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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 39/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

Thanks to the talented Petxnd for the banner and preread.

Giles righteous indignation burnt itself out quickly and he pulled away
from the men in front of him He knew however they had found out
didn't matter.

No, the jig, as it were, was definitely up and as an honorable
British gentleman, Giles was ready to face the situation on his
own terms.

"Yes, the young man here is correct. I did the unthinkable. I've
struggled with this addiction for years but I swear that was the only
time I stole evidence. When Liam caught me it was the final straw.
I entered a program and I promise I've been clean ever since. He said
this would square us. If I did this one thing for him he would never
mention the drugs again. He wanted information. He wanted leverage.

In short, he wanted your position as Lead Investigator. I refused and
I'm ashamed to admit that when he showed me a letter he had drafted to the
County Manager, I relented. That's what tonight was about. He felt that if
he had the evidence you had secured he believed he could solve the case and
earn himself a name and a promotion. I'm aware that he has even gone
so far as to speak with a television reporter, promising her a scoop in
exchange for kudos. It would ensure his promotion and your failure
would justify your demotion. I sincerely regret my dishonorable behavior
and my betrayal of you and what I believed to be our friendship William."

Spike watched the face of the defeated, rejected older man and considered
all he had told him. Maybe on a different day he could have found the
anger to confront him or even the sympathy to console him but not now.

Right now Spike was too busy processing all the information and how it played
into his case. It satisfied him that Angel and Giles, as pathetic as they were,
could not be the killers. It also answered the question of who the weasel
was that had fed Buffy the inside information.

The only inaccuracy Spike could ferret out was probably Angel had fed
Buffy a mouthful of cock along with those tidbits of info, but at this point
mentioning that to Giles would be moot. Instead, Spike had other things
to deal with. Mainly, getting the evidence from his pocket back into the

Turning to Xander, Spike handed him a five dollar bill.
"Be a love, Pet, and take the Chief here down the hall and get him a cuppa
from the machines, yeah? He looks a bit worn and could use it."

Xander instantly took the hint and wrapped an arm around Giles shoulder
coaxing him out of the chair. However, before Giles could make it to
his feet they were all startled by Oz, the night shift dispatch who stuck
his head in, rapping his knuckles loudly on the glass panel of the
office door.

"Hey, just thought you all should know. Fred Cooper is AWOL. He
radioed in about 25 minutes ago that he was checking on a subject
who had reported a stalker. He requested a ten minute well check and
we have been unable to raise him. We have been calling every two
minutes for the past ten but getting nothing. Two cars are rolling that
way now, but I thought you might want to know."


Faith sped through the dark streets, slamming through the gears of
the shifter like Mario Andretti at the Daytona 500.

"What do we do? Where are we going? God damn it Faith, slow down!"
Kennedy fumbled with her seat belt making sure it was securely fastened.

Reaching down on the floor, Faith grabbed her purse and dumped it on
Kennedy's lap.

"Find my cell phone and call Spike. Tell him to meet us at the station house
NOW! Tell him we know who the killer is."

Kennedy had begun digging before Faith had finished talking. She rooted
through notes and scraps of paper with grocery lists. She flinched at the
used tissues and felt around the hair brush and four shades of lip gloss.

The second her fingers wrapped around the soft padded case, the phone
rang, vibrating sharply and nearly slipping from her fingers.
Flipping it open, Kennedy never had a chance to speak. The caller
shouted, loud enough for Faith to hear, that she was to meet them
at an address on Market street. Spike sounded worried. The
only things Kennedy was sure of were that it had something to do with
the killings, Fred Cooper, and Xander.

Without saying a word, Faith slammed on the brakes and slid the car into
a u-turn that left a considerable amount of rubber behind shooting off in
direction of Market.

Kennedy gripped the dash board and held on tight.
"Who the fuck is Xander?"


Elvin Masters stood at the top of the dark landing and stared at the
bottom of the basement stairs. He could just barely make out the
form of the man who lay crumpled there, his life draining quickly
from his body.

He had never made a sound. No pleas for help, no begging for his life.
Not surprising, Elvin thought, considering the knife had cut cleanly
through his vocal chords. Still, it was somewhat disappointing.
The silence.

It was what he looked forward to the most. Hearing Kennedy beg.
Listening to her apologize for her sins and repent her deviance.
She would rebuke her corruption and turn against the very people
who were responsible for these deaths.

She would know that he had done it all to show her. Prove to her that
the police were not the saviors she thought they were. That only he and
God Almighty knew the true path of her life.

He would, in time, accept her, forgiving her sinful past and show her the
truth, the light, the way. Of course a sin of this magnitude could not be
rectified by a few Hail Mary's or a dozen Our Father's. No this would
require a cleansing by physical correction.

Elvin closed his eyes and shuddered as he considered the ways he would
lead her to the path of righteousness. The belt, the razor, he would teach
her that the release of the sin came with the flow of blood.

Elvin Masters sighed with anticipation and satisfaction as Fred Cooper
released his last breath.

Quickly Elvin came back to himself. All of that was for later. Right now
time was short and he had a date to keep. Another young lady that he
had taken great pains to select. She looked so much like Kennedy that
it shocked him.

The same long dark hair. The same wicked wiggle in her slim hips when
she walked. It had been painful, difficult for him to watch her, but he had
done it. He had chosen her to be the next message sent to his dear wife.

He had even sent a warning. A rose lovingly left on her doorstep
yet they still turned a blind eye. Shaking his head in disgust, Elvin
wondered again why they had refused to act. Why they took no steps
to stop him. It was almost as though they were enjoying watching
him work.

He hadn't wanted to do it again this quickly but the divorce......Kennedy
was being coerced by that bitch she fornicated with and he needed to
take drastic measures to stop them. Kennedy would see. In the end
she would see that this was necessary and that it was the fault of that
cunt detective that was too busy licking his wife to stop a killer.

Elvin could feel his fury stir and burn like acid in his gut. The white
lights started flashing behind his eyes and he knew if he didn't stop it
now the blinding headache that always followed would incapacitate
him for hours.

He couldn't afford to let that happen. Not now. Not when he was
so close. Taking several deep breaths, he rocked himself back and
forth on the balls of his feet and hummed. Slowly he felt himself
defuse. His blood calmed and his heart rate slowed.

Finally, he relaxed the fists that clenched at his sides and looked up the
stairs. Elvin Masters wiped the sweat from his palms on the front of his
long black over coat and smiled.

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