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More James/Torchwood goodies & a Fic Search

Hullo! *waves*

For those of us who are not-so-patiently waiting for January, here's some Torchwood trailers with snippets of James-y goodness!

Torchwood Series 2 USA Trailer EXTENDED : for excellent, fight-y, open-shirted goodness *drool*

BBC Official Torchwood Trailer 1: for snarky, British-accented dialogue

Enjoy,  fellow Spanderphiles!!

Also, due to all of this Torchwood goodness, plus a recent discovery of Tabaqui's  "Scaling Heaven" (I am in luuuurve), I've been put into a fun, Scifi kinda mood. What I'd like to know is: does anyone have recs for some futuristic and/or sci-fi Spander?  Space travel and aliens would not go amiss. They can be AU's, far future, or x-overs (bonus for inclusion of Firefly) just as long as the writing is lovely.

Note: I'm also re-reading "Breaking Free" by stillrose if that gives you an idea as to the nature of my fic-jonesing.
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