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Spander and other pairing


I hope you can help me with this new searching of mine. Recently, I read a story which had Spander plus Buffy/Giles. It was a WIP and so the B/G pairing was just hinted at since the author had written not more than 5 or 6 chapters and the story was Xander-centric really, with focus on the Spander. But it got me intrigued at the possibilities! So, I would love if someone could give me recs for stories featuring both pairings. I have googled B/G pairings and found some good prospective readings, but they are all het and I am rather a slasher. I would not object to het and slash mixed stories, though. I also do not mind to read stories featuring B/G as main pairing with Spander as secondary pairing. Or viceversa. Or stories with one of the pairings being First Timers and the other Established Relationship-ers. So, anyone knows about stories fullfiling my request? Preferibly medium-lenght and long stories. And happy ending! Always!

Thanks in advance.
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