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All over Again # 17

Title: All over Again
Pairing: Spike/Xander
Warnings/Squicks: M/M relations (way later) and human boys (for now)
Rating: NC-17 (or MA 15+ or R?) There is violence and sex and vampires, and boys.
Summary: He was too sick to raise his head, the vampire was bleeding out. They were both heroes in their own right, but saving both of them had a bizarre set of implications – not least of which was the chance to start again.
Disclaimer: Characters are the concept of the wonderful Joss and Co. Don’t make money from the writing etc etc.
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Part 17

Blanche was pregnant again and everyone in the family was ecstatic but for the fact that the new children had been conceived on the night of the winter solstice, a night which also happened to be a lunar eclipse of a full moon. The pair had been visiting the coven with their beautiful three due to the solstice and had a joyful day of celebrations, then bore the change and enjoyed the evening of festivities in their wolf form. They were ‘child free’ when the earth’s shadow fell across the moon (courtesy of her mated brothers and a ‘called in’ favour), so she and Tjun coupled repeatedly around midnight under the shine of a deep red moon, their howls and growling heard by many at the coven.

That night William and Alexander had taken the three children out for their first real hunt in their wolf forms around nine o’clock. They were all advanced as humans at two and a half, but as wolves they were lanky teenagers and excited beyond belief to head out at speed to track Uncle Alex and to eventually return home satisfied that they had not only found their quarry, but had a significant harmless tussle that saw his ancient hyena spirit emerge before they subdued him then sprinted back home with William ever watchful by their sides. Eventually all three were brushed and petted, fed and bedded down on a large mattress in Will and Alex’s small home. They were promised a repeat of the activity when their next monthly change occurred.

That had been almost four months ago, and Blanche had been forced to remain at the coven as she struggled with her burgeoning belly and three little ones and one other major problem. She was pregnant with three again, but this time something of the magic of the moon on the night of conception had changed her ability to throw off her wolf form for more than a few daylight hours, even when no moon was to be seen, and as Blanche changed Tjun too took on his other form when around her.

Both she and Tjun had learned the art of changing ‘on command’ whilst in Oz’s establishment but neither expected that they would need it all month around – and certainly for Tjun, the need to change *into* the wolf seemed essential so he might simply be as one with his lovely wife. It did lead to the need for their first three children to be tended by grandparents and others.

This time the gestation period of the babies seemed to match that of the wolf not human schedule which worried the medical fraternity at the coven, however Charlotte and Trent seemed to take it in their stride – particularly of an evening when, on several occasions, they had found the wolf pair lying on the floor next to the fire, together with Poppie or one of the boys… content to just have their fur stroked and relax.

Their other children seemed none the wiser – for some odd reason all three were able to communicate and get comfortable regardless of their parents’ physical state. Their third birthday happened to be a full moon and the entire family and coven celebrated as William, in game face, and his Mate (who still carried the hyena spirit within), took off for a sprint around the property with the three, then returned to toast their nieces and nephew.

Blanche had been in wolf form for close to six weeks, and barely able to throw the change off for a month before that as her body demanded, and the night of her children’s birthday marked a time she knew was imminent.

That moonlit night a very pregnant werewolf took herself into her old bedroom, lay on the floor and delivered three tiny children… again… but this time they were in their puppy form, not human, her mother Charlotte arrived minutes later, worried that Tjun was not present, but was nearly bowled over by the wolf as he sprinted to his wife’s side. Blanche licked them all and the little ones were suckling by the time Tjun arrived and padded up to his partner. She lay exhausted but raised her head momentarily and he nuzzled her chin, then proceeded to lick the newborns also. What surprised Charlotte (now in a casual embrace with Trent) was the response to the other children (also in wolf form courtesy of the moon).

Tjun growled at them, stood and forced their submission, and protected the new brood. It would not be so in their human form, but the three understood, and as the moon waned, it was an oddly domestic scene. Tjun licked his wife then snuggled three very overtired three year olds down on the huge ‘plushy pet mat’ (their favourite spot in their grandparents’ home) and waited until they slept.

The arrival of the full blood changelings, borne of a coupling on the red moon brought them yet another step closer to the prophesy, but for tonight Trent worried more for his exhausted wife, and the three newborns. Were they unable to change? Were they the white Beasts of Hell that were mentioned; or was that the other three; or could it be all six; or…?! There seemed to be no precedent to this event.

