crystylsky (crystylsky) wrote in bloodclaim,

LF Old story

I hadn't planned on jumping on the bandwagon of fic searches but I just suddenly remembered a very old Spander I'd kind of like to see again.  If I remember correctly, it was one of the first ever Spander stories.  The name popping into my head is Graduation, or maybe Post Graduation? but I certainly wouldn't swear to it.  The part I'm remembering best is at one point Spike and Xander are at a deserted hotel when people searching for Xander show up.  To get them out of there without them finding Spike, Xander throws himself down the stairs and makes them believe he's been tortured and raped.  I also seem to remember a sequel/later part of the series where they've left Sunnydale and Spike uses a belt as a collar.

I've got no clue who the author is, but I do know that I *should* know who the author is, you know? <grin>  Any help would be appreciated.
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