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YAFS (Yet Another Fic Search)

After spending some time away from the wonderful world of Spander (darn distractions like school and work), I've recently begun delving back in. I was reading a lot of my old favorites and came across Teenage Dirtbag by Sukiblue, but only the first part. Or at least I think it was only the first part. I seem to remember a second part where Spike gets a house Xander ends up living in and he makes friends with Oz, who does his werewolf thing in their basement. I thought it was part of the Dirtbag verse but I may be wrong. In any case, if someone knows which fic I am talking about and could provide a link, I'd be much obliged. And if there is a 2nd part (or more) to Dirtbag, links to those would be appreciated too.

Also, while I am beseeching, does anyone know where I can find a working link to Echo's Revenge's Forged in Hell? I realize it isn't a spander story but you guys know everything and thought you might be able to help. Thanks in advance.
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