gus_love (gus_love) wrote in bloodclaim,

search for fics

I am looking for any fics that are spike/xander/dawn. So far I haven't found any. I don't know if I am looking in the right place what. I mean, maybe there aren't any...but surely at least one person has to be as sick as me...

I am also lookin for any spike/xander/angelus. And I normally don't read threesomes at all but I started looking for some Spike/Dawn because I've gotten back into that a little more and accidentally found a Spike/Dawn/Angel(us) fic and *drools* it was awesome but not finished yet. So I looked for some more of those and didn't find any. But then I got to thinking and decided that Spike/Xander/Angel(us) could possibly be just as cute and sexy and believable-ish in a completely AU sense as Spike/Dawn/Angel(us). So now I am looking for that. But I haven't been very succsessful at finding very good ones.

So I am employing your help please. Any Spike/Xander/Dawn or Spike/Xander/Angel(us) would be awesome. And I would love and worship you guys forever and ever until the world ended. 
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