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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 30/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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Fred Cooper sat at his small metal desk in the center of the Vice department.
He had about four arrest reports to finish and knew by the time he was
finished with the processing, the perverts in question would already be
bailed out and back on the streets.

It all seemed like a pointless exercise in futility, but what was the alternative?
Do nothing? No, Fred knew he couldn't do that. It was one of the
reasons he had bypassed the opportunity to advance, move up. His dedication
lay here. It may be beating his head against a brick wall, but Fred was hard
headed and willing to stick with the effort.

He looked at the time on the huge round clock on the wall and massaged
his temples. The shift was creeping, each minute seemed like an hour.
Just as he was about to push things aside and head down the hall to the
vending machine for his Snickers and coffee, the intercom buzzed.

"Cooper, Vice."
"Evening Fred. Hey, I'm sending a young lady up to see you. She needs
to file a stalking report. You free?"
"Sure, Betty, no problem."

Fred rubbed the back of his neck and was almost relieved for the distraction
from the endless paperwork. Ever since stalking had been designated a sex
crime he had been flooded with complaints. Generally he just took the report
and forwarded it, and the complainant, to the Prosecutor's office to take out
a TRO against the angry boyfriend, anonymous admirer or nasty ex.

Clearing off his desk and pulling out a blank report form, Cooper looked up
as a tall, slim, very attractive young woman with long dark hair and a bright
sunny smile approached him with her hand extended. She wore a bright
yellow halter top and hip hugging jeans. She looked every bit a southern
California girl and he had a bad feeling about her.

"Hi, Officer Cooper? Hi, I'm Dawn Summers."

Cooper pointed at the chair across from him and couldn't help but return
the smile.
"Hi, Dawn. How can I help you? The desk officer says you have a stalker?"

Dawn dropped her oversized purse at her feet and rested her forearms on the
desk. Still smiling, Cooper could now see the strain in her lips and the tension
around her eyes.

"Yeah, I think so. I know this sounds kinda vague, but a lot of strange
things have been happening and it's getting a bit scary."

Cooper nodded and encouraged her to continue as he began jotting
down the facts on a legal pad.

"Well, it started last week. Cathy, my boss at the Gap, I sell jeans, said that
a man called asking all kinds of questions about me. She said he got really
mad when she told him it they didn't give out that kind of information.
At first she thought maybe he had bought something and had a complaint
but then she said the questions got way too personal. That was on Monday.
Also, when I've been walking home the last few days I would have sworn
someone was following me. I didn't actually see anyone, but you know when
the spookies crawl up your back and you feel like you're being watched?
Well, the thing that really capped it off was this morning when I opened
my front door there was a red rose laying on the mat. No card, no delivery guy.
Now that might sound romantic, but believe me, it isn't! It's scary as hell!"

Cooper laid down his pen and looked at the young woman across from him.
Cooper had good instincts, a cops intuition. It was something he had learned to
pay more attention to in the last couple years. It was the reason he blamed
himself for Faith almost getting killed that night on assignment. His instinct had
been screaming at him all night but he had kept quiet, afraid of looking foolish
if he mentioned it.

His pride had almost cost her her life but no more. He now listened to his
inner voice and took it as another piece of evidence. He gave it credence
and weight and found it one of the most valuable tools he had.

Right now that intuition was blaring like a four alarm fire. He knew this wasn't
some geek at the mall record store who worshiped her from afar. This was
someone with serious intentions and those intentions were not honorable.

Mentally reviewing the cases he had been handling he couldn't recall anything
involving a rose so maybe this was a one time creep. A perp that had not
yet advanced from stalking to making victim contact. Cooper promised himself
that he would do everything he could to catch this guy before he does.

After taking all the information, full name, address, phone and having her
write a detailed chronological report, Cooper did his best to reassure her.

"Here's my card, Dawn. Keep it with you at all times. It has my number
here at the station and my personal cell number. If you feel threatened
or if anything happens, you call me immediately. I promise I will come
anytime of the day or night. You just call. Understand? Promise?"

Dawn very gratefully took the card. It was a great relief to be believed
and to feel like she had a sort of big brother to count on if she needed.
She took the card and dropped it into her bag as she rose to leave.

"Thank you so much. I feel a lot better. I'll keep my cell phone with me
and I'll call if something happens. Thank's Officer Cooper. You're the best."
The bright smile returned and with a wave of her hand he watched her
walk away.


It had been an amazing afternoon. Spike wandered through his bedroom
to the kitchen to put the kettle on for tea. Walking had been a tad painful
as his ass's memory enjoyed itself.

Xander had dozed off on the rumpled, sex dampened bed, and Spike didn't
have the heart to wake him. Especially since he looked so perfect there.
As if he belonged. As if he were home.

Spike knew he should have returned to the station but the afternoon was
waning and the early evening hours were starting to darken the sky.
Waiting for the kettle to boil, Spike grabbed up the remote and flipped
on the small counter top tv, turning down the volume so not to disturb
his love.

The local television station was just coming on with the six o'clock news
and Spike cringed as the screeching voice of Buffy Summers crawled
up his spine like a salamander.

".............Holding the city in the grip of fear from a serial killer"


Aiming the remote to change the channel, he froze as the words "serial killer"
rolled off her tongue. Quickly turning up the sound he sat down as she continued
with her badly read report.

"........the facts of this case. It would appear that the local Sheriffs department
and specifically the Detectives of the Homicide department have kept all of this
information hidden from the public. Information that could possibly have
saved the lives of the last three victims. This reporter who is working with
an unnamed informant on the Sheriffs department promises to keep our
viewers informed on the progress of this investigation. Now stay tuned.
Right after this break we will be talking with an 80 year old woman who has
spent a life time collecting chalk. You don't want to miss that!"

'Son of a BITCH!!""
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