander set everyone's ice tea in the center of the table
out of reach and smiled with a relaxed grin that eased the tension
considerably and encouraged Spike to continue.

Spike took hold of Xander's hand. The one that had been resting
on his leg under the table and with their fingers tightly clasped, set them
on the table top.
"Coincidentally, I'm also gay. And like you, I think I've found someone
I want........ to spend a lot of time with."

Spike smiled and looked into the still chewing face of the young psychic.
He wanted to say the words. He wanted to say just what Faith had
said, but it was too soon. They hadn't known each other very long
and Spike was still to insecure.

Xander stabbed his fork into a stack of french fries and just before
stuffing them into his mouth waved them back and forth between
him and Spike.
"We're in love too I'm just not sure if he realizes it yet or not."

Everyone in that end of the diner looked over at the three people
who were laughing at a private joke that must have been hilarious.
Between the broken glasses and loud hooting, several wondered
if they were drunk. Spike felt like he was.

Faith was the first to pull herself together and reluctantly bring the
other two back to the ugly reality of why they were there.

"Well, when all this is over and done with I think we need to have a
real heart to heart Buster, but right now we have other eggs to count so
let's get down to business."

Faith sat forward in her seat, elbows on the table and intent
concentration on her face.

"O.k. so let's go with what we know for sure and what Xander seems
to think is fact. We assume the killer is a cop, someone we know,
and apparently someone who hates one of us for some undefined
reason. So where do we start? Who fits that description?"

Dismayed, Spike looked to his partner with an unfortunate realization.
Since their rapid advancement and the circumstances of their positions,
the department was full of people who resented them professionally
and at least a handful who disliked them personally.

"Shit, Faith. I don't think either of us is up for Best Buddy of the Year.
If we go back, Cooper blames me for nearly getting all three of us killed."

Faith's hand involuntarily went to the scar on her throat and Xander
flinched at the strong shock of fear that shot off his two companions.

Faith jumped back in before they could start down that well worn
path again.
"It wasn't your fault. Besides, there are a lot of others. Hell, even
Tim Taylor, the dispatch officer, has openly called me an opportunistic
bitch and I know that creepy woman chaser O'Connor has been
pissed as hell since I slapped him for trying to run his hand down my pants
at last years New Years party."

Spike looked startled. A fact that didn't escape Xander's notice.
"Liam put the moves on you? Why didn't you file an SH on him?"

Faith just shrugged.
"He was drunk. He had hit on every woman there and a sexual
harassment complaint would have cost him his job. I didn't want that.
All I'm saying is that there's a long list, Spike. How do we narrow
it down?"

Spike shoved the spaghetti that he had lost interest in towards Xander
who happily dove in.

"I have a way, or maybe I should say Xander has a way. I think if we
let him handle the you know what that he could tell us something about
the person who left it behind."

Spike leaned in conspiratorially and dropped his voice to a whisper.
"Here's my idea.............."

Giles paced the length of his office, his hands clasped behind his back.
He hadn't heard from either of his lead investigators in the past two
days and was becoming increasingly concerned.

He had told them repeatedly that they were to keep him informed
on any and all leads they were following and he hated being out of
the loop. The Mayor had already called twice this morning and he felt
like a fool not being able to give him even the smallest update.
He knew he couldn't hold him off with the "classified information"
line much longer.

This whole case was a time bomb and Giles had a funny feeling he was
about to be caught up in the destruction of the blast.

Walking to the window, he pulled up the blinds and looked down from
his third floor perch. He couldn't believe what he had done. How the
hell had he allowed the situation to get this out of control. He had always
prided himself on being a good man. If someone had told him a year ago
that he would be in this situation he'd have thought them crazy.

Yet here he was. Sitting on a cliff of his own making and just waiting
for someone to find him out. It would mean the end. The end of everything
he had stood for. The end of his career. Possibly the end of his life.

Giles stared down at the sidewalk below. He wondered, not for the first
time, if three floors was enough to kill a man or if it would just cause
permanent injury. He couldn't bear the thought of living years as a
worthless vegetable. Waiting for someone to wipe his arse and pump
liquid food down his throat through a tube.

Startling him out of his thoughts, the phone on his desk jangled loudly
and he rushed to it hoping against hope it was his detectives. Giles
snatched it up and did his best to sound cool and professional.

"Chief Inspector Giles..........oh, it's you. I haven't
heard from them. Look, I said I don't, I'm
sure if they found anything out they would have called.
Stop worrying! I told you I would keep you informed.
NO! no don't do that...............Look, we don't want them to
get suspicious do we?..............that's right. We just stick to the
plan, lay low and wait................Don't threaten me! If this comes
out you have just as much to lose as I do.............................yes,
yes, I know. I'll try to find something out and call you tonight."

Giles hung up the phone and returned to the window. He wondered
if it would be better to go to the roof. The extra height might make
the difference.


Authors note:
Just a reminder that there will be no posting on Monday or
Tuesday for the Holiday. Merry Christmas and much love to you all.
See you on Wednesday morning.

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