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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 33/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

Thanks to the talented Petxnd for the banner and preread.

"So how do we proceed? What do we do next?"

Spike resealed the small plastic evidence bag and assured himself
that the seal was secured and appeared unbroken. He had, only
moments before, snatched it from Xander's hand, breaking the
painful psychic bond and releasing him from the full color images
that tore through his brain.

"We don't proceed at all. I really appreciate your help, but there is
no way I'm going to put you in harms way."

Spike checked the clock on the wall and noted the time. 9:07 p.m.

"I'm going to wait till around ten o'clock when most of the detectives
are gone and slip back in to the station house. I need to put this back
in the safe before anyone sees me with it. If this case ever makes it to
trial, I don't want the snitch, whoever he is, saying I was seen with
crucial evidence. You wait here and when I get back we can talk about
what our next move will be."

Xander sat patiently, listening and seeming to agree with everything his
boyfriend was saying, at least till the end. Then he calmly corrected
him, his voice leaving no doubt.

"Sounds good. Maybe while you are out you can check in with Faith
and see if she heard the evening news. The only thing wrong with
your plan is that I have absolutely no intention of sitting home while
you are running around in the middle of the night with a killer on the loose.
Besides, I can wait in the car for you and then we can go get something
to eat after."

Spike huffed and stood with his fists on his hips. He was not used
to being questioned. He did not like being challenged. Fuck!
He suddenly realized love had caused some sort of chasm between
his brain and his mouth when, much to his own shock, the words
"Yeah, sure, sounds good." rolled off his tongue.

That had been a whole lot easier than Xander thought it would.
Leaping to his feet, his body felt the strange combination of
exhaustion and exhilaration he always felt after an extensive
reading. He also felt sweaty, funky from their bedroom antics
and badly in need of a shower if they were going out.

"I need to clean up a bit. Wouldn't want the counter clerks in
Burger King to smell us and know we just had it our way."

Spike frowned, missing the slogan reference and still a bit tiffed over
the challenge to his authority. Charging after the naked man in his kitchen,
Spike caught him just as he made it to the door way into the living room
and grabbed him by the arm.

Catching him and spinning him around, Spike shoved the larger man
roughly up against the wall. Xander gasp, his eyes big as saucers and
his mouth gapping open in a mixture of shock and arousal.

It was such a submissive reaction Spike felt his cock twitch and he
pressed his lover even further against the door frame with his hand
firmly on Xander's chest.

Sliding his much cooler hands slowly up the overheated skin of his
lover, Spike reached the nipples and was not surprised to find them
already reacting to the contrast in body temperature. They pebbled
and begged to be pinched and rolled. Spike was happy to comply.

Xander made no move to return the sexual advancement. Instead
he closed his eyes, tipped his head back and shut his brain off.

"Oh, fuck, Spike, that feels so good. Just touch me. Touch me all

Spike looked down at their growing erections and took a step closer.
Close enough that they barely touched. Head bumping head.
Xander's hips jerked forward seeking more contact only to be stopped
by Spike's firm grip on his hips.

"Not yet. We get off when I say. You stand there and don't move. You
understand? I'm driving this car so you just settle in as shotgun and let
me pull your trigger."

Xander groaned at the combination of bad pun and terrific sex. He knew
better than to think that because Spike liked to be fucked that made him
a bottom. Spike was one of those rare types. A strong dominate that
happened to like to have a cock shoved up his ass.

By coincidence Xander happened to be the other piece of that equation.
A submissive, gentle personality who ached to fuck his man long and hard
with the fattest cock mother nature's generosity could conceive.

By both men's estimation. They were a perfect match.

Spike gripped two handfuls of thick, soft hair and pulled Xander's face in
for a passionate, wanton kiss. Sealing their lips, Xander immediately
opened and accepted the cool tongue that fucked his mouth, licking his
tongue, cheeks and flicked across the roof of his mouth behind his teeth.

Spike could feel the short huffs of air from Xander's nose against his face.
Sliding his hands down Xander's neck to his forearms he chuckled at the
strength he felt there.

"Look at you, all hard and muscles firm. Must be working all that wood
what's got you so built up."

Xander whimpered. He wanted to follow orders but he ached to
touch the man who was happily torturing him.
"Come on, Spike quit playing. Touch me. Please."

Spike began kissing Xander's adams apple down to his chest, all
the time slowly bumping and lightly rubbing their wet cocks together.

Finally, knowing time was short, Spike latched on to a nipple, teasing
it with his teeth and tongue all the while beginning a regular rhythm
of humps and grinds with increased pressure to their cocks.

Quickly, Xander spread his feet and stared at the erotic sight between
them. His breath came out in short bursts of "Yeah, yeah, yeah, that's it.
Just like that. Harder. Please, harder. Fuck, that's good."

Spike sped up the movement of his hips, humping and grinding, slick with
the oozing precum dribbling from both and freely running together.
The tingle in his crotch and thighs hummed deliciously.

"Fuck, Xan, look at that cock. So fat, so hungry. Jesus it's so good
all shoved up and burnin' in my arse. When we get home tonight I'm
gonna shove you down on your back and I'm gonna ride that fuckin.
Clydesdale till it splits me open."

Xander gave in to his urges. He forgot all instructions and grabbed Spike
by the ass slamming their bodies together and offering that last bit of
pressure between them. Feeling his own cock harden even more, Xander
knew he couldn't hold out much longer, He just needed one thing.

He needed to be inside Spike. And from the dark eyes staring back
at him, Xander knew Spike wanted that too.

Roughly reaching between the pale round cheeks, Xander probed till
he located the clenched tight hole.

"There it is. That's what you want isn't it? You want me inside your
body when you cum?"

Spike whimpered and squatted slightly to give Xander better access
all the time keeping up a steady frantic frot.
"Yeah, do it. Please Xan, do it."

Xander flicked his fingertip over the wrinkled opening, driving Spike
crazy, his humping becoming erratic and messy.
Finally Xander roughly breached the ring of muscle, shoving his way
in and wasting no time in finding and rubbing the swollen nub hidden there.

Spike was through. He grunted and jerked forward gripping his cock
as it twitched and pumped gooey fluid between them.
Xander slid his own cock through the slimy mess on his lover's body
and quickly tensed, his whole body rigid as his DNA joined that of
his lover.

Both men wavered on their feet as wave after heated wave washed through
their bodies. When the shocks seemed to have stopped, Spike looked up

"I think your finger is still up my ass."

Xander smiled and wiggled it around.
"Yep, there it is."

Both men snickered as he popped it out and they headed to the bathroom
to wash up.

Author's note:
There was to be no posting tomorrow since it is New Years Day
and the Bee was hoping to be under the weather. As it looks now
I will be feeling fine - damn!
Because of that I will be continuing on with the posting till the
story winds up.

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