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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 42/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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The small dark Corvette flew through the streets of the city, the portable
roof light flashing and the siren screaming. Spike had begged, ordered,
demanded and cajoled the entire time it took to dash down the station
house stairs and out to the parking garage.

With no idea what sort of situation they were rushing into Spike
wanted desperately to leave Xander behind where he would be safe.
It had fallen on deaf ears and Xander would not be cocooned.

The scanner in the car had been turned up and each unanswered
well call to Cooper's radio only further solidified Spike's fears.
Fred Cooper was not careless. He didn't just forget to turn his
radio on and he didn't request a timed well call he didn't plan on
responding to.

If he wasn't answering, he couldn't.

Together they had buckled up and were on the way. In truth, Spike
took great comfort from the man sitting beside him. Xander had a quiet
strength and stability that grounded Spike and kept him calmed.

Xander reached over and placed his hand on Spike's knee. It was
a move that just under an hour ago had brought passion and
overwhelming sexual need. Now, the heat of his touch brought

Spike glanced over and saw the sadness in his lover's face. It
caused his stomach to clench and he immediately turned his full
attention back to the road.
He wouldn't ask. He refused to let himself ask.

Squealing round the corner onto Market, they could see that they
were just seconds behind the two cruisers that had slid to a stop
in front of the given address.

Spike recognized the dark older model car at the curb as belonging to
Cooper. He remembered he had bought it just after his wife and daughters
had left him, taking his heart and the family mini van with them.
When asked, Cooper had just shrugged and said it was all the car
he needed, especially since his family would be back soon.

Spike slammed to a stop beside the older car and rushed toward it.
He shoved aside the officer who was reaching in to shut off the still
blaring radio.

"Leave it! Don't you know anything about crime scene? How fuckin'
stupid are you? I want this car taped off and no one comes near it till we
find Detective Cooper and he tells us what's going on! Do you understand?"

The young patrolman nodded quickly, his eyes big and his body tense.
"Yes, sir. Sorry sir, I'll personally make sure it's secured. Sorry."

Xander brushed his fingers over Spike's arm. A light touch that spoke
volumes and acted like a splash of cold water. It was exactly what he needed
to bring him to his senses, calm him down and help him slide into his
professional persona.

He immediately patted the young officer on the shoulder and nodded.
"That's good, Son. Till we find out what has happened, we can't
afford to jeopardize any evidence. You stand by here and if I need
you, who do I call?"

"James, sir. Officer Mike James."

"O.k. Mike. Good man."
Spike turned to Xander, drew his revolver and tipped his head.
"Let's go."

Both men rushed toward the front of the darkened building to join the three
uniforms who looked to Detective Pratt for instruction. Just as he reached
them he heard footsteps rushing up behind him and spun around. An
enormous relief washed through him as he recognized his partner, and
waited as she ran to his side, breathless and panting.

"Spike, it's Elvin. I'm sure. Kennedy's ex husband, Elvin is the killer."

All eyes turned to the silent, dark building behind them. No one
questioned the validity of the statement. In a flash they then all
looked to Spike. The feel of electric energy charged the air.

Spike had a million questions. How, what, who? All things that
needed answered and understood. Now, however, trust overrode
all the unknowns and Spike accepted her statement as fact.

"Our first concern is Fred Cooper. We need to locate him and find
out what he knows. To do that as quickly as possible we surround
and do a full sweep of the building. We don't know if there is a
problem inside or not, just that.........."

Before he could finish, his pocket scanner crackled, and stopped him.

"Starcom to D1."

Spike responded instantly hoping desperately it was Cooper. That he
was found, safe, and feeling foolish for causing this uproar.

"Go ahead, this is D1" Spike crossed his fingers.

"D1, we have a call from a female at that Market st. address. She reports
an unknown male attempted to forcibly enter her apartment. Subject is
quite distraught. Are you on location? Can you respond?"

Everyone standing there had heard the call and the knew things had just
gone from bad to worse. Spike blanked his expression and pressed his mic.

"Detective St. John and I are on location with five uniforms. We will
respond. Please keep all on air traffic to a minimum and have an EMS
vehicle on standby."

"Be careful, and keep us informed."
Spike and Faith were both surprised by the recognition of Giles voice
on the last transmission, but had no time to consider it's implication.

"O.k. I want you two to circle the building. One on each side. If I'm
right, all the exterior security lights have been broken out so use
extreme caution. Scan the perimeter. We are looking for any signs of
Fred Cooper. Detain anyone you see coming or going and call it in.
Don't take any chances. Detective St.John and Officer Kennedy will
enter through the back door, I'll go in the front. We will meet at the
complainant's apartment. Everyone ready? Everyone know what to do?"

Six heads nodded in unison and immediately broke off into designated
assignments, disappearing into the darkness. Spike and Xander were
left alone at the front door of the apartment building.

With his hand on the door knob, Spike paused and looked at his lover.
"He's dead isn't he?"

Xander dropped his head. His lack of answer was his answer.
Then his expression changed. It went from resignation to shock.
"Someone else is going to be hurt Spike. I see his knife and I see
blood. I don't know who or how bad but I see it coating his hands."

Spike choked back the emotion and blocked it from his mind.
He couldn't let the knowledge of either of these victims affect his

He raised his gun and stood to the side of the door. Motioning for
Xander to position himself behind him, Spike mentally counted to three
and jerked the door open, stepping in quickly and scanning the area
as rapidly as possible.

He was met with darkness and near silence. The only sound was his
own ragged breathing and the crunch of broken glass under his feet.

The landing was dark, but the smell was familiar and overwhelming.
It was the odor he hated. The one that filled his nose and stayed with
him for days.
It was the stench of blood and death.
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