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Period Of Adjustment

Author: BmblBee
Paring: What else? S/X of course.
Rating: Adult for language and M/M activity.
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to the Bee.
and she makes no money off them, or anything else. The Bee is broke.
Summary: The Rosebud Murders took an emotional toll on
everyone involved. Is love enough for a happily ever after or does
it take a hell of a lot of work and compromise to build a life together?
Spike and Xander struggle to find out.

Thanks to Petxnd for the lovely banner

"Patrick, it's just....just....amazing."
Xander stood in the center of the master suite and let his gaze travel
from the huge four poster bed to the antique clothes press, around
by the brick fireplace and over to the doorway to the spacious
master bath.

He had just spent the better part of two hours exploring the incredible,
amazing mansion. Each room was a world of it's own, done in the
style of exotic locations around the planet.

Patrick had explained that his grandparents traveled extensively
and wanted to surround themselves in the memories of all their favorite
places. When his own parents and he lived there all the rooms were
given a fresh coat of paint and the respect of restoration in a
manner that his grandparents would have loved.

"It's like a palace. You should live here."

Patrick shook his head.
"No. Too many memories. Besides the place is too much for two
people and anyway I need to be close to my business. I can't be
running across town twice a day. Now you, that's different. You
can do your work here and just check in once a week or so for new
projects. And the circle, just think how nice the dining room would
be for your circle."

Xander nodded in agreement. He had noticed the large round claw foot
table and heavy oak chairs. It would be wonderful. His own tiny
apartment had been so cramped, yes, it really was perfect.

"I don't know what to say, Patrick. Maybe we can try it for a short time.
You give me a list of things that need fixed and we see how it goes."

Patrick pulled Xander into a tight hug, then kissed both his cheeks.

"Wonderful! Wonderful! I can call the utility companies today and have
the power and the water turned on. There are no televisions and no cable
but we can have that put in later. It needs a lot of cleaning. I guess that
would be first on my list. Maybe just do a room or two at a time.
It is wonderful Xander. What do you think your policeman will think?"

Xander groaned. Spike. How the hell was he going to tell Spike?
Xander knew his lover was extremely stressed right now and their
relationship was still so new that he didn't want to do anything to scare
him off.

"Let me handle him. This is one of those situations that needs finesse,
reasoning, sex and alcohol."

Patrick let out a whoop and a holler.
"Looks like you got it covered. I won't ask for details."

Spike jumped at the feel of his cell phone vibrating in his pocket.
He had been sitting at this desk and preparing to leave for the
nursing home. He had his briefcase open and stocked with
witness statement forms, investigators note slips and his handy
digital camera.

Despite all the crime scene photos that the forensic guys take, Spike
always found it helpful to take a few of his own. It helped him form
his thoughts and ideas later to be able to look at the room, the area,
the details.

Flipping it open with one hand, Spike never took his eyes off the file
in front of him.
"Detective Pratt. How can I help you?"

"You can help me with both hands and your tongue. Hey, Babe.
How's it going? You busy? You see the shrink? He gonna
release you back to work?"

Spike closed the brief case and snapped shut the latches as he balanced
the small phone between his ear and shoulder. It always surprised him
how much better he felt just hearing Xander's voice.

"Hey, Xan. I was just thinking about you. Yeah, I saw him. I think
he's a homophobe, or just a jerk, I'm not sure which yet. Nay, he
won't release me till he sees me again, but Giles did give me a case,
sort of."

Xander was thrilled. Spike sounded more upbeat than he had in days.
This might be easier than he thought.

"A case? Great! See, I told you they couldn't manage without you. Let's
celebrate. Let's go out to dinner, then I have something to show you.
I think I found us a place."

Spike frowned. A place? A place for what? Just as he was about to
ask the question, he remembered his little hissy fit this morning and
felt ashamed. He didn't think Xander would have taken him seriously.
He sure didn't think Xander would have gone out and looked.

"Shit. I acted like a real horses arse this morning didn't I? I'm sorry.
I'm not saying I don't think we need more room, but if your not ready
to move....."

