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Period Of Adjustment

Author: BmblBee
Paring: What else? S/X of course.
Rating: Adult for language and M/M activity.
Disclaimer: None of the characters in this story belong to the Bee.
and she makes no money off them, or anything else. The Bee is broke.
Summary: The Rosebud Murders took an emotional toll on
everyone involved. Is love enough for a happily ever after or does
it take a hell of a lot of work and compromise to build a life together?
Spike and Xander struggle to find out.

Thanks to Petxnd for the lovely banner


Subject name: Joyce Winters
Location of contact: Leesville Retirement and Convalescent Center
Time of contact: 9 A.M.
Interview relates to case# 127465A.
Has subject been read the Miranda? No.
Notes: Purpose of this investigation is to verify the presumption of accidental
drowning and determine the lack or presence of any criminal liability.

This officer arrived at this location to interview Mrs Winters, head
administrator for the facility in which the subject, Myrtle Miller, resident
expired in the previous 36 hours. This officer previously inspected the living
quarters of the deceased and noted it was neat, clean, and apparently well
kept. There was no sign of struggle and at this time it is not determined
that anything is missing.

This officer entered the facility and was shown to the office of
Mrs Winters. It should be noted that there are no locks or security measures
at the entrance and the building has no set procedure for monitoring who
enters or leaves.

Mrs. Winters, a slim, pleasant, apparently affluent woman in her mid
40's appeared cooperative and willing to answer any questions. She is
clearly under the impression that the death was, in her words, an
unfortunate accident.

The following is a transcript of the recorded interview.

Pratt: Please state your name and occupation.
Winters: Joyce Winters. Administrator, Owner, Leesville Convalescent and
Rehabilitation Facility.
Pratt: How long have you held this position?
Winters: 10 years.
Pratt: Do you know why I am here, Mrs. Winters?
Winters: Yes, I was told you were looking into the accidental death of one of
our residents.
Pratt: You do understand that there needs to be a full scale investigation
when something of this nature happens in a State sanctioned
Winters: Of course, detective. We have nothing to hide.
Pratt: How long had Mrs. Miller been a resident here?
Winters: Actually, Mrs.Miller entered one of our sister buildings about 12 years ago.
At that time she entered what we term a Full Function area. That
means she was able to do everything for herself and required a very
minimum amount of assistance. Approximately 5 years ago she had
slipped and fallen. She fractured her hip. As with most women that age,
her bones were weak and didn't heal as well as we had hoped and it
was decided by the committee that she be moved into the more skilled
care area. This was done, of course, with her full understanding and
agreement. I should mention that she was also scheduled for
committee review next month. Due to early signs of the onset of
Alzheimers she was being considered for the secure medical ward.
Pratt: Did Mrs. Miller get along well with the other residents? Were there
any problems? Any one she argued with?
Winters: Absolutely not. Myrtle was a sweetheart. We all loved her.
This was an accident, Detective. Why are you asking this?
Pratt: We just need to be very thorough Mrs. Winters. You understand.
We don't want there to be any grey areas. Did Mrs. Miller have
many visitors?
Winters: No, I'm sorry to say most of her family had passed and her only
surviving relative was a nephew by the name of Mark Jacobs.
Pratt: Mr. Jacobs didn't come often to see her?
Winters: No, I understand he was in some sort of business that took up a
great deal of time. She always did seem very pleased when he
did come.
Pratt: Mrs.Winters, a moment ago you stated that Mrs. Miller was being
considered for placement in the medical area. What would that mean
in terms of cost, care, etc.
Winters: It would mean that it is the final step in her travels. She would most
likely not be leaving there. It also meant that due to the increased
cost of her care she would be required to liquidate whatever personal
property or remaining bank holdings she had to help cover the cost.
That isn't our requirement as much as the government's. They will
not subsidize her care if she has financial assets.
Pratt: I see. And did she? Have financial assets?
Winters: I understand she still owned the house in which her nephew lived
and she had quite a few bearer bonds in a safety deposit box at
her bank. Mr. Jacobs has been notified by post but has not
yet responded. We don't require his approval, but we do that as
a courtesy to the family.
Pratt: So her nephew would lose his home if she were transferred?
Winters: I doubt it. He appears to be very well set. He would only have
had to put in a bid at fair market value and I'm sure the bank would
have sold it to him.
Pratt: When was the last time Mr. Jacobs was here to see Mrs. Miller?
Winters: I really don't know. This is not a prison. Our residents, as well as
their family members are encouraged to come and go freely.
Pratt: Of course. I appreciate your time Mrs. Winters and your willingness
to speak to me. We will be in touch.


Interview terminated at 9:28 a.m. Before departing, this officer spoke to
Cathy Welker, the receptionist at the front desk. She states she has been
at work every day for the last two weeks and can recall no one out of the
ordinary coming in or going out. She has not seen Mr. Jacobs enter the
facility in the last 60 days. Ms. Welker also handles all incoming phone calls
and is not aware of Mr. Jacobs, or anyone else calling for Mrs. Miller in
the past several months.

Facility departed 9:40 a.m.

Spike had pulled into the back lot of a truck stop and parked his tiny Corvette
between a Budwieser delivery truck and an 18 wheeler hauling Kotex.
Using his laptop he quickly typed up the transcript, repeatedly snapping
the on and off button of the recorder to assure his accuracy.

There was still nothing suspicious about the direction of his investigation
but he couldn't risk the curiosity of one of those chatty birds in the
transcript pool. They were the very ones that had announced to the entire
station house that Angel had a good 8 inches and a mole on his inner
thigh. Facts that Spike himself could attest to, but didn't.

No, when it came to secrecy, discretion was apparently one word those
ladies could not transcribe. Besides, he wasn't that far removed from his
rookie days when an officer was responsible for all his own paperwork
He could easily handle this.

Spike checked his watch and wondered briefly what Xander was doing
today. It seemed to him that Xander had said he had something planned,
but Spike had been to preoccupied to remember what.

He snapped shut his laptop and started the car with a smile on his face.
According to his calculations, Mark Jacobs business address was
about an hours drive but he wanted to get there, hopefully in time to
catch the man while he was still peeved about the delay in the
closing of the case.

A person gave away a lot about his true personality when he was mad.
Spike was on the verge of humming a happy tune as he considered
that this was turning into a truly successful day.
He couldn't conceive what could possibly go wrong.

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