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Parchment # 8

Title: Parchment
Author: rngrdead
Pairing: Xander/Spike (don’t be fooled by the Willow beginning)
Rating: Mature Audiences – for content and themes
Summary: There was a spell and a book and then... it all pear shaped and he ended up on paper!
Spoilers: Canon is Post S7 BtVS and S5 AtS.
Warnings: M/M – if you don't like boys together, don't play here!
Harsh circumstances and difficult start as always with Daisy the muse....


He slowed his flight, only to see his Mate outside the coven, looking frantically for his form.

Spike literally fell to his knees in relief as he saw his Mate and felt the full force of love pushing through the Mating link.

Xander did likewise. The two in an embrace that was beyond… The other curious coven members were ushered away by Mistress Brianna… But she did leave the music on, a lovely classical suite… It was perfect… Spike fell into game face and released two red tinged tears… and Xander too found the moment profoundly moving.

On a whim he grabbed his dear vampire and instinctively headed for the stars…

He knew of Spike’s remaining fear of heights but pushed his dear one’s chin skyward… and the meteor shower was on queue… and the… oh G#$%... the sex was amazing!!! And their joining coincided with the end of the ‘solstice’ and the coven all felt it. With the meteor shower came a shower of power from the two, balanced, black and white magic perfectly paired. It blanketed the coven and soaked into the earth.

Mistress Brianna simply smiled up and whispered as she felt the boost, “That’s it… Gaia will be pleased…”

Spike ‘flew’… but Xander felt it as he waned a little, both sated, drained of magic and (truthfully) rather shaky from the flight. Broad wings gentled them both to the ground on the soft grass in front of the coven.

Spike was on his back, nude, fast falling out of game face, covered by Xander and wings and G$^%! He had never expected this! He wondered that he deserved it… the feeling of being loved, partnered by…

Xander felt the confusion, “Please! Shhhh… Just…” He pushed recently used nether regions together, “…Relax and … Ohhh…” Spike had indeed relaxed and was now stroking the feathers of his dear faerie’s wings. The only thing stopping further copulating was the twenty or so tiny female faeries giggling audibly from the nearby bushes as the vampire and their bigger cousin kissed passionately.

Moment lost, Spike broke off and yelled “Oi you lot vamoose! Two chaps tryin’ to have a snog in *private*! If ya all don’t mind!”

The giggles continued but became fainter and a grinning Xander lifted off his partner then whispered, “Just amusing the rellies… But… for both… umm Spike… can you face me for a while… I… it will… Geez Spike we have to get inside and we’re both… well we’re in the raw!”

Spike grinned and tilted his head as though to expose his neck then pressed a *very* interested erection against Xander’s recovering one. “Sure pet… put on a waltz and let’s us give em a *real* show!” He pulled the faerie close and was pleased to hear muffled groans and badly concealed sighs from the surrounding bushes.

Spike began to stroke the tail and lick Xander’s left pointed ear gently. He felt the interest rising but chose to use his other hand to hold his fae friend and stroke the juncture of his wings… sensitive enough to make a hardened member jerk against Spike’s own erection.

Xander instinctively reached down and began to stroke his pale counterpart, in the process stroking himself. Spike’s game face came without intent, and the bite was instinctive… but the release was bliss and both cool and warm seed mixed between them as they relaxed onto the ground, their nude forms covered by Xander’s wings… almost (Xander’s tail thankfully covered the rest).

Once both recovered a little, they registered heavy panting and nervous groans from the bushes around them. It seemed they weren’t the only ones ‘in the moment’.

Mistress Brianna was a stickler for detail and all the coven soon learned that Master Spike was equally meticulous (much to the initial surprise of Giles though now it was a given). What surprised them all was the Faerie Xander’s ability to organize, his experience in construction and ensuing years… and his changed status, found him easily able to work with a wide variety of fae folk, magical creatures, and coven members, using his ability keep a plethora of details and requirements regarding the preparations at his cognitive command.

Spike was trapped in the shadows watching his beloved busy organizing the decorating of the newly erected marquee when the Mistress Brianna pulled him aside for a quiet word.

“He is rather wonderful at this isn’t he.”

“Always was Mistress, even before Sunnydale crashed and burned he was.”

“I need to discuss something of importance with you.”

“Sounds ominous, problems afoot?”