"No, no. You were right. I love my little apartment but it really isn't
right for two people. Especially two people who need...ahem...a lot
of movin' around space."
Xander's chuckle warmed Spike's heart and filled his trousers with a
warning tingle that said "uh oh, not now, stupid."

Spike reached down, intending to adjust himself he couldn't help but
press his hand against his hardening erection and just slightly rock
his hips toward the heat of his palm.

Xander gasp. In the short amount of time they had been together,
Xander's ability to read Spike's emotions had sharpened and honed rapidly.

"I can feel that, Spike."
Xander's voice was now low, quiet and breathless.
"I know what you want to do. I know what your body needs. You
want to slide your hand down inside and feel the heat and hardness
there don't you?"

Spike shuddered. Xander's gift no longer surprised or frightened him.
Now he found it erotic as hell. He pictured Xander sitting in his little
cubicle at work, covered in the sweet smell of saw dust, stroking
himself slowly.

"Talk to me, Xander. Tell me what you think I want."
Spike wildly waved his hand signaling to a passing line officer to
close his office door. He then settled back in his chair, smiling.

"I think you want me to come to your office. I would stop down stairs
and ask for the man in charge. They would send me to you."

Spike slowly unzipped his trousers, his breathing becoming shallow
and quick.
"Yes, they would tell me to expect you. Just like the first day. Do
you remember the first day you came to me, Xander?"

Xander smiled. He didn't need to be psychic to know where this
should go. He sat down on the top step of the grand staircase, shifting
his phone to his other hand.

"I knock on your door. When you ask me in I'll shake your hand.
You hold my hand while your eyes slide all the way down to the
heavy, growing bulge in my pants."

Spike groaned. Fuck, that was so close to how it had happened.
He pulled his cock out, feeling the wetness smear over the zipper as
it passed. He opened his eyes just a slit to make sure there was no
one outside his door then he laid his head back against the leather
office chair and began the slow light stroking that Xander always
started with.

"You ask me what I want and I say you. I want you. I tell you I'm
psychic and I have been drawn to you. I know what is in your mind.
Your secret desires. Your darkest thoughts."

Spike shivered. Part of him had always wondered if that was true.
Right now most of him didn't care. His hand tightened as his cock
grew even harder and leaked thick drops of early release. Spike
snatched the cloth handkerchief out of his top desk drawer, since
meeting Xander he kept one there at all times, and he wrapped it
around the base of his cock.
He spread his legs and stroked quicker.

Xander could hear Spike's breath coming in short pants and took pity
on him.
"There are people just out side your office door but you don't care.
I come around your desk and pull down my jeans. You ask me what
the hell I'm doing. But we both know, don't we? Then you can't argue.
You stop denying what you body craves. You unzip and pull that hot,
throbbing, cock out for me to see. You shake it at me and ask if that's
what I am there for.'

Spike's eyes rolled up in his head and he rocked causing the springs
in his chair to squeak, squeak, squeak and he listened to Xander's deep,
soft voice whisper in his ear. His only response was the repeating of
his lover's last words. "My darkest thoughts. What you're there for.
Yes. Yes."

"I lower my jeans and step out of them before straddling your lap and
sinking down feeling that thick fat head pop through my ass into my hot body."

Spike's body tingled. As the picture burst into his brain he used his hand to
squeeze his cock head, imagining it was forced through the tight ring of muscle.
Envisioning his boy humping his lap, riding his fat cock.

"Oh, shit, it hurts, burns, but I can't stop, can't slow down, can't wait. I need
it now, Spike I need to feel it NOW!"

On the last order Spike's body jerked forward and his cock throbbed,
pumping hot squirts of cum onto his hand and cloth. One lone brain cell
considered his pants may be getting stained and damp but the rest shut
down as he moaned and road out the waves of heated pleasure that
flushed through his groin down to his toes.

Xander tried to ignore the ache in his own pants as Patrick waited
patiently out by the car. There would be plenty of time for his own
gratification later. In the new house. With Spike by his side.

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