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Fic: Spike's Trip to Hell part 2

Spike parked his beloved Desoto next to the Welcome to Sunny dale sign and got out of his car. He would've enjoyed running over the sign but something strange about the town caught his eye.... People. There were people out walking about.

The last time Spike was here was to pay the Master a visit. Then the town was void of any people at nighttime. Spike remembered how hard it was to find anyone to feed on then. It was a good thing the Master had a few laying around and offered him a couple.

Now he couldn't believe what he was seeing. There were young couples walking in and out of the movie theatre holding hands. He could see an old couple sitting in the park enjoy the cool night breeze. There was even a little league baseball game being played. 'Yeah something has really change around here, but it don't look like I'm going to have a hard time finding someone to feed on. I think good fortune has smiled upon me.' Spike thought to himself as he decided to go introduce himself to the public.

Spike got about ten feet away from his car when someone stepped out in front of him. The fact that he didn't sense them wasn't half as bad as the fact that it was a little girl. The girl couldn't have been more then eight years. She was holding a raggedy ann. doll in her left arm and had a large rainbow spiral lollypop in her right hand.

"Hello." the little girl said. "Are you the one? The one they sent for?" Spike looked down at the little girl in confusion.

"What am I the one for, little one?" Spike asked her but the little girl didn't answer him.

"Yeah you must be the one. Bleached blond hair and a black leather duster. There would be no mistaken you." the girl said in her sweet little voice. Stopping ever now and then to take a lick of her lollypop.

Spike didn't like being brushed off liked that, but he was going to try and hold in his temper. "Listen little one, who is the one who said that I would be coming and why was I sent for?" Once again the little girl continued speaking like she didn't hear him.

"He is going to tear you up. You might not even know your own name when he is done with you. There have been far too many newcomers like you, who have come to see him, that leave this town screaming. That is if he lets them go in the first place." the little girl said in her syrupy sweet voice. Spike just let out a sigh.

"Well since it looks like you're not going to be a big help, I guess that makes you an appetizer." Spike said as he went for the girl, but before he could grab her seven stakes seemed to appear out of nowhere and was centered on his heart. Spike looked up and saw six adults, two of which Spike was sure were the old couple from the park, each with a stake to his chest and an evil look on their face. But none of the faces were as evil as the one staring up at him from three feet from the ground.

"Don't even thing about it, Bloodsucker. You would be dust before you even sprouted fangs. Now as much as I like to stake you for trying to attack me, He is excepting you and we don't want to upset him." the little girl said in her same sweet voice. Spike couldn't believe that he didn't notice that the stick of the little girl's lollypop was made of wood and yes the end of it was sharpened to a point.

'There is just something very wrong with this town.' Spike said to himself as he wished a demon would jump out of anywhere. The little girl moved her lollypop stake away and spoke again.

"Now, Bloodsucker. You need to get back in your car and head over to the Crawford Mansion. Your sire is waiting for you there." When she finished Spike noticed that six adults were gone. He looked around in confusion trying to figure out where they went. Not being able to find them Spike looked back down at the little girl who looked up at him with a sweet smile. "Tootles." she said before skipping off down the street.

Spike drove cautiously to the Crawford mansion. He didn't know what to expect from this town anymore, so he was on the look out for anything the might jump out of the shadows. When he finally reach the mansion he was in for another surprise. What he remembered as a dark and gloomy place was now bright and shiny. A light was on in every room of the mansion and there were several pole lamps along the outside that highlighted the many flower gardens that surrounded the mansion. This was defiantly not the place Spike remembered.

Spike followed the lighted path the led from the road to the mansion's front door. As Spike raised his hand to knock on the door he took one last look over his shoulder to make sure nothing was going to grab him. Right as he brought he hand down, the door opened and he ended up knocking on a very firm chest. Spike turned to see his sire standing in the doorway.

"Spike you made. I'm so glad." Angelus said with a huge grin. A grin so huge the Spike was starting thing he made a terrible mistake coming to the Hell mouth. "Well just don't stand there childe come in come in." Angelus stepped aside to let Spike in.

The inside of the mansion turned out to be brighter then the outside. There were several chandeliers and candelabrums lining the hall and on the walls hung all sorts of paintings and tapestries. As Spike pasted one of the tapestries he noticed something odd about it. Instead of depicting some great battle between good and evil or displaying a coat of arms or the family crest, Spike was sure that it was a cartoon character on it. Shaking his head in confusion Spike continued to follow his sire.