“Not as yet, but I do feel we need to train your dear Mate in the fae traditions and afford him magic lessons if he is to survive and thrive for the duration of your partnership. Many a warlock or fae trader would have him amongst their collection, indeed his magical signature has already garnered attention from the darker realm.”

“Can’t see as how him bein’ able to cast a spell or two is gonna change that? ‘Sides I’ll protect him, the boy’s an innocent…”

“That’s nonsense and you know it! William he *must* be taught or his magic will not only go to waste it will be plundered by others. He is bound to you, yes, but for your paths to remain as one you *must* allow him to study with his own kind.”

“And just what kind might that be? Some changed ex Scoobie trapped and illustrated for the viewing pleasure of…”

The Mistress put her hand on Spike’s shoulder and he felt the truth even before she spoke, “You know he is truly one of the fae now. You can feel it, as can the entire coven. Let him have that in full. You will not lose him William, indeed your mating would not allow it, even if you wished it so.”

“So what… I teach him a few tricks and Bob’s your uncle? Surely…”

“He will need to attend lessons in the twilight under the copse at the bottom of the market garden with the other fae. A couple of hours a night will see him still able to accompany you and participate in your ::ahem:: other activities. Should you refuse, he could fall foul of darker creatures, or worse miscast a spell unwittingly and injure the innocent. His first lessons must be to alter his size and if not then to conceal his true visage with a self made glamour.” Mistress Brianna reached for Spike’s hand and held fast. “Do not be alarmed dear William. You are welcome to accompany him – indeed I know a couple of faerie elders who would welcome your counsel when it comes to the darker elements of power.”

And so it was. The following evening saw vampire and full sized faerie walking hand in hand, rather sheepishly (truth be known) down to the bottom of the garden. Even with his night vision Spike stumbled a little in the moonless dark.

“This is bloody ridiculous! May as well be Pooh Bear lookin’ for the North Pole!”

“Spike *please* Shhhh! You know what Brianna said… Polite and contrite… and…” Xander’s voice wavered a little. “It might be the only chance I have now… now I’m not a sketch… but instead a… Spike what if she was wrong… what if they don’t accept me… what am I then?!!!”

Spike fell instantly into game face and rounded on the tearful Xander, “You are my beautiful mated lover is what and don’t you sodding well forget it! Now just shut your trap and let’s find these rellies of yours.”

Three more tentative steps forward and the very earth seemed to shift.

Spike and Xander felt rather nauseous and William the Bloody may have blacked out for a moment but both came to aware that they were surrounded by a host of fae creatures, wings fanning gently and curious wide eyes inspecting their newest additions to the colony.

There was one profound difference. Spike (aka ‘William’ that the faeries kept chanting) was of normal stature, his dear Mate was… but six or seven inches high!

Preternatural hearing allowed Spike to register the reason, whilst ever so gently stroking the wings and tiny tail on his unconscious Mate.

A rather portly, wood nymph, the height of Spike’s splayed hand spoke. “We have helped him with the change. We simply cannot have his full size in the meeting place – you must understand. We cannot, however, shift your size without your permission – black magic, rules, that sort of thing… So… do you wish to participate as you are or are you prepared to…?

A rather groggy Spike simply said, “What’s the catch?”

“The what?”

“The catch you daft bint! The catch!? I turn into a frog or worse… dust… or get meself…”

The older nymph chuckled rather indulgently, “Oh William, you are *so* amusing. Of course there is no catch! You are *family*…”

“Yeah heard that before – certain bloke called Angelus… ‘Family’ can mean anything… Vampire… Remember?!” He shifted to game face momentarily just for effect. “What have you *done* to my Mate… the boy?”

The aging green coloured faerie stood her ground despite the display, “Oh William?! You need not worry about your dear heart. He will regain his stature in the morning – but also needs to learn the shift for himself… He is at risk otherwise. The dear love… You are so good to have given him the gifts of his kind and a Mate… would all our number be as such, when so young an age!”

Spike was confused and more than a little distressed. He had claimed Xander, they had exchanged vows, the vampire laws were clear. They would be together until either expired, but now… now was unknown territory. Xander was asleep on a nearby bed of leaves and… barely longer than Spike’s hand wrist to middle finger tip.

