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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 29/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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Xander sat down on the bed beside him.
"You know he can't ever come here again don't you? I mean now that we
are together you can't sleep around any more. It's destiny, Spike. From the
minute I was born it was our destiny to be together."

Spike smirked. He still wasn't sure how much of what Xander said was true
psychic impression and how much was just old fashioned bull shit. In the end,
Spike decided that this time it really didn't matter because Xander was right.
Angel would never sleep here again and he and Xander did belong together.

In response, Spike leaned over and lightly kissed Xander on the lips, placing
his hand on Xander's forearm, feeling the boys strong arms flex under his
thinner fingers. Spike could easily picture a tattoo covering the expanse
of muscle. A tattoo with a bloody rose and Spike's name splashed through
the center of a heart.

"That goes for you too. No more one night stands. No more friends warming
your sheets or scuffing your floors. You know I could dust your cock for
foreign prints or DNA at any time."

Xander crossed his fingers over his heart and grinned.
"Nope. No more sleeping around. No more wild nights of three and four
different men all thrusting and grinding together. From now on I will only use
toothpaste to brush my teeth and I toss out that old shoe horn."

"What the fuck?"
Spike jumped to his feet and stared at the laughing man who stood with
him. His jealousy flared and burned till he recognized the humor in Xander's
face and knew that this one defiantly fell into the bull shit category.

"Ha ha. Very fun..."

Xander swept Spike up in his arms and sealed his mouth over Spike's.
The kiss was neither sweet nor innocent and demanded acceptance.
Spike whimpered and complied, opening and allowing the larger man to
take charge.

Xander's tongue was hot, slick and it tasted every inch of the man he was
claiming as his own. Despite his best effort to remain calm and collected,
Spike felt himself give in to the overwhelming, aching need of his body. His
hips jerked forward, his cock seeking it's mate. His body burned to be filled.

Xander's hands on Spike's back seared through the thin cotton of his shirt,
contrasting with his own cool skin and causing a sever case of goose bumps to
erupt. His nipples pebbled and tingled. Spike grabbed Xander's butt and
slammed their bodies together.

Xander pulled back from the kiss, Spike following, lips first, trying to
reconnect, to search out the damp heat of the young man. Shaken and
confused he watched Xander step back, leaving what felt like miles
between them.

"What? Where? Why? I thought......"

Xander laughed and began tugging his shirt over his head.
"Oh, we are. I just want to see what fate has sent me. Undress Spike!
I want to see you naked. Nothing hidden. I want to see every inch of
you as you give yourself to me."

Spike staggered back. He was breathless, slightly embarrassed, and most
of all, horny as fuck. He needed just this. He had to be the strong one
at work, in charge and in control. In real life he needed someone to
relieve him of that pressure and responsibility. It was one of the things
that always drove him back to Angel's bed.
The other was a nine inch cock.

Xander quickly undressed and sat on the edge of the bed, legs spread
wide, watching, slowly rubbing his own hardening flesh.
"Slower. Do it slower."

Spike's fingers shook in the effort to unzip and unbutton. He fumbled under
the scrutinizing stare of the man who was stroking the fattest, thickest piece
of cock meat he had ever seen. The horrifying image of all that shoved up his
ass made him weak kneed. It felt as though he had a dozen snakes
squirming in his gut. He couldn't wait.

"Jesus, Pet, what the hell is that thing?"
"That's the little farmer that is about to plow your field. You can call him
John Deere."
"Oh dear."
"Close enough."

Xander knew he had an extraordinary cock. He had seen enough others to
realize that his, like his psychic ability, was something rare. And like his
clairvoyance, his cock was a God given gift and should not be selfishly
wasted. Xander took great pains to perfect his ability to give pleasure with
his cock, and knew now that the talent was only to be shared with Spike.

Finally naked, Spike stood, unsure of what to do next, quivering from the
cold room and anticipation. Smiling, Xander reached out and ran his left hand
down Spike's hip to his thigh. He then let his fingers roam around and between
Spike's legs weighing and rolling his sac, his right hand still massaging
his own cock with a slow steady pace.

Spike couldn't take his eyes off it. Each time Xander stroked to the head
he squeezed and another thick drop of juice pinched out. Spike licked
his lips.
"You want to taste me? Lick my cock and see how much of that meat will
fit in your mouth?"

Spike opened to answer. "Eckle" Was the best he could do.

Taking Spike's hand, Xander slowly rose to his feet and pulled the detective
into his arms. Spike could literally feel his reluctance and heart melt under the
incredible heat of the psychic's body.

Xander kissed Spike's lips, jaw, and neck before nipping his earlobe.
"I'm gonna wrap you in my arms like a cocoon, Spike. I'm gonna keep you
and love you and in the next few minutes I'm gonna fuck you till you can't walk.
Does that sound like a plan to you?"

