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Stolen Fics: Please Read!

I was approached by someone who asked my permission to translate one of my stories into Italian. Before I could get back to them, they translated my story and posted it to their own website WITHOUT permission. When I emailed the poster telling her that she did not have my permission and that she should remove any and all of my works from her site, she responded with:

"I'm so sorry. I was answering you to tell you now that I had already posted your fiction and if for you it was not all right I would immediately have cancelled it. I liked a lot the history and I wanted to also do it light to one my friend that the English doesn't know...
I am sorry a lot to have you somehow offended. I hope that you will forgive me, and that you will allow me to leave it on the forum...And did I also want to ask you if, now that I have (Had?) your permission, could make also her post in the site / . "

I've also found many, many other stories by some of our own authors translated and archived there. Below are the links to the screenshots I've taken of this website, including the link. These authors may or may not have given permission for this group to archive their stories, but given what I've been dealing with today, I bet not. In addition, they are redistributing the stories as PDF files (see SS11).

I'll put the authors names I recognize in parentheses next to the screenshots, but there may very well be more. If you see your name (or some you know) and have not given permission, please email me at sevendeadlyfun (at) for the archive owner's email address. Please pass this message on to those authors who may be involved! This is outright theft, in my opinion. Yes, they credit the authors, but reposting and redistributing without permission is still stealing!

SS 1 (tamibrandt , carlyinrome , thatotherperv )

SS 2 ( thatotherperv , c_woodhaven )

SS3 (stoney)

SS4 (Addie Logan)

SS5 (paganbaby)

SS6 (paganbaby)

SS7 (paganbaby)

SS8 (paganbaby)

SS9 (nautibitz )

SS10 (bittenandstaked )

SS11 ( bittenandstaked , PDF download)

SS12 (HollyB, Ashlee)

SS13 (mrsmuir )

SS14 ( jerzeyanjel )

SS15 ( slaymesoftly )

SS16 ( alwaysjbj , mrsmuir )

SS17 (me)

SS18 ( tamibrandt , carlyinrome , thatotherperv , c_woodhaven , katb )

SS19 (slaymesoftly , bittenandstaked , nautibitz , jerzeyanjel , Saber ShadowKitten, hollydb )

ETA: All hail aschicca for teaching me the Italian for "Keep your grimy mitts off my work!". I went to their webboard and demanded they remove my work and told them "tenete le vostre sporche mani lontane dal MIO lavoro!" which aschicca says is Italian for the keeping of grimy hands off of the nice fics and they removed my fic! Hurry, run and beg aschicca for Italian insults! Before she gets busy!!

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