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Period Of Adjustment

Author: BmblBee
Paring: What else? S/X of course.
Rating: Adult for language and M/M activity.
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to the Bee.
and she makes no money off them, or anything else. The Bee is broke.
Summary: The Rosebud Murders took an emotional toll on
everyone involved. Is love enough for a happily ever after or does
it take a hell of a lot of work and compromise to build a life together?
Spike and Xander struggle to find out.

Thanks to Petxnd for the lovely banner

"This is Patrick's family home. He is the last and doesn't want to live here
alone, I think it holds too many memories for him. When I told him about
our space problem he offered me the house."

Spike scowled.
"Offered? What does that mean? What's the catch? There's always a
catch, Xander. Nothing in life is free."

Xander's enthusiasm never waivered. His hand found it's way to Spike's
inner thigh as his fingers started toying with the raised inseam.

"It's simple. No rent. Did you hear that? NO RENT."
Xander kissed Spike's neck and continued.
"All we have to do is keep up with some minor repairs, tend to the
outside, clean things up, you know just general to do stuff. Isn't that
great? Can you believe our luck?"

Spike's mouth fell open. He didn't know what stunned him more, the
overwhelming amount of work Xander had committed them too or the
boy's ridiculous optimistic attitude.

Reality then started to settle in his gut and Spike felt his throat start to
tighten up, his lungs fought for air and he began to hyperventilate.
Amazingly, the walls of the huge room began to close in and Spike's
claustrophobia threatened to strangle him.

Xander became aware of the hacking, gasping sounds his lover was making
and he immediately pushed him backward, straddling Spike's body.
He had seen Spike have these attacks before and knew exactly what to do.

He couldn't believe a man who had faced death more than once could be
so paralyzed by the threat of commitment. In this case, to a house.

In an improvised form of rescue breathing, Xander knew he had to get
Spike's mind off the magnitude of the change of lifestyle and convince him
of the good points.

Xander quickly grabbed Spike's wrists and slammed them down on the bed
at the sides of Spike's head. Then he locked their fingers and smiled
before lowering his face for a kiss. A deep, possessive, taking kiss
that left no doubt as to who was in charge.

Spike struggled under the heat and weight of the larger man. Right now
he needed that assurance, that feeling of helplessness, of being owned
and dragged kicking and screaming towards a jarring orgasm.

"Stop fighting me Spike. Let me show you what a great idea this is."

"No. No, we are not moving in here."

Xander cursed his own negligence and forgetfulness. No lube, no condoms
meant no penetration. But it didn't mean there would be no pleasure, no
satisfaction or release for both of them.

Xander sat back, settled on Spike's hips, he pressed one hand on Spike's
chest, holding him firmly in place. The other hand popped the button of
Spike's trousers and slowly eased down the zipper.

"Well, well. Seems like not all of you thinks this is a bad idea."
Xander smirked as the backs of his fingers brushed over the newly
exposed hard cock.

Spike closed his eyes and turned his head. His voice quiet and breathless.
"No. We shouldn't be here. We shouldn't do this."

Xander placed his hand over Spike's heart to assure himself that he was
on the right track. When the smaller man's emotions of want, need, love
and trust poured into him, Xander kicked it up a notch.

Grabbing the front of Spike's shirt in both his hands, Xander ripped it open,
causing the buttons to spray across the room and Spike's eyes to fly
open in shock.

"You won't tell me when I can have you. If I want your cock, I'll take it.
I'll suck it, swallow it, or sit on it. I'll do what I want and if you're real good,
I just might let you cum too."

Spike arched up and groaned.
"Oh, my God, yes."

Xander jerked his shirt over his head and reached for his pants. The pressure
of his own rock hard cock was becoming more than painful in the restriction
of his jeans. Spike's cock leaked in anticipation and his licked his lips.

Suddenly Xander stopped. He removed his hands and took a deep calming
breath. He knew if he didn't slow down he would cum before he started.
"You do it. Take me out, Spike. Touch me. Put your hands on my cock and
balls and feel how much I want you."

