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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 35/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

Thanks to the talented Petxnd for the banner and preread.

Faith had quickly boxed up all the dishes that had the same small
flowered pattern and looked like they might even remotely belong
to the set that Kennedy had pointed out.

They were all stacked up by the back door and ready to be carried
out. Checking her watch, Faith was startled to realize they had
already been there for 18 minutes. Tapping her foot impatiently
she wondered where the fuck her girlfriend was and what was
taking so long.

She toyed with the idea of taking the boxes out and packing them
into the rear of the Kia but for some reason the thought of leaving
Kennedy alone in the house scared the hell out of her.

Having given Kennedy the small flashlight, Faith was left to feel her
way around in the dark as she worked her way through the kitchen
and into the living room following the path she had seen Kennedy

The whole house had a depressed feeling and she couldn't wait to
get out and return to the safety of their apartment on the other side
of town.

Reaching the bottom of the stairs, Faith craned her neck and whispered
"Kennedy! Kennedy are you up there? Kennedy!"

When she got no response, Faith became alarmed and, as quietly as
possible, dashed up the darkened stairway to find the bedroom above.
Tip toeing across the landing she let her eyes become accustomed
enough to the dark that she could make out shape of the floor plan
and several doorways both opened and closed.

Feeling her way she stuck her head in to the first room she found
and saw, off to the far wall, the dim shadow of a beam of light
she recognized as her flashlight. Still, there was no sign of her
errant girlfriend. Annoyance started to morph into fear and Faith

Faith stood motionless, crouched against the wall just inside the room.
There was no sound or indication that Kennedy was dead or alive.
Faith shivered as the terror she had been trying to control finally took
over her body.

Her hands shook and her breath came in quick rapid gulps but she
vowed she would not leave this house without her lover.
Working her way down the wall she drew her revolver and held it
tightly in her sweating palm, the smell of the gun oil gave her reassurance.
Her heart pounded so hard she was afraid it may explode.

Following the speck of light like a homing pigeon, Faith dropped to
the floor and crept silently forward. When she got closer she realized the
reason the beam appeared so muffled was that it was projecting from
within a closet.

Crawling quicker she was horrified to see that the light was not the only
thing protruding from inside the dark closet floor.
Immediately Faith recognized the legs and feet that were reflected in
the dim light of the keychain as those that belonged to the woman she loved.
They were the only thing visible as the rest of her was stuffed back into the
corner, silent and unmoving.

Slapping her hand over her mouth to prevent the scream of horror that
wanted to rip through the air, Faith's eyes searched the darkness for any
movement, any sign of where the threat was coming from.

Nothing came. No indication of what had happened. No movement to betray
another person's concealment. Finally Faith couldn't hold back any longer.
Crawling forward as rapidly as she could she reached the feet of her love.

Tucking her revolver back in it's holster, she grabbed both the ankles of the
seemingly unconscious woman and jerked, pulling her roughly out into
the room.


Kennedy screamed, the shoes she had been trying to reach in the far
corner came flying out of her hands and she wildy began slapping and
punching at her attacker.


In response, Faith screamed and tumbled back, landing on her ass and
immediately scrambling, crab like, away from the flailing woman.

"Faith? WHAT THE FUCK, FAITH? Jesus H. Christ! You damn near
gave me a fuckin' heart attack. What the hell is wrong with you? Sneaking
up and grabbing me like that?"

"ME? Shit, Kennedy! Didn't you hear me calling you? I thought you were
fuckin' dead laying there. I nearly shot you! What the fuck were you doing
in there?"

Kennedy glanced down at the half full sack and smiled sheepishly.
"I was trying to find those cute little flowered sandals I have. They go so well
with my white capris I didn't want to lose them."

"Oh for God's sake!"
Faith pulled herself to her feet, trying to will her heart to slow to normal
and the adrenalin rush to burn itself out.

"Well one thing's for sure, if no one heard all that and came rushing in to
kill us then it's a pretty safe bet that to say there's no one here."
Faith flipped the wall switch and flooded the room with light.

"There. Now, find what you want and bag it up. You have five minutes and
then we go with or without those adorable little open toed numbers."

Kennedy scrambled to her feet. She had no intention on wasting valuable
minutes arguing time restraints. Her hands and the clothes hangers flew
in a frantic blur.

Faith chuckled and took the time to look around. She had often been curious
about how Kennedy and Elvin were together, but it didn't seem right to ask.
Walking over to the dresser, Faith picked up a wedding picture.
She frowned at the beaming smile on the bride. A very youthful Kennedy
who gazed lovingly at the young man beside her.

Flanked on both sides by family and friends Kennedy stood, a vision in
her snug white flowing wedding gown, her arms full of a lush bouquet of
red roses. Faith shook her head and attempted to stomp down the jealousy
that twisted in her heart.

Replacing the photo she peeked over to see that the bride was now shoveling
bras and panties on top the shoes. Faith smiled and continued her inspection.
The head board of the bed was covered in rose decals that somewhat matched
the bedspread and the curtains.

Faith snorted at the trailer park attempt at interior design.
"Am I seeing a theme here?"

Kennedy rooted through the bag in her hands. By her estimation she had
one minute left and didn't want to waste it on chit chat.

Faith waived her arms and flipped her fingers in all directions around the room.
"A theme. I take it you liked your bedroom done in flowers?"

Kennedy took one last look around. She couldn't think of anything she had
forgotten. Distractedly, she mumbled.

"Oh, no, that was all El. He insisted on calling me his Rosebud. Said I
belonged to him always and our love would bloom fresh every spring, or
some such nonsense.
I think it had something to do with his strict Catholic upbringing. Made him
think bizarre thoughts. Anyway, I think I'm ready. Let's get the fuck out here.
Faith? What is it? Why are you looking at me like that?""
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