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Pimp Yourself!!

Hello friends! I have found myself in a terrible predicament! Yesterday, after I finished my homework, I couldn't find any fic to read! Nothing!! Then I had a brilliant idea (hehe). I've read all the big, popular fics; I've read everything on Spander files and other big fic sites like and Twisting The Hellmouth, so I want to read YOUR fics! You, the lurker, the not-so-often poster. I want to read that fic that you posted once two years ago, or that is buried somewhere on your hard drive. It doesn't necessarily have to be yours either, if you know of one by someone else.

I'm not picking about pairings (Xander/Spike is my favourite, obvi.), but nothing with BDSM or slave or vamp!Xander; And not-sad endings would be nice too.

And just because turn about is fair play and all that, here's a short PWP that I wrote when I first started posting here (so most of you have probably seen it, but it's the thought that counts, right? hehehe)
Title: Getting Clean
Rating: NC17
Summary: The boys relax after some demon-fighting fun
Feedback: *puppy eyes*
Disclaimer: not mine; me=poor
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