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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders 45/45

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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Screeching and sliding into the area of the street that was now vacated,
three separate vehicles all simultaneously stopped and the occupants
jumped out.

Rushing over to the mobile cam and her camera man Max, Buffy grabbed the
wireless microphone
"This is it. This is the big one. I'll find Angel and you get everything
ready to go."

Not waiting for Max's answer she turned and darted toward the area of the
most activity. After speaking to one of the officer's on point, she heard Dawn's
name and thanked the God Of Lucky Breaks.
Playing the worried sister card, she was allowed in.

Max remained by the van, adjusting the camera and preparing for the set up.
He had every confidence that Buffy would come up with something
to report, unfortunately knowing her it would probably be a story on the
fact that the certificate of safety had expired in the elevator.
Luckily he had a lot of experience in leading her toward the facts,
telling her what to say, and convincing her it was all her idea.

The driver of the third car approached the van nearly on a run. Max
saw the man coming and rolled his eyes.

"Max. Hi. Hey, I haven't heard from you for a while. Weren't you gonna
call me? Did you lose my number? I can give it to you again."

"Oh, Angel, yeah, I've just been really busy but we'll get together soon.
I promise. Hey, Buffy's over there. Shouldn't you be, um, detecting?
I think they got the killer and we are about to go live with the story.
Why don't you go catch up with her?"

Angel stood by Max. He was frantic to find a way to impress and win
over the camera man who had claimed his heart and thrilled his cock.
He knew he had made a deal with Buffy and this was it. This was the
case that could earn everything. All he had to do was rush over there
and she would put him in the center of the picture. Make it look like
he was the hero of the day.

He would get the promotion, the big money, the fame and the blond
television reporter sleeping at his side. Angel sighed and let his eyes
squirm up Max's body and then slither back down.

To be honest, Angel had thought Lead Investigator was what he wanted
most in life. He had schemed and wheedled, he had lied, cried, and
blackmailed, but now, now he knew what he really wanted.


He wanted Max so bad it made his teeth itch.

He watched as Buffy teetered quickly toward the hub of activity, wobbling
in those ridiculous shoes she insisted on wearing even while they had sex.
Fuckin' near put an eye out more than once.
Still, she had a nice pussy. Damp, enthusiastic, available.

Then there was Spike. Ooo. Spike was tasty. Hard, tight, in more
ways than one, and convenient. If it weren't for his love of the job
and the department he would have chosen Spike over Buffy any day.
But not now. Now it was all Max.

He watched as she spoke to one of the perimeter officers and knew
she was probably looking for him. Suddenly, in a light bulb over the
head moment, an idea came to him.
It was an idea so brilliant that it startled even him.

"Ak! Angel, what the fuck?"

Grabbing a handful of Max's shirt he dragged the cameraman, equipment
and all, and dashed straight for the doorway Buffy had just talked her way
through. He cornered the guarding officer and the three of them huddled up.

Inside, Faith had organized, coordinated and controlled the crime scene so
effectively she was confident that she could put it on auto pilot for the short
amount of time it would take to tie up some loose ends. The first was a
terrified young woman and she hurried down stairs.

"Miss Summers? Dawn? It's Detective Faith, Honey. It's all over. We
caught him and everything is all right now. Can you open the door for me?
I promise you, it's safe."

Faith stood back while the locks clicked and the door eased open. The
wide eyed face peered out and upon seeing only the smiling woman, Dawn
flung it open with and threw herself sobbing into Faith's arms.

"It' o.k. Dawn, it's all over. It's all over."

Dawn held on tightly till, still crying, she felt herself torn form the soft, gentle
arms of the lady detective.

"Dawn! Oh my God are you all right? I couldn't believe it when they
told me you were involved. I mean it's terrible, of course, but I'm here
now. I'll take care of you. Thank you, Detective. I'm Buffy Summers,
star reporter, Channel 8 News, sister of the sobbing female."

Buffy clutched her sister against her chest as she waved her hands in Faith's
direction, dismissing her unquestioningly.

Faith frowned and hesitated before leaving. She really didn't want to
mention Fred Cooper right now. Not while Dawn was still so upset.
Not while Buffy was looking for sensationalism.

"Fine, but we will really need her to come down to the station and give us
a complete report. Around 8 in the morning will be soon enough."

Buffy nodded and hustled Dawn back inside, slamming the door in Faith's face.
"Hurry up. Change your clothes. I'm gonna interview you for the news break.
It will be unfucking believable. One Summers girl interviewing the prime
witness, her very own sister who just happens to be embroiled in the center
of this you still have that bright red sweater with the little dogs
on it? You know the one. It makes you look so virginal. Anyway where was

Dawn sniffled and rubbed her hands over her face. She was still shaken at the
stalker who had tried to assault her. She was also confused. Where was
Detective Cooper and why were there so many cars and cops around for
just one guy?

"You were talking about interviews and sweaters. Damn it Buffy. Just
what the hell is going on here?"

Buffy grabbed Dawn by the hand and dragged her into the bedroom. She
tossed a hair brush at her sister and started rummaging through her closet.

"Oh, the guy that was stalking you was a serial killer. They caught him upstairs.
Now, we have to hurry before the other stations get here. Quick, quick, Max
is setting up outside. Don't wash your face. I want you to look very upset and
a bit teary eyed. Hurry up, change your clothes and let's go. Why the
fuck are you just standing there?"

"Serial Killer?!?"

Dawn was ready in four minutes. Buffy took ten more once she discovered
the cream colored silk blouse in her sister's closet. It fit perfectly, but then
required a change in hairstyle.

By the time the girls got downstairs, Buffy was in for the professional shock of
her life. The biggest scoop of the century, the one that Buffy was certain would
make an instant star of the reporter who broke it was now on air, live and being
expertly handled by one Max Webster.

Max had shown the beat cop how to handle the camera and the boy seemed
to be a natural. It then freed Max up to interview an obviously lovestruck
Detective Liam O'Connor. The fact that Angel didn't have a clue never even
slowed him down.

After the story aired, the station had gone on to announce proudly that
Max Webster was now the lead anchor for the evening news.

By the next morning a certain Buffy Summers was on air in front of a blank
green screen describing a fast approaching cold front and the possibility
of rain for the next week end.
Viewers who called in had to admit she looked sharp on camera.
Not many weather girls could wear heels that high.
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