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Fic: Spike's Trip to Hell part 3

Spike walked down that hallway toward the double doors slowly. When he was promised a shag, he got excited, but after what happened when he was left alone in the mansion he was dreading those doors. The only upside Spike could see was he was going to get to shag someone, and a human at that. The one thing Spike hated about being a vampire was that he had no body heat. So if there was a chance to shag a human, Spike was all over it literally.

When he reached the doors Spike took a moment and pressed his ear to the door. He could not hear anything. No heartbeat or breathing to let him know if the boy was in there. After a brief moment of listening to the little voice inside him telling him too runaway, runaway. Spike took hold of the door knob, gave it a quick turn, and pushed the door open.

To say the room was large would be an understatement Spike had seen houses that would have fit in it. The first thing you would notice in the room was the bed, and it was huge a grand king. 'The bed that is made for the orgy.' Spike thought to himself. As spike looked around he saw that the room he could tell that it was designed to a young man desire. In the center of the right-hand wall was a large entertainment center. A huge flat screen plasma television with several video game systems running to it. A theater surround sound, DVD, and stereo system and shelves of CDs and DVDs. Enough to keep you busy for years. On the left side of the room in one corner was a home workout machine. Bookshelves filled mostly with comic books and magazines took up the middle of the wall and in the far corner were several wardrobes. Along with the pool table in front of him Spike knew that any young man would like this room for their very own, and speaking of young man one was just now walking to the room from a door that must lead to a bathroom. If Spike had breath, it would have caught in his throat. The young man he was looking at was beautiful dark hair and eyes that reminded him of Dru, a body that was shaped with the machine in the corner, and for now he was all Spikes.

"Who are you and what are you doing in my room?' the young man asked as Spike stared at his ass. "Look at it all you want, but it is up to me to decide if you get to touch it."

Spike looked up at Xander having clearly been caught. "My name is Spike. My sire Angelus sent for me to meet you." After he said that Xander gave him a bright smile.

"William the Bloody. Angelus favorite has come to see me. Oh yeah" Xander said as he started to jump up and down giggling like a school girl then the giggle turned into a laugh like one you would hear from the darkness of a rainforest. "We are going to have so much fun. I have so many games that we can play and several I haven't played before." Spike was starting to get worried.

"I was told to come shag someone not to play games with the man-child. So I think I will be leaving now." Spike said as he turned to walk out the door, but before he could get a foot through it the door slammed shut on him and a loud click told him that it locked itself. Knowing that it wouldn't work Spike grabs the doorknob and gave the door a hard push. The door stayed closed."That's very funny Whelp, but I told you I wasn't here to play. Now open this damn door!"

"Well that not very nice. Spike. You can't leave yet you just got here and besides." Xander started to say and he pushes a switch by his bed. "I never said what kind of game I wanted to play." Spike watched almost in horror as the room began to change. The right wall slid open to reveal leather whips, chains, riding crops, and floggers. The left wall open to show paddles, feathers, cuffs and sex toys of every shape and size. The pool table sank into the floor and was replaced by one that looked to have come from a torture chamber. It was a large hardwood table held together by iron bands and at each corner were chains with handcuffs on them meant to keep someone on that table. Above the table a leather swing lowered itself from the ceiling. The only thing that stayed the same was the bed. Spike was sure that there was a reason for that, but right now he was more worried about the rest of the room.

Spike watched as Xander picked up a pile of leather and walked behind a screen next to his bed. "Why do I have the sudden feeling that I'm the one who getting shagged tonight?" Spike asked waiting for Xander to return.

"That is because you are." Xander said as he moved out from behind the screen. Spike felt a small shudder of fear. Starting at his feet, Spike took in Xander new wardrobe. He wore black Doc Martinez followed by black leather pants. A leather chest harness and fingerless gloves finished his outfit, and when Spike looked at Xander face he saw that his once dark colored eyes and glowed an eery green. "Let the games begin."

Two hours later:

Spike was at a lose for words for what was happening to him. After see Xander green glowing eyes he looked for a way to escape but the only other door in the room lead to the bathroom. So hoping his speed could save him, he made a dash for the door. Only then did he learn that Xander was some how faster then him and grabbed him around the waist, then tossed him onto the table. While he was still stunned Xander quickly removed his clothes, ripping them off one handed, and then fasten Spike to the table.

"That was very naughty trying to run away. I'll just have to show you what happens to naughty boys." Xander said as he took a crop and a whip down from the wall. That began Spike first hour of hell.

