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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 41/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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Elvin Master was a man of meticulous organization.
All of his previous "encounters", as he preferred to call them
had gone off without a hitch. Part of that he attributed to the
fact that God was on his side and partly due to his methodically
executed schedule.

This recent turn of events was like a broken cog in the wheel of
his plans. He knew from the look of the man and the gun he carried
that the body at the bottom of the steps was a cop.

He also knew from living with one that they travelled in packs like
wolves and hyenas and if one was here others wouldn't be far
If he was to complete tonight's assignment, his time was short.

Elvin leaned back against the mailboxes on the wall and he took
several deep cleansing breaths. Reaching into his pocket he
withdrew the folded leather badge case he had taken out of Kennedy's

Flipping it open he looked at the fake ID he had created on his home
printer and the toy badge bought at the local Walmart. He chuckled
at the stupidity of people. Not one person had ever questioned it's

He had wondered if part of the reason was God's intervention.
Perhaps since his activities were heaven sanctioned, God convinced
these wicked women that what they were seeing was real.
A sort of Heavenly Host Hypnosis.

To be honest, he knew that the average citizen wouldn't know a
real badge from a fake one if it bit them on the ass.

Quickly he straightened himself, checked the front of his coat for
blood spatter and smoothed back his short hair. He calmly turned his
back on the horror he had created and bounded up the stairs two at
a time.

Elvin walked briskly and confidently to the door he knew to be Dawn
Summers and squared himself directly in front. He wiped his feet on the
bristly "Welcome" mat with the smiling frog and he raised his hand, knocking
three times firmly.


The meek, soft voice sent shivers of pleasure coursing through Elvin's
body settling sharply in his balls and cock. It was the beginning
of an expected hard on that he would take home with him.

Elvin prided himself on his ability to resist ramming his cock in the
tight, sweet asses of these young girls. He knew, even with a condom,
the chance of leaving DNA behind was just too great. Besides, God
probably wouldn't approve. He had pretty stringent rules and there
was no need to piss him off.

His other hand slipped into his inside coat pocket and he satisfied
himself that the cool, damp rosebud was patiently waiting. He let
his fingertips brush over the smooth petals gently, careful not
to cause any damage.

Like the others, he had snipped the stem short. Less than an inch
from the bloom leaving just one small green leaf. He always double
checked to make sure there were no thorns. That would be cruel.

He just hoped that this delay wouldn't prevent him from the joy of feeling
the flower slowly slip up inside her hot, damp, probably whored out,
pussy. It always gave him a feeling of joy and power to know that
his hand was the last one that would be up there.

But then later, when he was home, when he was alone...ah, yes.
He would jack off a dozen times to the memory of this. Coming
almost painfully as he remembered how it felt, the look on their
face at the last second. The smell of the one's whose bladders
released at the moment of death.

Elvin sighed, controlling the quiver in his voice.
"Officer Jones, Ma'am. I need to come in and speak to you."

Elvin stepped back and held up the leather case, careful to keep
his fingers over the toy badge, concealing the cheap tin. His belly
squirmed with anticipation waiting for the glorious sound of
metal scrapping metal as the locked turned and he was invited

"Um, what do you want? Did Detective Cooper send you?"

Elvin was stunned. The others couldn't open the door fast enough.
They had begged him come in, offering him coffee and pleasantries.
How dare this fucking bitch question him.
The unexpected response shook him but he fought to control his

"Yes, Cooper told me to stop by and take another report on that
um, thing you talked to him about. Now if you don't mind, Miss, I
have a lot to do tonight. Can I come in?"

Dawn reached for the lock. If this had been just a couple weeks ago
she would have opened the door, no questions asked. Now, however,
something didn't feel right.

"I'm sorry but can you just wait a few minutes? I'm going to call Detective
Cooper and check with him. O.k?"

Elvin felt every muscle in his body lock up. The disrespect being
shown him tonight was simply more than he could stand.

"NO It's not fucking o.k.!!"

He could feel the anger and outrage boil over, he knew he was past
getting a grip and he no longer cared. He slapped his open palm against
the wall.
What the fuck else could go wrong?

Pounding his fist on the door he bellowed at the top of his voice.

Dawn screamed and ran backwards away from the movement of the door
as it shook with each pounding. Grabbing her phone off the end table
she rushed, barefoot, into the small bedroom and locked the door.

Snatching the business card off the bedside stand, Dawn frantically
dialed the number Detective Cooper made her promise to use.
Pacing the room, she could still hear the maniac trying to force his way in
and hurling death threats and curses.

"Come on, come on, please, please answer."
Dawn listened to the phone continue to ring unanswered. Finally on
the tenth ring the pre recorded voice mail cheerfully requested a message
and offered the promise of a prompt call back.

"Detective Cooper, It's Dawn. He's here. He's trying to get in. Please
come. Please help me. He's pretending to be a cop but I don't think
he is. Please I'm so scared."

With nothing more to say, she tearfully hung up. It felt like releasing
her only life line.

Gripping the phone tightly in her hand she ran to the far corner of
the room. To the small space between the wall and the bed and
with her back as far into the corner as she could manage, Dawn slid
down and crouched, hidden and praying for help to arrive in time.

Elvin had shouted and pounded his frustration till his temples throbbed
and his voice was hoarse. He screamed so loudly it drowned out
the sound of the cell phone repeatedly ringing at the bottom of the stairs.

"Hey! Shut up out there before I call the police. Decent people are trying
to sleep ya know."

Elvin spun around facing the apartment across the hall and the sound of
the nosey neighbor that was interfering in his business.

With more threats on the tip of his tongue, Elvin stopped. Something
caught his ears. Something he had almost expected.

He heard sirens.

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