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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 44/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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The next few minutes were a chaotic nightmare. With his gun held
firmly in his right hand, Spike shoved Xander in the chest, knocking
him aside to the floor in the hall and he rushed forward. Faith, and
Kennedy were directly behind him and the flood of blue and black
uniforms swamped the room.

The sight that greeted him was exactly what Spike had expected and
prayed against. Elvin stood in the center of a ransacked room of disorder,
his victim was pressed tightly against his thick, hulking body.

His face was beat red. His hair stood up in wild clumps as if he had
repeatedly run his hands through it tugging and pulling in frustration.
His eyes were impossibly wide, wild and glassy.
Spike was surprised Elvin hadn't had a stroke.

His victim, his hostage was an elderly, very small, grey haired lady, who,
thankfully appeared to be the calmest person in the room. Elvin had
one hand gripping the hair on her forehead jerking her head back and
the other held a knife to her throat.

Spike's stomach churned with the flash of de ja vu that spilled
into his brain. It was that night in the dark all over again.
His errors had nearly caused Faith her life. He wouldn't
make any mistakes this time.

Everyone else was screaming at once.

Counting on the blur of confusion to act as a smoke screen, Spike took
one step closer with each shouting order. Elvin's attention darted erratically
from one roaring officer to the next. When Spike was within reach,
Faith tapped Kennedy's arm sending her a signal she prayed her lover
would read.

Kennedy eased up and gently held out her hand, keeping her tone soft and
quiet. She wore an expression of love and compassion. She was his
sweet Rosebud, reaching out to him.
"Elvin. Please, don't."

For one blink of time, Elvin hesitated. In that second, as the blade of the
knife drifted a millimeter back, the elderly victim reached behind her and
grabbed a handful of balls. Her tiny blue veined fingers twisted and jerked
them further from his body than any of the male officers in the room would
have thought physically possible.


Elvin released his victim and doubled over. Spike pounced. Faith pulled the
gutsy little lady from the room and the other officers rushed over to help
subdue the killer.

Elvin was furious. He had been betrayed one last time and he exploded
in Spike's arms with the strength of five men. Flipping them over, Elvin
was now on top, straddling the detective. The knife came up and plunged
down with the speed of a flash of lightning.

Spike had never played American football be he knew this must be what
the pigskin felt like on the 20 yard line.
All the air in his lungs expelled with a "whoof!" as Spike felt the weight of
ten men as they fell on him, tackling the killer and jerking him to the floor.

Next to his ear,Spike heard the sound of bone snapping as Elvin's arm
broke in the tussle for the knife and he caught sight of the small delicate rose
bud that tumbled from his pocket..

It wasn't until Xander fell to his knees at his side that Spike realized he had
been stabbed. The knife had found it's target and Elvin had one last victim.
Spike's horrified eyes went from the sight of the spreading red stain on his
white shirt to the face of his lover.

Relief washed through him when he saw Xander smile and felt his warm
hand brush the hair off Spike's forehead.

"Shhh. Just lay still. The guys have Elvin cuffed and are taking him
out. EMTs will be here in a second. It's all over Spike. We got

Spike winced.
"I thought you said the killer only got one more victim. Looks
like just this once you were wrong."

Xander sadly shook his head and corrected his lover.
"Nope, I said one more innocent person would die. I knew you would
be hurt, but I was afraid if I told you it would affect how you reacted.
I'm sorry to say that as much as I love you I had to let this happen in
order for you to stop him."

Spike snorted.
"'So.k. I can live with that. I will live with this won't I?"
He nodded toward his side as the pain finally started to register.
"Fuck! How bad is it?'

Xander eased open the shirt, pealing the wet fabric away from
Spike's body as he flinched.

"Seems to be a flesh wound. I don't think it hit any vital organs.
Can't be too serious. I already see us living a long and happy life together."

Spike laid back, letting is body go limp just as the paramedics
rushed in and, carefully as they could, lifted him onto the stretcher.
Turning his head to the left, he saw Faith marching around, taking
charge of the crime scene and tossing orders like a drill Sergeant.

Spike grinned and knew she had everything under control.
Immediately Spike was whisked downstairs, Xander glued to
his side, to one of the waiting ambulances.

Sadly he watched as the black plastic body bag was being
taken out of the back of the other one and he could see the
repeated flash of the camera he knew was taking pictures
of his friend, Detective Fred Cooper.

Both ends of the city block had been cordoned off and the press and public
lined the sides of the yellow tape barricades.

The back door of the ambulance was opened and Spike's
gurney slid in. Xander ducked his head, but was stopped before
he could follow.

"Hold it, Partner. No ride alongs. You're gonna hafta find your own
way to the hospital."

Spike reached out for Xander's hand. He was through hiding. His life
had been spared and from today on, it would be different.
He stared daggers through the young EMT with the name tag
that read "Riley"

"See here, PARTNER. Xander's my boyfriend. Where I go he goes.
You don't like that? Then unstrap me and I'll drive myself to hospital."
Just to emphasize his point he painfully wiggled in the restraints.

Riley shrugged. It frankly didn't matter to him one way or the other.
For liability purposes he was required to say that but if they insisted
he still went home at the end of his shift and fucked his girlfriend.
He smiled at Xander and waved him on in. The doors slammed
and the siren screamed their exit.


Authors note: While the main story is 45 chapters long, the Bee has added an
epilogue that ties up a lot of loose ends so I guess technically the story is
46 chapters long. Sorry for the confusion.
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