Spike's one remaining brain cell finally functioned and he scrambled to comply.
His shaking fingers unbuttoned the fly and he reached inside. The weight and
girth of Xander's cock always thrilled him. The tough, rolling skin moved in his
hands as he pulled, worked and maneuvered the thick erection free.

Xander swallowed and squeezed his eyes shut. His brain scrambled for
something that would bring him back from the edge.
'Think, damn it think. O.k. 2x2=4 4x4=16 16x16=4 4x4=wait,
I don't think that's right. 2x2= shit that's good. Shit that's so good.'

Spike's hips rocked slightly under Xander as he wrapped his slim fingers around
the hot meat with his right hand. Using his left hand he dug back down in the
pants and finally lifted out Xander's heavy sac.

All the manipulation by the cool hands nearly caused Xander to cum and in a
final move to regain control he hopped off the bed. Spike whimpered and
rose to his elbows. Xander jerked off his pants and did the same to Spike.
He stood back for a minute, lightly stroking himself and staring at the
shaking man on the bed.

"I can't fuck you Spike. Not this time. I want to. I want to shove myself
into your body and pound away till I fill you with hot cum that will drip
down your legs all day, but I can't. Not yet. Not till we move in. Then I will.
I'll bend you over and ram all this cock into your tight sore hole. I'll
fuck you in every room of this house Spike. I'll fuck you till you can't
walk straight."

Spike thought briefly about the shear number of rooms in the mansion
and the magnitude of what Xander was promising.
He shuddered at the thought and let his fingers brush over his own
puckered hole. He felt it twitch in agreement.

Xander knelt on the floor between Spike's legs, gripping the blond's ankles he
bent Spike's knees and placed his feet flat on the bed. Xander then started
at Spike's feet. He sucked first one toe into his mouth then the next, licking
and nipping between.
Spike gasped in shock. Xander grinned at the new discovery.

Spike grabbed himself and began stroking. He had never told anyone
about his erogenous feet. He had never been foot fucked. Never dreamed
someone would do it for him. Spike's ass wriggled on the soft bed and
his toes spread and flexed, begging for more.

Xander's own cock leaked and jerked in his hand at the whining, whimpering
sounds his lover was making. Xander licked a stripe up the ticklish bottom of
Spike's foot with his hot tongue then bit firmly on his heel.

Spike stiffened, his hand temporarily; losing rhythm. He quickly recovered,
swiped his thumb over the clear bubbles on the head and resumed
stroking, faster, harder.

Xander's masturbation met and exceeded Spike's as he released one
foot and took hold of the other. Spike responded by instantly scrunching
his butt to the side to allow Xander better access, his toes wiggled in

Lifting his head, Spike watched as Xander stared him in the face and sucked
a big toe in his mouth. He licked it, nipped it, and swiped his tongue over the
neatly manicured nail as though it were a cock.

Spike's head fell back His other hand scooped and rolled his balls as he
lost himself in the feeling.
"Fuck, fuck, fuck, Jesus, Xan, fuck."

Xander knew he couldn't hold back much longer. He had already stalled the
tingling in his spine and badly needed to feel it rush through him. He knew from
the rocking and sounds his lover was making, that Spike was nearly there too.

Suddenly, Xander stood.
"Look at me, Spike!"

Spike jerked himself out of the sex fog he was in and opened his eyes.
Xander still held Spike's right foot in his hand and was roughly jerking
himself off. Within seconds, Xander's body went rigid and his eyes rolled
back as he shot stream after hot sticky stream of cum onto Spike's foot.
It squirted between his toes and dripped down, rolling off his arch.
"AGH! God! Fuck!"

Spike gasp. The smell, the sight, the feel of the wet cum as it splattered on his
overstimulated skin hurtled him over the brink and his cock twitched, pumping
his own fluids over his hand and stomach. Spike's legs fell open as his knees
hit the bed and he road out the waves of pleasure that coursed through
his crotch and body.

He barely registered the shift of the bed as Xander flopped down beside him
or the feel of the warm lips as they brushed over his cheek.
Gradually the flashing lights behind his eyes and his breathing slowed and
returned to normal. The blood seeped back into his brain and he

"We're moving in aren't we?"

Xander's voice was filled with exuberance and he rubbed circles
on Spike's sticky stomach.

Spike groaned.

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