The second found him strapped to some sort of saw horse, and Xander would take turns of paddling him or pleasuring him. He had Spike so wounded up into the joy of pleasure then pain he didn't know what one to except next. He was so lost to it that he didn't feel the moment Xander slipped a cock ring onto him. Spike realized it a moment too late and started to growl. "Take that damn thing off of me, or so help me when I get loose I'll kill you." Spike threatened. Xander answer to his threat was a sharp slap to his ass.

"You are in no position to threaten me. This is my game and you will play by my rules." Xander said as he took another object from that wall. Spike had little time to wonder what it was as it was quickly shoved up his ass and turned on. "Now shut up and that your punishment like a man." Xander said over that hum of that vibrator.

2 days later:

Spike didn't know where all the boys energy was coming from, but nothing seemed to stop him or even slow him down. He moved from one game to that next with hardly any breaks. Unless he rested when Spike was passed out, which seemed to happen a lot with Xander. Of all that years he had spent with Angelus he could only remember passing out once and that was from blood lost. With Xander it was from pleasure and it happened every single time. It was starting to get embarrassing. He was a master vampire dammit. He was not that be some play thing for some young whelp, but he would buy his time and when that moment was right he would turned that tables on his captor and show him that reason he was now called Spike.

6 weeks later:

Just like he vowed he waited for that right moment and attacked, it just didn't turn out like he excepted to. It happened after a long fisting while he was in that swing. He played it like he had passed out hoping that Xander would unfasten him and leave him to recover like he always did. He had to hide a grin when that straps holding into that swing came loose. He waited until Xander walked across to his bed before he struck. He dashed from that swing an grabbed Xander, with one hand on that back of his neck and that other under one arm, he gathered his remaining strength and throw Xander over his head. He turned quickly so he could see that young man smack into that wall, but got a shock when Xander flipped twice in that air and landed on all fours facing him. His eyes began to glow green again.

"Oh I like that ones who like to fight back." Xander said as he gave Spike that high, dark laugh. Those words were like gasoline to the fires of rage that burned inside Spike and he just exploded. Fist and fangs met teeth and claws each flying fast and furious. Spike would get in a few good punches and slashes before Xander would break his stride and get in a few of his own. Once that had a hold on each other it turned into a no hold barred wrestling match. Spike growling and fighting for all he was worth, and Xander fought just as hard but was laughing that entire time in that weird laugh of his.

"I have had enough of this shit!" Spike said right before he lunged forward and bite into Xander neck. He thought it cause Xander to stop fighting, but of course he was wrong again as he feel human teeth sink into his own neck. Unlike his fangs that were sharp, Xander teeth were not as sharp and did break the skin on the first bite. Spike wanted to grin in victory of drawing first blood, but the teeth at his neck didn't leave. Xander continued to chew at his neck until he finally broke the skin. When the teeth sank in deep and tore a chunk of flesh from his neck, Spike screamed and threw Xander away from him. Spike watch in horror as Xander continued to chew the flesh in his mouth and shallow it.

"It's not a good as fresh human flesh, but it will do in a pinch." Xander said with a grin and he moved toward Spike causing him to do something he hasn't done in 150 years, he fainted.

4 months later:

Spike had heard from somewhere that when all else fails start to cry, which he did, and that is why he is now sitting in an adult size baby bed. Wearing a diaper, a bonnet, and drinking a mix of baby formula and blood from a bottle. Xander walk in from the bathroom with something in his hand that he was shaking up and down. "How Xander baby boy doing. Still feeling all sicky icky." Xander cooed to him. "Well it time to take babies temperature." Spike was up and running again.

1 year later:

"Spike I think it is time we did it." Xander said as he ran his fingers through Spike hair. Spike had stopped fighting it months ago and was a happier man for it. Xander was still charged like a live wire but now he had a more playful side. Spike had to emitted he like a playful Xander more then a dominating one.

"What is that luv?" he asked as he held up a grape for Xander to eat. That is what Spike like to call their quite time. They would stop having sex and sit down to watch some tv or play one of the games. Xander would sit on the couch in front of the tv and Spike would sit on that floor in front of him, not because Xander made him sit there, but it was easier for Xander to do what he was doing now. Having his hair played with was something Spike loved.

"Come on, come on this is going to be fun." Xander said as he stood up from the couch. Spike stood as well and followed Xander, who was taking off his clothes and he headed for the bed. Finally naked Xander climbed into bed and settled in the middle of it."Come on Spike make love to me in the bed."

A smile appeared on Spike's face. "I think that is a very good idea, Pet. Glad I thought of it."

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