"This might sound a bit odd Sire, but what the hell happened to this place? I remember a time when couldn't find anyone at night. Now the place is swarming with people." Spike said as he continued to follow his sire. "Hell I was almost staked by a child. What is going on sire?"

"Yes it all started a few years ago when He came into power." Angelus said as he continued to walk. "First He started off small, killing a demon here or a vampire there, but then he found a whole new way of driving fear into evil hearts. In under a year’s time He had all of the vamps and demons in his control and the humans were free to Rome the streets again." Angelus leads Spike into the main hall and stopped at the foot of a staircase.

"Let me asked you something, Sire. I don't sense you soul. What happened to it and why aren't you painting this town in blood like the old days?" Spike asked. Angelus turned toward Spike, but instead of looking at Spike, Angelus stared at a point somewhere over Spike shoulder.

"Before He came to me I was an evil and mean man." Angelus said in a zombie-like voice and gave a small, forced smile. But now I am in control of me demon and my blood lust and I am a happier man for it." Spike started to turn to look at what his sire was staring at but Angelus grabbed his shoulders to stop him. "Hey Spike let me introduce you to a couple of friends. Oz, Ripper come here I want you to meet my childe."

Two men walk in from another room. One was young, twenty at least, he had red spiked hair. He was dressed in a faded green t-shirt with AC/DC on it and black jeans. The other was an older gentleman. He had dark with a little gray in it. He was dressed in a suit that made him look like he belonged in a library, but from on look on his face you could tell he was very uncomfortable.

"Spike this is Oz and this is..." Angelus began introduce the two.

"Rupert Giles." Spike said, taking the man's hand. "Can't say I haven't heard about you."

"Well I don't know if I should be proud or worried." Giles said with a small smile.

"Yeah I heard if you needed to summon a demon and black mage to look up Ripper Giles." Spike said when he let go I Giles' hand. "So tell what was it like."

The smile on Giles' face dropped and he looked off over Spike's shoulder. "I was messing with powers that I shouldn't been messing with. Thankfully He help me over come my addiction." Giles said in the same tone of voice and gave the same forced smile the Angelus did earlier. "Now I am a much happier person then I was before."

Spike again tried to see where Giles was looking and again was stopped this time by Oz. "Would you like me to get you something to drink?" he said with a smile. Spike looked the young man over and took a sniff of him.

"You a werewolf aren't you? So what's you story?" Spike asked. This time it was Oz smile the failed and he did the stare.

"I was hunting one night. When I can across Him I attacked Him and then..." Oz started to say but Spike stopped him with a wave of his hand.

"Ok that is it! I'm started to feel like I'm with pod people. Who the hell is this He or Him and Does it have anything to do with why I'm here?" Spike said. He was getting kind of tired of being in the dark about his trip to the Hell Mouth.

"Yes his name is Xander Harris, and the whole reason you are here is that I would like you two to meet." Angelus said to his childe with a smile. "You see he has been a little lonely lately and we, meaning Ripper, Oz and myself, decided to try and find someone to cheer him up. So of course the first person I thought of was you and here you are."

"What let me get this straight. You call me up after all this time, and ask me to come half way around the world, just to shag some bloke. What wrong with him? Spike asked.

"Nothing he is a sweet young man, about Oz's age. It just like you sire said he is just a little lonely." Giles hurried to explain.

"Just a sweet young man huh. Well I don't know if I should believe you or not, but I'll be able to tell you when I done with him." Spike said giving them a flash of fang. "All you sold me. Where is He. Let's get to the shagging.

"Great! Just go upstairs and follow the hall. He is in the room with the double doors at the very end. You can miss it." Angelus said as he leads his childe up the stairs.

"Well Xander you had the rest. Now it’s time for the best." Spike said as he climbed the stairs.

"Oh I'm sure you will remember this night for a very, very long time." Angelus said sharing a secret smile with the other men. Spike stopped and turned to respond to his sire and saw the three men slip out the door. The sound of a bolt locking into place followed the closing door and Spike watched in shock as huge metal shutters slammed closed on all the windows.

"Why does it feel like I just made a huge fucking mistake?" Spike asked himself. With no one to answer him he just shrugged it off and continued up the stairs.


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