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Rosebud Murders

Title: The Rosebud Murders

Author: BmblBee
Rating: M for Mature language and m/m sex
Also warning for violence.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the characters
or products named in this story
Paring: S/X
Summary: HAU
Spike is a Homicide detective trying
to stop a serial killer before he strikes
again. Xander is a psychic who offers
to help him.

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Spike stretched, he loved the feeling of the hot dry Nevada sun
as it baked his naked skin. Reaching for the sun block SPF 30
he squirted and languidly smeared it over his chest and stomach
allowing his fingers to lightly ghost over the tight, puckered scar
on his left side.

It's still sore tender, bruise like feel reminded him that it had only
been two months since that night of incredible highs and tragic lows.
A night that changed all their lives forever.

Adjusting his sun glasses he turned his head and smiled at the similarly
nude man sleeping on their private sun deck beside him. He decided
to give him another 15 minutes then wake him. He didn't want that
luscious body burned and uncomfortable when Spike rode him like
a cowboy on Brokeback Mountain. Spike grinned.

Xander. The love of his life that just a few weeks ago, he hadn't
even met, yet hadn't left his side since his injury. Xander had stayed
with him, sleeping in a chair in the hospital. He was the last person
Spike had seen going into surgery and the first one waiting with kisses
when he woke up.

They had spent the 10 days of his confinement there talking, relaxing,
and getting to know each other on a level beyond cop and psychic.

Pain wise the first morning had been the worse.
Thankfully, Xander had been at his side ready willing and able
to kiss and cuddle away any discomfort. Sometimes even the imaginary
ones. The nurses had taken to knocking before entering.

By the third day Spike's brain was clearer and Faith had stopped by.
The two worked on their reports together till Xander finally kicked
her out so Spike could sleep. Giles had called on day four. He
said the case was tight. They had everything they needed and the
Prosecutor was talking death penalty.

On day six Xander had climbed on the bed beside Spike and gently
held him in his arms as the detective cried for the senseless loss
of his friend and colleague.
Fred Cooper's funeral had been that morning.

Spike had gotten out of the hospital on a Saturday. Xander
had tried to coax him to go straight home, but Spike had other ideas.
He had missed the funeral of his friend, but Spike knew Sue and the
girls were still in town and he needed to see them.
He needed to apologize.

Arriving at the hotel just as she was checking out, both men were
surprised to see that she was not alone. All the time Fred was
planning a reconciliation, Sue had moved on with her life.
She had still loved him but her future was elsewhere.

Xander held Spike's hand and told him not to be angry. Fred was
happy that she and the girls were taken care of and Fred thought
Bill was a good man

Spike had just nodded. If Xander said it, Spike believed it.

Spike had moved in with Xander the day he left the hospital and
never left. He was shocked the first night when they climbed into
the beautifully carved bed together. He remembered Xander telling
him that it was a gift from a man to his sweetheart.
Xander had known all along they would be sharing it.

Spike rolled over on his stomach and sighed. Giles had insisted
he take a vacation and Xander had offered to make all the arrangements.
So here they were lying on a balcony outside their suite at the
Blue Moon Gay Resort in Las Vegas.

Spike was out. Rainbow out. He was out at home. He was out at work.
Surprisingly, the news was taken very well, of course the fact
that Faith, Kennedy and Angel were also announcing their
outness had softened the blow and caused more than one member
of the force to stop drinking the water.

Reaching over he ran his hand down the hot, smooth skin. He loved
the feel of the wiry hair on Xander's chest and the way it tapered
off to a fine fluff just before reaching his thick, heavy cock.
He decided Xander's 15 minutes was up.

"Xan. Xan, love, wake up. Getting a tad to pink, Pet."

Startled, Xander reared up, nearly toppling out of the webbed lawn
lounger. He looked around and down, poolside, at all the other
naked men lying like sausages in a butchers window, touching and
being touched.

"Oh, hell. Sorry. Guess I forgot where we were for a minute there.
Shit, Spike, how long was I asleep?"

Spike eased out of his chair and over to where Xander now sat.
Lowering himself, Spike placed his hands on Xander's knees and he
settled on the floor between his lover's spread legs, pushing them further
apart. His eyes were focused on the huge heavy cock that lay half hard
on the seat.

"Not long. Maybe an hour or so."

Leaning forward, Spike lapped his tongue in little kitten licks at the
puffy head and smiled at each twitch. Xander placed his hands on the
chair behind him and leaned back watching as his cock grew thicker
and jutted out expectantly. The muscles in Xander's back and arms
strained and flexed as they supported him

"Oh, man, what a great way to wake up."
He watched Spike's pink tongue dart out in a cool teasing torture.
"Come on, Baby, suck me."

Leaning forward Spike rested his forehead on Xander's belly. He
breathed in deeply smelling sweat, male musk and suntan oil.
The perfect holiday scent.

Tipping his head sideways Spike wrapped his lips around the fully
erect cock and sucked and tongued his way up and then slowly
back down. Pulling and nipping at the wrinkled, rubbery cock flesh.

Xander's eyes rolled up and he grunted his approval.

Spike knew he could not hold this position long without his body
cramping and his wound aching so he used every trick and
technique he knew to bring pleasure to his young wood carver.

Sliding his hand up the inside of Xander's thigh, Spike coated his
palm with as much excess coconut oil as he could. Xander's cock
was so thick and fat it was hard to fit it all in, though, God knows,
Spike had tried.

Wrapping his lips around the head that now bubbled with the first
clear drop of salty heaven, Spike set a steady rhythm of sucking
the mushroom top as his hand stroked the throbbing shaft.

Xander's hips canted and tipped with each down stroke. Each pull up
tugged his sac just enough to roll his balls and increase the tingling urge
to shove his cock into it's home in Spike's body.

Bending down, Xander reached around the man whose face was still
snuffling in his crotch. Wetting his finger with saliva, Xander pulled
Spike's cheeks apart.

"Let me get some of that. Come on Baby, let me feel that sweet hole."

Spike arched his body, raising his ass like a cat in heat. Xander's thumb
slipped in easily and wiggled. Spike used his other slicked, oiled hand
on himself. Using both hands, his mouth and humping back on Xander's
fingers only proved how well Detective Pratt could multi-task.

As both men strained, lost in their own passion, all four legs widened
and they moaned, hardened and within seconds ejaculated.

The cum that he had not swallowed was now lazily smeared all over
Spike's face by Xander who held his cock like a paintbrush.

Turning, Spike stretched his legs out and sat comfortably on the floor
between Xander's feet. Using his shirt he lazily wiped his face clean.

"Say, Xan, Love. Something has been bothering me. You said my
grandfather was always with me. He isn't here when we..........
you know."

Xander ran his fingers through the blond hair that was leaning against
his belly.

"Oh, no, of course not. He goes off on his own and leaves us alone
then comes back later."

He felt Spike relax and smile against his skin and knew the answer
satisfied him. When he was certain Spike couldn't see, he looked
off to his lovers left, and winked.

The End


As always I want to thank everyone who read and commented so faithfully.
It makes it all worth while to know my fanciful wanderings are being
This was my first attempt at a murder mystery but would like to try it
again sometime if the feed back indicates I should.
Anyone who is interested should check my journal on Monday for
information on the February story.

The humble Bee bows her wings to all readers, commenters, and lurkers.
Love you all.
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