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Period Of Adjustment

Author: BmblBee
Paring: What else? S/X of course.
Rating: Adult for language and M/M activity.
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to the Bee.
and she makes no money off them, or anything else. The Bee is broke.
Summary: The Rosebud Murders took an emotional toll on
everyone involved. Is love enough for a happily ever after or does
it take a hell of a lot of work and compromise to build a life together?
Spike and Xander struggle to find out.

Thanks to Petxnd for the lovely banner

Spike was antsy and twitchy as a cat in a dog show. He had spent
the hours since Xander's revelation preparing his briefcase for
the upcoming day of investigation, his stomach tied in knots
and he was feeling like a rookie assigned to his first big case.

He had made and remade a set of notes to himself, checked the
batteries in his camera and made a full list of names and addresses
of everyone he had already interviewed, along with notes and
impressions of them.

He decided he would start with the administrator of the nursing
home, a woman who had been unavailable the day before. A
woman by the name of Joyce Winters.

He wondered gleefully what her reaction would be to the suggestion
that one poor innocent old woman had been brutally murdered
while in their care. He was curious to see if she had a clue or if it
would come as a complete shock.

Spike had been so thrilled by Xander's revelation he had an
overwhelming urge to kiss Myrtle right on the cold, bloodless lips.
If she hadn't been dead.
Or old.

Part of him was ashamed for feeling so grateful to
her for dying, but Spike soothed his guilt by remembering
what Xander had told him when they had first met.

He said that everyone has a set number of days on them when they are
born and nothing can change that. It's what we do with those days
that makes the difference. So really, he reasoned, if someone hadn't
helped her along, she would have had a heart attack or stroke or
choked on a spoonful of mashed bananas. Something.
But apparently her sand had run out and the hour glass was done.
So were the days of her life.

"So did you reconsider? You gonna call Faith?"

Spike jerked, startled. He hadn't heard Xander come out of the
bedroom but now noticed he was busily putting on the kettle and
starting breakfast.
Spike's belly grumbled loudly. It felt like his stomach was rubbing
against his back bone. He couldn't tell if it was hunger or nerves.

"No. Can't. If Giles knows this is a homicide he'll take it away from me
and give it to someone else. If I can just do this low key until I come
up with something concrete I can prove that I'm fit to be back on the
job, make that psychiatrist look the fool and as a bonus solve the case.
It's a no lose situation. I just need a couple days to fly under the radar."

Xander nodded, he did understand and he knew how important it was to
Spike to be back in the saddle. It was like a cowboy without a horse, or a
cow, or a six gun. Xander wasn't sure what the analogy was but he knew
Spike needed this.

"I know you can figure it out. I have faith in you, you're a hell of a cop, Spike."

Spike closed his briefcase and looked up at the young man standing, leaning,
arms crossed over his chest, his butt against the sink in the small kitchen.
Spike blinked. Xander was breathtaking. Spike knew despite all their
differences and conflicts that he was one lucky cop.

Xander grinned, shirtless, with soft flannel sleep pants riding low on his
hips and waited for an indication of what was behind that flame in his
lover's eyes.

Spike's gaze settled back on the pajamas that were low enough that his
eyes could follow the trail of dark, fine hair that wound down over
his flat, firm stomach and disappeared below the elastic band.

His eyes skimmed back up and settled on the wonderful, warm loving face.
Framed by sleep mussed hair, Xander's brown eyes and gentle, easy smile
pulled Spike up out of his chair as though he were a puppet being
tugged by the strings.

Moving fluidly around the bar, Spike stopped when he found himself
standing toe to toe and nose to nose with the object of his affection.
Spike held his palms out, a fraction of an inch from making actual contact
with Xander's body. He sighed at the heat he could feel rolling off the boy's
skin. He watched as Xander's nipples hardened, still untouched.

Spike ran his hands down, touching nothing but the slight brush of chest hair
against his fingertips till he reached the loose fitting waist band of
the blue plaid pajama pants.

Xander's body flushed with passion and need as his lover's hands came ever
closer to the hot, hard erection that leaked and strained for him.
Xander wrapped his strong arms around Spike's waist and pulled him
roughly against him.

Leaning forward, Xander sealed his lips possessively against Spike's.
The rush of hot air from Xander's nose against Spike's cheek caused him
to open his mouth and gasp. Xander immediately deepened the kiss and let
his tongue remind Spike what kind of man he was sleeping with.
Strong, confident, possessive.

Briefly breaking the kiss, Xander went to work on Spikes' neck, nibbling,
nipping and licking from earlobe down to his shoulder pausing only momentarily
to whisper low in Spike's ear.

"Stroke me, baby. Put your hand in my pants and jack my cock while I
kiss you. Get me nice and hard cause then you're gonna suck me till I pop."

Spike's legs turned to rubber and he quivered with the feeling of the blood
settling in his own crotch and causing his balls to lay low and heavy in his pants.
His hand immediately did as instructed and he wrapped his cool, slim fingers
around the thick, rubbery skin.

The weight and girth of Xander's cock never failed to thrill him, making his hole
flex and cringe yet seek out the very thing that brings so much pain, burn and
pleasure. Spike's stomach twisted as his bowels craved the intrusion.

Xander's tongue thoroughly explored the interior of Spike's mouth.
It licked his tongue, roof, and the backs of Spike's teeth. Spike
alternated between brief attempts to challenge back with his own slick
tongue, and limply surrendering to the power of the larger man.

With his stiff cock dribbling precum onto Spike's hand, Xander knew
he wouldn't take long, he never did first thing in the morning.
Wrapping his large, calloused hand around the side of Spike's
neck, he pushed down, leaving no doubt what he expected.

"Come on, Spike, open wide and let me fuck your mouth. You
make me cum quick and I'll do you real good."

Spike whimpered and gracefully sank to his knees. He pulled his
hand out of the wet, sticky pants just long enough to tug them down
around Xander's ankles.
"Yeah, all for me."
He leaned in and smeared the bubbles over his closed lips.

He grinned and buried his nose fully into the dense, wiry pubic hair at the base
of the monument to the God of penis's and inhaled the smell of last nights
sex combined with sweat and musk. It was easily the best smell in the
world. At least in Spike's world.

Spike's tongue flattened against Xander's shaft and licked the length till it
reached the top where it sucked and stabbed at the slit.

"OH, fuck, yes. Just like that. Stroke me and suck the head. Yea, this won't
take long. Your mouth feels so good. Can't wait till I can do you. Swallow
you down and squeeze your cock on my throat. Come on Baby, harder.
Finger my balls, finger my........."

Xander's head snapped to the side and his eyes popped open and attempted
to focus on the small object on the bar. He knew now if he still wanted to
cum in Spike's mouth, he only had seconds. Immediately he held Spike's
head while his hips picked up the pace, snapping back and forth as he
tried not to hurt his lover.

Within seconds, his body stiffened and went rigid as his cock began twitching,
jerking and pumping globs of hot bitter cum into his lovers mouth.
Spike was taken off guard at the speed in which Xander came and he
struggled to swallow, losing part of it out the corners of his mouth.

Before he had time to fully realize what had happened and prepare for the
promised reciprocation, Spike was startled by the first ring of his cell phone.
Xander held his shrinking cock out and shook it off watching the final drops
hit the hard wood floor. He then tipped his head in the direction of Spike's
urgently jangling phone.

"It's for you."

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