Trent and Charlotte eventually left as three adolescent wolves, three newborns, and their parents relaxed into sleep. The older three curled together, Tjun protectively at the back of Blanche, and the three little ones snuffling themselves to sleep, two still on and one off Blanche’s bulging nipples.

Their brothers and sisters were alternatively attentive and dismissive of the three as all children tend to be, however they stuck to pack rules which meant that on ‘changeling’ nights they stood sentinel and growled at anyone approaching the family ‘enclosure’.

It was apparent from the start that the new babies were only able to take human form in daytime, and even then the duration was rather unpredictable as they still seemed to take wolf form whilst sleeping or feeding. It led to a Alexander suggesting a high fence being erected around one of the coven outhouses. The outhouse was a former winter barn for animals and was renovated to accommodate the family as the Perspex wall was added to the existing stone one.

Modelled on the walls built by private zoos it was dug in nearly two metres down and rose three high, curved inward, it was as aesthetically pleasing as it was functional. The ‘enclosure’ equated to a large backyard, play equipment, small plot for planting things, and other bits… a scratching tree, room to run and toys to ‘kill’. Just like any household there was a gate with lock – and their new abode was comfortable. The entire family spent their nights in the enclosure, while daytime it was often just the ‘pups’ and the older children.

Rozamund (Roz), Wendie and James were being tutored (in short bursts of course) how to control their wolf and to Blanche’s delight the three were able to show off to their father their ability to change even without the moon.

Roz’s delighted near vampiric growl and baring of teeth was followed by her changing back and proudly announcing “Unca Will taught us that!”

But all in the family could see it… the quiet, attentive Unca Will was in trouble again but this time it was for a very real reason.

The ‘blood bank’, the out of date blood supply had suddenly, inexplicably, dried up, and his job at the newspaper was terminated “Due to cutbacks, very sorry”.

This was in addition to a cloud coming over his dear Mate at work. Apparently someone had leaked the information to the school board casting doubt on his gender preference, and although that was hardly a crime per se, it compromised his promotional prospects and most certainly put him ‘under suspicion’ (apparently gay male = promiscuous = sex offender = paedophile = should not be employed as a teacher!) There was actually no physical evidence of his and Will’s relationship, and certainly noone in the village would have seen even a friendly touch between the two beyond brotherly hijinks…

But then the connection was found…in the most unexpected and worrying place. Poppie, or rather Poppie’s new squeeze, a young accountant from town, who seemed nice but ‘felt odd’ according both Blanche, Tjun and the boys. They should have known. When they finally met him, he was proudly wearing his very stylish “Wolfram and Hart” corporate shirt to the arranged drinks with family and friends at the local pub. Cliffard (‘call me Cliff’) was an ‘up and commer’ and quite the charmer, in, and out of the office. He and Poppie had been in an on again off again romance for some time – as his eye strayed (as did his hands) frequently.

His hands may have strayed, but his observations were on the money, at least as far as his company was concerned. He didn’t know why there was such an interest in Poppie’s brothers but seeing the two handsome men opposite, and noting a very surreptitious touch of the hand, made him as a few pointed questions and draw his own conclusions. Both brothers were gay, one of his bosses at W&H was definitely (if that thing on the drunken Halloween party was any indication) and probably had designs on one or either. In any case he reported his suspicions.

With Alexander’s permission, William sought out Trent (his mate needing motherly comfort in this situation). The excitement of the new grandchildren and other matters were a little pre-occupying but the quiet, still shy William chose to quietly make his case and was so upset that even after drawing blood from his Sire, he struggled.

“Sire, Dad… Oh Geez.”

Even at twenty seven, the boy fell into his father’s welcoming arms.

Trent simply held on and said, “We’ll get through this.” Pulled William to his feet and led him to the Blanche/Tjun family enclosure where (courtesy of a full moon and familial distress) and entire clan – plus the coven and Willow and Oz(!) all waited.

It was no ordinary meeting. The wolves, two parents and six children (three still too small to truly look menacing) paced and growled; Alexander let out the Hyena; William was in game face and Willow plus two other wiccans let their eyes flow to the colour the earth mother felt appropriate… black.

It was significant that Willow began the meeting, but more, that Illyria arrived, in her ‘human’ state to put the case for the ‘old ones’.

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