He caressed the edge of the far smaller wings, wings he knew so well in their larger form and dropped all pretence of being in control; being pleased his beloved had found his place; being anything but grief stricken. Once again a lover to whom he had pledged all, had departed and as his Mate was not dead… he knew he would have the privilege, like before, of living on and on without… He took his hand from his loved one, so recently love and so recently (it seemed) lost, then curled up hugged his knees and bit his own wrist in a desperate effort to feel some comfort… or anything.

Spike was so caught up in his own desperate reverie, he failed to notice that he was being surrounded, that he too was altering – physical pain and the sensation of vertigo subsuming everything. The chanting continued until it was done. Spike and Xander were finally lying together on a satin surface in sweet repose, taking blood of each other as was their instinct. But there was one profound difference.

Spike woke first, but instead of oblivion or hell as had been his wish prior to sleep, he was in a known beloved embrace. He tried to move his arms but felt as though they were all… wrong. He had to be in a dream but heard familiar giggling then a kindly voice. “Do not worry Master William, Spike, you will only ever manifest wings if they are needed, and even then it will exclusively be in the form of our beloved cousin the Southern pipistrellus, it is protected throughout Europe, and the need for such a change will only be to do with protecting or assisting your Mate in his smaller form. You may call on it or reverse it by simply chanting the text as we will teach you both.”

Spike looked entirely incredulous and raised a distended hand until his two foot or so wingspan stretched to its maximum, “A *bat*??!! He gets the pretty feathers and I get *bat* features?!! You *have* to be kidding, next you’ll have me wearing a bloody high collared cape and stealing virgins of a ‘mid solstice eve’!!!”

Xander woke a little and couldn’t help himself. He sniggered a little before kissing the nose on the ‘game face’ of his partner.

Spike would have continued the rant but noted the rather downtrodden look on the pretty faerie’s face and relented. The change of heart also directly related to his dearest stroking an outstretched section of the webbing between his… fingers, then kissing the tip of a pointed ear and taking off into a moonlit night. Stimulation warred with mild annoyance and more than a little confusion, as the body he was now in acted on instinct and he felt himself plummet for a moment then lift into the sky to meet his diminutive fae friend mid flight.

What followed was an exploration of their flying ability – Xander finding his wing speed needed to be what seemed like humming bird speed in comparison to his larger manifestation. But he soon adjusted.

They flew for a time, Spike less able to hover, more circling if anything, and certainly frustrated by the fact that unlike his fae friend with separate wings, his own fingers now formed the infrastructure of his flying apparatus. As a consequence it was up to Xander to do the touching and caressing and all Spike could do was… Oh but why did he have to touch… there!

They landed shortly after with somewhat of a thud! Both so distracted by the effort of flying and new status that they hardly heard the audience applauding.

Spike, rather embarrassingly, crawled across the floor, hitched his feet onto a low branch in the faerie arena, sound his wings around himself and sulked himself to sleep as Xander began his formal lessons as one of the fae.

Spike roused now and then but essentially gave in to his natural inclination to sleep during the day, hugged himself and snoozed (at least the latter felt normal!). The one thing that was consistent as he gave in to the sandman, was the love that flowed between he and Xander… and the reassurance from the Mistress that all would be well.

The newly miniaturised faerie was initially distressed by his dearest heart’s sudden transformation, but immediately reassured as they touched then he watched his lover sleep, apparently comfortably, in his current form, as the faerie began his lessons.

Xander had never counted himself a fast study, but conducted himself like the A+ student he was always capable of being as he joyfully took on the lessons of his cousins in the first of many tutorials.

Over the next six weeks Xander spent four of every seven nights in his smaller form studying under the stern eye of Giselle, a grey haired though still pretty faerie who commanded enormous respect from all quarters. Spike chose to change sometimes but was still uncomfortable in his ‘bat’ form, instead choosing to ‘go kill the baddies’ then hold vigil near the copse where the faeries congregated until Xander was restored to his ‘life sized’ self.

Spike never became tired of the huge wing span, the toned legs and muscular torso and arms; never tired of the ‘come hither’ dark brown eyes that beckoned him, or the neck exposed willingly; and he never, ever, failed to take joy in their love making… be it ‘hard core’ or simple petting.

But something niggled… it was as though they were marking time. Sure Xander was learning and becoming stronger magically all the time. The transitions (for both of them truth beknown!) were easier and on command. But something was afoot, noone spoke of it but they all felt the disquiet…


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