Chrissy Perlongo (eccentricvertix) wrote in bloodclaim,
Chrissy Perlongo

hello! very long time lurker here with some need of help! D:

'ello 'ello luvs :D

I'm Eccentricvertix but you can call me Chrissy ;D I've been a long time lurker around this community so thought I would pop up and say hi finally! haha but I would also like for some assistance in helping me find this story that I've read a long time ago and want to read it again. Problem is that I can't remember the name! or where I found the story, so hoping you find people of this community can help me out here. As far as I remember what the story was; Willow finds Xander in LA...or somewhere and asks him to come back to London where Buffy, Dawn and the rest of the slayers in training are and staying in Giles house. Later on, Xander meets up with Spike who also lives in London in his own home, both of them are trying to make amends of their past since Xander 'ran away' leaving spike heartbroken. I believe it was snowing in London too. I really hope someone of you will know what I'm talking about hehe XP

I really appreciate this! hope to see some replies soon haha :3

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