Spike gasped and nodded his head vigorously. Xander turned them both and
gave a slight nudge, encouraging Spike to lay down on the bed on his stomach.

Xander laughed and climbed on. He straddled Spike's back setting on the round
firm ass. Leaning forward, Xander flattened himself on Spike's back bathing him
in the boy's heat. Slowly he began to rock, his heavy cock snuggled in the crack
of Spike's ass as his weight pressed Spike into the mattress.

Spike closed his eyes and ground his erection into the soft sheets. He
squirmed his body knowing he couldn't escape if he wanted, which he didn't.
"Oh, fuck, Pet, you feel so good on me."

Kissing up Spike's spine, Xander reached over and pulled open Spike's
nightstand drawer. A bit of fishing around and he retrieved the condom and
lube he was searching for.

Spike turned his head and looked back, impressed.
"How did you know that was there? You read my mind?"

Xander chuckled.
"Didn't have to. You're a guy. Don't need to be a psychic to know where the
lube is. Now, on your knees! I want to see what I'm getting into."

The last was emphasized with a smack to the already flexing butt cheeks. Spike
had never felt so open, so exposed, so loved. He complied without hesitation,
spreading his knees and lowering his head.

Now it was Xander's turn to hold his breath. Spike was absolutely beautiful.
The sight of the separated white, round cheeks and the heavy low swinging balls
was magnificent, but the hole was what had him captivated. Xander fingered
the tight ring of muscle, just lightly slipping his fingertips in and out teasingly.

Watching the wrinkled, tight, pink opening flex and search for him, Xander
did the only thing his mind could conceive. He dove in tongue first.

"Fuck!" Spike shuddered as the hot, wet tongue pierced, licked and sucked
his eager hole as Spike whined and humped Xander's face. Xander held the
cool hips in a firm grip as his tongue ate every trace of taste, his own cock
throbbing from neglect.

Spike's face rubbed the pillow and a nonstop stream of moans, groans, and
garbled profanity was muffled into the bedding. Opening his eyes, Spike
glanced down to see a thick dribble of cum slip from his cock and wet the sheet.

Xander knew if he touched himself he would spill almost instantly yet the slow
torture was too delicious to end. Finally with one last lick to the underside of
Spike's balls, Xander sat back and wiped the saliva off his face with the back
of his hand. He quickly applied the condom and lube and lined himself up.

"I'm gonna gain twenty pounds from eatin' that ass every night. Tastes sweeter
than pie and juicy as steak."

Suddenly a picture flashed through Spike's brain. A full color image of Xander
digging into a plate of Mabel's apple pie, savoring every bite and groaning with

Yeah, he could be pie.

Deciding Spike was as relaxed and ready as he would ever be, Xander pressed
the head against the waiting opening and on the second try, slid in.
Reading Spike's emotions he knew they both wanted romance. Kisses and hugs.
After. Right now they craved this. Fucking. Deep and hard, pounding to the finish.

Both men shook with the overwhelming need and feel of the thick, heavy cock
sliding home. Xander stopped. As much as he needed to move, he didn't want
Spike injured. Finally when he thought he could stand it no longer, he heard
Spike blow out the air that he held in his lungs and he nodded.

Xander pulled back slowly, experimentally, and pushed back in. Spike arched his
back and sighed. That was all the encouragement Xander needed and he allowed
his body to take over. Tilting Spike's hips down, Xander knew that all that cock
couldn't miss. He was right. Spike jerked and pushed back, his stomach clenched
from the pain and his arms shook from the strain of supporting him.

"Yeah, just like that. Damn, that's good. Shit! Xander! Fuck me just like that."

Xander reached around Spike and cupped his balls. He then coated his hand
in Spike's early spending as he gripped his neglected cock. Spike whimpered in gratitude
knowing that, plus the continued stimulation to his prostate, would take him home.

Xander slowed, he wanted to last. He wanted to ride the body's shocking pleasure all
day, still, his heart knew there would be other times. Nights of love and afternoons of
basic physical joy. Oral, anal, everything they could think of they would try.
The mental pictures were Xander's final undoing. He slammed home twice more and
his body went rigid as he filled the condom. He barely noticed as his hand stopped
moving and was coated with Spike's fluids.

Both men temporarily forgot the other and relished the waves of pulsing passion that
flushed through them till, slowly, it all ebbed and eased allowing them to float gently
back to reality. Xander held the base of the condom securely and watched as it
slid out, Spike's pink hole now red and still gaping.

Both men collapsed together. Now they had time for the hugs and kisses they
had forgone earlier.

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